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I cover my birds ears. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.
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Announcement from SiNs-Fids:
I am thinking of starting up a donation fund for a big vet visit all my birds need in the near future because money has been quite difficult this year and our vet fund has become completely empty.

In return I am thinking that donations of a certain amount or more get a picture drawn by me of a bird of your choice as I would hate to ask without giving something in return. I have put two examples here of my previous work with pastels on pastel paper.

Details are yet to be worked out but I will keep you all posted. : )



My birds having a bath outside with the spray bottle.

The story of my Toxi...

As you may know, I used to own a Princess Parrot named Tox. We bought him from a pet shop we knew only bought from local breeders and they often hand reared their birds themselves. We often visited there and even saw when they were hand-raising some Princess parrot chicks.

We came in one day to see there was a young one for sale, still making baby sounds and begging for food. He had just started feeding himself with seed yet still on baby formula a couple times a day. I went home and started studying how to properly syringe feed a bird. The next day we went back and bought him home with us. For the first day he refused to eat, obviously because he was scared and stressed in the new environment. The next morning he was hungry enough for my partner to get him to eat from the syringe. Then on he was fine.

We had a few vet checks with him when he was still young and our vet said we were doing very well with such a young bird in the weening process. I have books on handrearing/breeding birds and Bird health so if there were any problems I’d go straight to my books.

Tox ended up being close friends with my Rainbow Lorikeet and by the time we moved house they were sharing a cage.

We were living in the house we are in now for about half a year or less when my partner was working and I was home with the birds like I normally am. I was on the computer in the same room as the birds and noticed Tox was hanging from a toy by one foot then fell to the bottom of the cage in a ball of feathers throwing himself around. I had never seen anything like it and I had no idea what was going on. I went over to the cage, opened the door and by then he was sitting in the corner of the cage panting and confused. I picked him up sat with him on the couch, he flew back to the top of the cage. He looked fine but I kept a close eye on him.  Within minutes I saw him start to lean backwards from the top of the cage almost like he was falling in slow motion. I took him from the cage, back to the couch and was stroking him when he started to seize again, this time not so aggressively. I was holding him in my hand, stroking and telling him it was ok when he started throwing up into my hand. I laid him on the couch with his head on my hand, continually repeating “It’s ok, it’s ok”. By then I had tears running down my face, almost knowing he’s not going to make it through this. About a minute passed when he gave me a final look, straight into my eyes like I had never seen before.

He was gone and I was alone and crying. I hoped he would wake up and everything would be fine. He never did wake up, even when I begged him to.

I tried calling my partner over and over even though he was at work. He didn’t pick up so I sat there crying until he called me back after work and I told him the bad news. When he got home we found a nice box to put Tox in and so he went outside to start digging a hole. We didn’t have the money to have him sent off to find out what happened to him. We said our goodbyes and put flowers on the box before we buried him.

Even to this day we still don’t know what exactly killed him but we are pretty sure something had poisoned him as he was the sort of bird that liked to try to eat anything and everything. I still miss him greatly and Sox (our Rainbow Lorikeet) didn’t leave her little house for days after Tox was gone. It was obvious she was mourning for him as well.

Sorry for the long text but I really wanted to share the story of our lovely little baby bird we raised. He was very friendly all the time and loved to chill with us watching tv. My favorite noise of his was his “AWOOP” sound. We’ll always miss him. <3 Tox.