the one with the werewolf preschool

[for pocketlass, who deserves all the cute fluffy things, have some hot single dad scott and preschool teacher derek]

"Stiles, this preschool is really expensive, I don’t know…" Scott says, folding up the pamphlet.

"Dude, nothing but the best for you and your kid," Stiles says, grinning. "Look, they’re like the best reviewed and werewolf approved, and apparently the staff are all werewolves too. So you don’t have to worry about another biting incident.” 

"Stiles, I thought I said do me a favor and watch my daughter for the day, not sign her up for werewolf preschool," Scott says, rolling his eyes as they walk up to the house. It’s a bright cheery yellow and there are colorful flowers painted all over it, and nestled in a lush copse of trees. Scott would almost think they’re in the middle of the woods if he hadn’t already known they were only twenty minutes out of town. The pamphlet says there are acres and acres of the property, all perfect for a growing werewolf to run around in. 

Stiles punches Scott playfully on the shoulder. “You have been way overprotective about enrolling her in any kind of school program, just because that one couple filed a complaint. Mabelcakes was just trying to make a friend, she shows affection by biting. Some humans don’t get it, it’s okay. It’s the parents of that other kid, really they thought a three year old could turn their kid? Honestly.” 

Scott shakes his head and rings the doorbell nervously. He’ll be mad at Stiles later for sneaking this schooling thing in like that. Mabel’s his whole world, and he doesn’t know if he’s ready to let her go to school everyday, for the whole day, without him. Stiles is always telling him he needs to start taking time for himself; and he knows Erica and Boyd’s twins both go to this daycare, and they’ve only had nice things to say about it.

Someone shouts out “Door’s open!” cheerfully from within, so Scott and Stiles just make their way inside. 

The living-room-converted-to-playroom is bright and filled with raucous laughter, toddlers running to and fro, some of them half-shifted. Scott sees the twins building an elaborate Lego structure in the corner, and they’re waving at him happily. Stiles immediately runs over and starts building with them. The man could never resist Legos.

"Daddy!" Mabel shouts delightedly.

Scott whirls around; he’s not expecting the tall handsome man covered in kids. There are two kids latched onto his legs, one crawling over his shoulders and Mabel is swinging off his arm, laughing. “Swing faster, Mr. Derek!” she shrieks.

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Pairing: Percy/Annabeth

Rating: K - K+

Word Count: 628

Summary: Maria is on a relatively boring dinner date, and notices a couple come in to the diner.

A/N: Set after the Giant War, assuming that Percy and Annabeth come out alive and not totally shattered. Based upon a post I saw on Tumblr, and I just needed to get it out.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even a beta to read through. *sigh.*

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Marry Me

Fandom: Lost Girl

Pairing: Bo/Lauren

Author: letsbefwb

Rating: General Audiences (K)

Author’s Notes: A prompt that was given by dreamer-and-a-star-gazer, Bo asks Lauren to marry her. Sorry for the long wait, I think this is longer than expected for a prompt but well there were just too many options if you know what i mean. This is Bo asking Lauren to marry her with a twist. All mistakes are my own and i hope you enjoy reading.

P.S. I am sorry if i’ve not fulfilled the other prompts given to me previously but i have this tendency to always, ALWAYS make a story longer than it should be and well, my thoughts are just, ALL OVER THE PLACE. Please do forgive me, i will eventually get all prompts done. no matter however long it takes

Marry Me

Flustered Bo was not Nice Bo to have around. Kenzi could deal with Angry, Sad, Pissed, Sex-deprived Bo, But nervous? That is one of the hardest emotions to deal with. When Bo was nervous, it was usually the case where patience was required and that was definitely not one of her best qualities. And in this case, Bo being Bo always amplifies ALL forms of emotions.

“Bo! Could you please just stop pacing for a second? I can feel the onset of a succubus-induced headache! And you are going to wear a hole in the floor! Let’s not forget, that the crack shack has got enough holes in it to last us a lifetime..” 

To her dismay, her reprimand fell on deaf ears. Sighing, Kenzi wondered why was she not at the Dal enjoying her lifetime priviledge of free drinks and instead here she was, clueless as to why she had found Bo this morning, pacing absentmindedly back and forth. Finally unable to take it any longer, Kenzi grabbed Bo and dragged her over to the couch. “C’mon succubo, what’s got into your pantsy?” With a flailing of arms, Bo flopped backwards and let out a loud sigh. “Kenz.. I want to ask Lauren to marry me..”

With a loud HAH Kenzi fell off the couch, hitting her butt hard in the midst of things.

“Oh Kenz, stop with all the dramatics, I’m being serious here!”

Rubbing her butt, which she was sure was going to develope a bruise later; Kenzi can’t help wondering if someone had spiked Bo’s coffee this morning or maybe Bo had done that herself.

“Hold that thought Bobo.. YOU WANT TO WHAT?!”

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” Bo narrowed her eyes; Kenzi is really not much help right now.

“I heard you! Loud and Clear.. But bobo, you.. you WANT to marry Hotpants? Why the sudden lets-make-it-official monogamy?”

“Well.. Let’s see Kenz, how about, I love Lauren, I want to make her mine and I can use that as a reason to get into her hotpants much.. more?” Bo can’t help smirking and grinning when she saw the mock barfing that Kenzi was doing. She knew it was going to come as a shock to her friends. Hell, she thought herself crazy at first, but the elation at the thought of Lauren being hers, solely was overwhelming. Bo was determined to let the world know now that Lauren was hers and she wanted most of all to let Lauren know how much she loved her and she was going to show her that, everyday of their married life.

But right now, the idea of proposing was turning her insides to mush. Bo wanted the proposal to be special and heartfelt. She wanted it to convey all of her feelings when she pops the question to Lauren. She had no idea however, how she is going to orchestrate the whole set up and this was definitely a cause for endless pacing. Snapping out of her reverie, Bo sigh for the upteempth time that morning. Who knew that proposing to someone you love could be so.. intimidating? She was indefinitely better with a weapon, that’s for sure.

Just then, the door to the crack shack swung open and Dyson walked in, stopping mid step seeing both Bo and Kenzi shoot him a glare for allowing the door to slam shut.

“What! I came here bearing gifts” waving the two boxes of double cheese pizzas in his hand.

“DOUBLE CHEESE PIZZA!” Kenzi yelled, suddenly a ball of energy, nearly deafening Bo in the mean time. “C’mon succubo, chow time. We can leave your problem till later”

“What’s wrong Bo? What problem is Kenzi talking about?” Dyson had never seen Bo this listless and it was worrisome. Though he was no longer mated to her but he still cared for her and was willing to be whatever she needed.

“Nothing is wrong. Well not a problem that concerns anyone else but me. I’m.. just wondering, you know – HOW to propose to my girlfriend..”

“Oh Oh..” this was not what he was expecting. He understood when Bo told him that she was still in love with Lauren previously but he had surely not expected marriage to be on the cards.

As an awkward silence settles over the trio in the living room, Kenzi startled everyone by jumping onto the couch and straddling Bo.

Giving her an irritatble look, Bo tried to move away but to no avail, Kenzi was deadweight even for someone of her stature.

“You could practice with Dyson!”

Grinning like a cheshire cat, Kenzi knew Bo and Dyson was not going to like her plan but from what she could see, there was no other way around it. Bo had to start somewhere and well since Dyson was here, why not make full use of wolfman.

“What are you saying Kenz?” her bestfriend had her full attention now. Bo was willing to try anything to soothe her nerves and come up with the best, most romantic proposal ever.

“Well, what I am saying is that since D-man is here, you could practice proposing to Lauren by reciting whatever you have going on in that romantic little head of yours while yours truly, will help you in securing the most romantic location on earth and setting up the most romantic candlelight dinner, you and Hotpants will ever have!“

“You are a genius! What would I do without you” and with that Bo laid a pretty wet one on her bestfriend causing Kenzi to fall to the floor once again with a loud thud while trying to avoid the smooching from the succubus.

As Dyson looked on, he was pretty sure he was in for a long day and this was not what he had in mind for his day off. Chuckling to himself slightly, he decided that since there was no way that he and Bo could ever be together, he might as well make the most of it and pretend that Bo was proposing to him. Well, a wolf could dream couldn’t he?

With the plan underway, Kenzi having left them earlier to prepare for Bo’s big marriage proposal, Bo and Dyson sat at the centre island in the kitchen. After the hype of finally concocting a plan, it finally dawn on Bo that it would be several shades of awkward, for her to practice her proposal lines with Dyson, what with the history that they have. Dyson was aware of the palpable tension as well but he was sincere in helping Bo and he wanted her to be happy after-all.

“Bo, I am sure Lauren would not be able to read your mind, if you are going to sit there and stare at her like how you are starring at me now?”

“Oh sorry.. I’m.. I don’t know where to start and well, it’s not exactly easy..” Bo gestured with quick hand motions between the both of them.

Cutting off her rumbling, Dyson took Bo’s hands in his and whilst doing so, lean forward slightly and placing his head beside her ear, he turned and whispered, “You could start by telling her how much you love her?”

Unknown to them, Lauren had left the lab early today, with the intention of surprising Bo but when she had pushed open the door as gently as possible, not wanting her girlfriend to be aware of her presence, the sight that greeted her knocked the wind out of her. Lauren couldn’t help the incoherent and absurd thoughts that tumbled through her head. She felt as if her legs weighed like a tonne of bricks, rooted to the spot, Lauren wanted to scream, cry and run all at the same time. She knew that she would process the whole scenario later in her head and probably term it as an adverse reaction to a situation where she was caught unawares. But right now, right now, Lauren has to leave before the tears starts falling. If it is the last thing she does, she will not let Bo see her in such a state of unrest. Turning slightly so as not to let her movements be caught, she tried to take two steps out of the door. Unfortunately, her boot got caught under the rooting wood of the door, causing a loud snap and along with it went her chance of escape; unnoticed.

Startled, Bo snaps her head in the direction of the noise. Seeing her girlfriend standing at her doorway, Bo’s expression morphed into one of shock and surprise. Much as she hates jumping to conclusions, Lauren couldn’t help thinking that Bo looked like a deer caught in the headlights, most likely not expecting her to be at the crack shack this early and worse, having caught her behaving intimately with none other than Dyson when she had mentioned explicitly “No Dyson” They had never really confronted the white elephant between them and now it had all come down to this. She just wished that Bo could have spared her the heartbreak of discovering for herself that she still have feelings for Dyson. Without a word, Lauren spun on her heel and broke into a run as soon as she was out of the door; needing to put as much distance as possible between her and whatever it was that was going on.

Confused by Lauren’s reaction at seeing her, Bo stared at her door, where her girlfriend had just been standing mere seconds ago, before turning to Dyson, giving him a quizzical look.

“I, like you, have no idea what just happened” Dyson shrugged along with his reply.

It barely registered with Bo that Lauren had seen the interaction between her and Dyson before Bo had seen her. But well, when Bo did wrap her pretty head around the fact, Boy, did she run faster than she ever did while chasing down rogue Fae.

"LAUREN! WAIT! Please.. Please stop running and.. just.. listen.. to.. me.." Bo was out of breath, she knew her girlfriend had an amazing body and flexible legs that seems to go on forever, especially when it’s wrapped around her. But who knew Lauren could really run and now Bo was doing all she could, not to let Lauren out of her sight.


Just as quickly Lauren stopped, mid-stride, causing Bo to nearly crash headlong into her. It quickly occurred to Bo that she had no idea what to say. Frustrated, Bo grabbed her lover and just held on as tightly as she could.

Squirming, Lauren fruitlessly tried to push Bo backwards. She was furious, how could Bo even think of touching her after what she did. She would do anything for Bo, sacrifice her life even. But one thing that she couldn’t forgive was that the person she love, is in love with another and what’s worse? She was kept in the dark.

Finally letting go of Lauren but still keeping her in her embrace, Bo looked down at her feet and muttered

"It’s not what you think, Lo.."

"Then what IS IT?! You can’t expect me to think that what I saw back there was just a figment of my imagination is it?! It was the best Lauren could come up with without sounding like a jealous, possessive girlfriend.

“I.. What I was doing with Dyson, I was..” Seeing the disbelief in Lauren’s eyes was hard enough. But how do you go to someone that you love and wanted to marry and tell her that “Oh I had no idea how I was going to ask you to marry me so I decided to practice it with my ex” 

Lauren was waiting as patiently as she could for her girlfriend to help her to understand whatever it is that is going on but try as she might, she could not fathom any reason that was reason enough to have put Bo in such a situation. Getting lost in her thoughts, she nearly missed the soft mutterings of her lover

“I needed Dyson’s help on something that I could not ask of you..”

Afraid her voice might crack, Lauren spoke slowly “So.. I’m not.. enough for you.. after-all..”

Without waiting for a reply, Lauren spun on her heel and turn to walk away. Only then did it registered in Bo’s head that her words might have mislead her girlfriend into thinking otherwise. Quickly Bo grabbed Lauren’s arm and stopped her again. This time, without even waiting for Lauren’s protest, Bo blurted

“I needed Dyson to help me practice asking you to marry me! I wanted, No, I needed you to say Yes, I wanted everything to be romantic, I wanted the proposal to be the best you deserve. I want you Lauren but I don’t know what to do or what to say to convey my feelings to you. I wanted to surprise you and give you all that I can and I really really needed help that. I am not good with words, just like how now.. I really am ruining everything. This definitely went better in my head. I’m sor-”

Lauren stopped her lover’s endless mumbling by kissing her silly. Finally having to come up for air they pulled apart. Bo felt like a total loser. Why couldn’t the one thing that mattered most now, go according to plan for once?

As Bo stood there, with her arms around her girlfriend, internally berating herself for her stupidity, she was vaguely aware of Lauren shifting in her arms. Afraid that she was going to try and pull away from her again, Bo glanced at her lover with a look of panic. Instead she saw, clear as day the look of pure passion and love writtern across her lover’s face. Smirking at her, Lauren reached into her pocket and pulled out small velvet roundish box

“So now that your proposal didn’t exactly work out, It’s my turn isn’t it?” chuckling at Bo’s attempt in trying to get words out of her mouth, Lauren gave her a light peck on her lips and with a full on grin, she popped open the little box and asked

Ysabeau McCorrigan, Will You Marry Me?

A/N: Sorry dreamer-and-a-star-gazer, if it’s not exactly fulfilling your prompt! but i just had to do it!

Long nights spent alone on the cold ground, far away from any people made Alistair realize how much he loved interacting with people. 

Whether it be simple things like patting someone on the back, standing in a busy marketplace- or just traveling in silence with someone.

Little things like this make him feel human, instead of like the animals who shared the hard ground with him.

Atrocious Ways.


Title: Atrocious Ways

Characters:  Sara, Joziah, Ozias, Percival, and Uriel. [Mentions Frankie and Rocco Esposito]    

Prompt:  Savages from Prompt Table.

Word Count:  1437

Summary:  Sara showed her savage side.

Rating: Gore and language.

A/N:  Sara poking her head out.


Sara had her ass behind her desk. She began to sing out loud. Sara was lost in the song. “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ …….into the future.”  She kept sing along.  Sara was unaware or just didn’t care that there was someone in her doorway. Her voice started to fade out. Slowly looking up then hearing whistling, clapping, and cheering.  That is when she saw all three of them. Ozias, Percival, and Uriel standing there in the doorway. Which made her laugh to see all three of those bigger men standing there.


“You know what. You guys can vaffanculo.  What the do you want?” Ozias and Percival sat in the large chairs in the front of her desk. Uriel stood up against the way with his arms crossed against his chest. The anger oozing from Uriel she knew that something was up.  Her eyes gradually made their over to the men sitting in front of her. Sara took a deep breath then exhaled.  “Spill it guys. What is the problem.”


Ozias is the one to speak up. “You know Frankie’s boy, Rocco, right?” “Yeah, I know the Esposito family. What’s up? I hate long stories, guys. You know that.” Sara’s leg is bouncing up and down. Her bright red Louboutin is hitting the side wall of the desk. This time it was Percival that spoke up. “Rocco has been in her several times this week. We have been keeping an eye on him. The blackjack dealer, Stefan told us that he believed that Rocco was cheating and or counting cards.” “How long have you watched him? When did you notice all this? This is the first I have heard about it.”


Uriel pushed off the wall. He sat on the side of the desk. He looked at his friend and boss.  “Joziah, told us to watch him for the next two weeks. See what we come up with then we take it to you. Well, that is when all of us. Joziah as well. Have proof that he is cheating.  Esposito family are some magical shifters. Some mind manipulation going on plus some counting cards. Long story short. He is stealing from you.”  Sara rubbed the bridge of nose and took off her glasses. She look up at the guys. “Call Joziah. I want the tapes. Set up the barn at the pig farm. Rocco has some ‘splaining to do. “ Percival called Joziah. Uriel called on Barchiel. The two men were down to the office in less than two minutes.


Sara took the discs from Joziah and put them into her laptop. She watched them carefully. Sara was trying to keep her anger in check. She hated thieves. Just about as much as she hated un-loyal people and liars. She chewed on her lip while growling. Sara was enraged. Her fist slammed down on the desk. Her laptop moved. There was a loud scraping noise across the floor. Then a thud as the chair hit the wall.

“Round that little piece of merda. Tell him he has won something. Get him to the farm. I will meet you there.” Sara looked at all the men. She open the desk draw grabbing her sig sauers with the Boston handles. Sara put them in the back in their holsters. They guys looked at her. Joziah said something. “You going to handle it, Boss?” “Yeah, I got this. I am going to take care of it.”  Sara made her way to the door making her way out to her black on black Aston Martin Rapide S.  She made that walk down to the parking lot whilst she called her brother, Sage.  He didn’t answer. She left him a message only he understood.


Sara maneuvered her way into her vehicle. She started her up let it purr from a moment. Sara tore out of the parking lot making her way to the farm. She drove if she was qualifying for the NASCAR.  Sara made it to the farm in about give her take ten minutes with her erratic driving.

As she pulled up the dirt driveway she noticed something out there for her. It made her grin. She knew exactly who it was from.


Sara parked her Aston Martin Rapide S close to the barn. She walked by the pigs. Sara spoke with a condescending tone.  “Oh, it will be dinner time soon.”  Sara found her way to the barn. She sat up on a grass bundle as Ozias, Percival, Uriel, and Barchiel setup the barn for the visitor. Shortly afterwards, Joziah showed up with a blindfolded Rocco in tow. Joziah sat Rocco in the chair whilst tying him down. That was Sara’s cue. She hopped down off of the hay bail.


Sara wasn’t a happy camper to say the least. She was out at the farm in her second to favourite pair of Louboutins. Also to boot that her Aston Martin had mud on it. She stood in front of Rocco whilst Joziah pulled off the blindfold. Her hands on her hips. Sara just looked at him. There was a long drawn out silent moment between them. Rocco knew what was going to happen. In that moment Rocco knew that he shouldn’t have fucked over this Capriotti. Her eyes turned to a golden hue.


“Well, if it isn’t Rocco Esposito. You know I’ve never had an issues with the Esposito family yet, lately you guys have become a handful. That is putting it lightly. There are two top things that bug the shit out of me. One, liars slash un-loyal people. Two, thieves. I hate people who try to steal from me.”  Rocco looked up at Sara. “If you were not such a stingy bitch with your jackpots then I wouldn’t have to cheat.” Sara laughed. “Yes, that is me. At least I know that you can admit you are a cheater.”  “Capriotti, do what you have to do.” Sara nodded then looked at Ozias. He took off Rocco’s shoes then tossed them in a barrel.


Sara pulled out a hunting knife. She leant in seductively showing Rocco her ample boobs. Sara sliced Rocco’s Achilles tendons. She didn’t want Rocco trying to escape. Rocco screamed out loud. It was blood-curdling. Sara moved in placing her finger up to her lips. She looked into his eyes. Sara kissed his cheek. She whispered in his ear. “Never try to cheat or steal from a Capriotti.”


“You are a ton of fun. Is she always like this boys?” Rocco said through gritted teeth. Sara swung her fist made contact with Rocco’s jaw.  She shook her head a bit. “I am a barrel of laughs. Percival took off Rocco’s shirt tossing it in the drum. Sara wiped his blood her skirt. Just for shits and giggles she backhanded Rocco like the little bitch he was.  Her nails protracted. “Now you will learn not to try to screw over a Capriotti or anyone close to me.” Sara dug her claws into his chest. Rocco squirmed in his seat and hollered. She reached down with her other hand cupping his balls in her hand. Rocco was yelling so loud. “No, no!” Sara twisted then with a forceful jerk she tore off his testicles.


Sara tossed the testicles with fabric twined around them from his pants.  She repeated what he said in a very whiny and childlike way. “No, No!”  Sara titled her head to the side looking at Rocco.  “I’m tired of this idiot. Just let me finish this I will let your father know as well.” Sara let her claws lengthen.  There was just rage and brute force behind her clawing into his chest. Sara pushed forward breaking through his chest bone. She snatched up his heart and ripped it out.


Sara chucked the heart at Joziah. She then twisted off his head then pulled it towards herself. Sara yelled, “Heads up!” She tossed it at Ozias. “Send his head to his father, Frankie Esposito. The rest of us clean this up and feed the pigs.”  Sara made her way over to the barrel to grab the shirt to wipe up her hands.  “Thank you, guys.” She walked away towards her car to leave. Sara got into her vehicle. Uriel had yelled before she took off. “What do you want me to enclosed on the note card?”  Sara ponders for a moment. “The house always wins.”  She took off kicking up money as she drove off.

Inevitably Present (Part 3)

Title: Elizabethan England, Inevitably Present

Universe(s): Doctor Who

Pairing(s): Ten/Rose others to be decided

Summary: Rose, being the clever girl she is, found a way back to the Doctor in Doomsday. This is that story, and that of their journey through time and space.

Notes: Part 3 of the Inevitably Present series.

Story link to Teaspoon and Fanfiction.

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Inevitably Present

Title: Prologue, Inevitably Present

Universe(s): Doctor Who

Pairing(s): Ten/Rose others to be decided

Summary: Rose, being the clever girl she is, found a way back to the Doctor in Doomsday. This is that story, and that of their journey through time and space.

Notes: Part One of the Inevitably Present series.

Story link to Teaspoon and Fanfiction.

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A vampire pirate?

So here’s this ridiculous story I started that never went anywhere about a vampire-pirate.

"There go those bloody seagulls gockin’ again. Oy! Oy! Oy!" Wiglaf stumbled down the stairs below deck. "Oy….where’s my rum run off too…better have loved rum and lost I always say right Adriel?" Adriel was not real. He was the mast in Wiglaf’s drunken mind. Wiglaf was the man of mystery (well sort of a man), living in his decrepit pirate ship off the coast of the Isle of Patmos. Natives were absolutely terrified. Every so often Wiglaf would fly into town (quite literally) sceaming at the top of his lungs, "Tennyson! Tennyson!" destroying anything and breaking into fish markets. Wiglaf was born…well…here or there. As a tike, he wandered about screaming at the top of his lungs, "Tennyson! Tennyson!," randomly stealing eels and fish from the shops off the shore of Patmos, eating them raw. His taste in literature is a mystery as well along with the ability of him actually being able to read. What a strange vampire indeed. He didn’t appear to have any affliction brought upon by the sun though he did have a pair of eyeglasses slightly darkened to shade his eyes (more than likely to hide his cattish eyes as not to attract attention, as if 6’4 pale faced you lad with wings doesn’t attract attention).

"Who are you? Wait…oh no." His ears go down like a scared puppy. "You cannot stay here…"
"Is this where ya’ve been hiding out eh? And is that anyway to greet-"
"I’m warning you leave or-"
"Or what ya big softy? What are you going to do ya goober?"A slight rosiness appears in Wiglaf’s cold, pale face. "Would ya look at that? I can still make ya blush."
"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers… however this does not explain why the hell
you are still on my ship!”
"Your ship? I would hardly call it yours. Still quoting that quack I see…is that all I am to ya? Knowledge?" she says playfully with puffy eyes and a pouted lip.
Wiglaf is utterly infuriated. “This is my ship! Get off my ship!”
"Not yours…"
"That’s right. Just growl and stare. I’m not going anywhere. Did ya really think I wouldn’t find ya?"
"Why am I even arguing with you…"
" In’t it obvious? Because you like it."
His face glows red and becomes emotionless. “Do you as you please. I’m going to go read more duckish literature.”
"I put a spell on you…and now you’re mine," she whisper to herself as he leaves to go below deck. "Ya don’t mine if I clean up i bit do ya? Hmm…no answer…"