• Rose Tyler:I love you
  • Tenth Doctor:Quite right, too
  • Tenth Doctor:And I suppose... If it's my last chance to say it...
  • Tenth Doctor:... Captain Jack Harkness...
  • [Tenth Doctor disappears]
  • Rose Tyler:... did... what... what
  • [in the TARDIS]
  • Tenth Doctor:at least she's in a parallel universe and i don't have to deal with any repercussions
  • Tenth Doctor:oh wait no that's not a happy

I don’t care what anyone says Midnight was probably the single most terrifying episode to me hands down. I just can’t be scared of the weeping angels and the daleks and the cybermen because I know logically that they (probably) aren’t real, but we don’t even know what the villain was in Midnight. And  Ten’s face when it took him over fucking terrified me. We don’t know what the villain wanted, why it was there, or what it was planning to do once it had control of the Doctor, but it was there and we will never find out what it was and what it wanted.

And not only that, it seemed like a pretty realistic portrayal of how humans turn on each other at the drop of a hat in frightening situations.

Like seriously that episode was downright horrifying.

What bugs me is people criticised Moffat so much about Amy not having a home life, and the only thing we saw of her was her time with the Doctor - no domestic stuff.

So Moffat obviously takes this into account and writes a domestic life for Clara and makes her have an entire life outside of the TARDIS, and people complain that they don’t care about her life as a teacher and want her to live on the TARDIS.

How can he do right if he tries both ways and people still complain? I legitimately want an answer because I feel like I’m missing something.

Hey, I just realized something.

In the first episode of New Who, Nine explains that he’s the last Time Lord and briefly mentions the Time War. But I guess I never realized that this is the first time that this is mentioned. So newer fans (like myself) probably nodded without thinking too much about it. But I bet that a lot of the older fans (the ones who watched Classic Who for years) were probably sitting there like, “Uhhhhh….what!?”