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Debbie Allen hit it big in 1980, starring in a Broadway revival of West Side Story. Her performance earned her a Tony nomination and landed her a role as a dance instructor in the movie Fame (1980). The film evolved into a successful television spin-off in 1982, in which Allen co-starred and won three Emmy awards for choreography and helped launch a dance dad across the United States. In 2001, Allen opened the Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles. She also made other appearances on TV, starring in the sitcom In the House (1995-99), alongside LL Cool J, and in Grey’s Anatomy (2005-13).

At 16, during what she believed was a successful audition for the North Carolina School of the Arts, she was chosen to demonstrate technique for other prospective students. Later, however, her application was rejected because her body was “unsuited” for ballet—a criticism often used to discourage black dancers.

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