Lea Michele: So I heard this song and I called Jonathan and I was like “Oh, there’s this song and every time I listen to it, I think about you and it, you know, it reminds me of us and it just makes me so happy”. He was like “Oh, what’s the song?” and I told him the name of the song [“Lucky”, by Jason Mraz] and he goes “I love that song and I think about you every time I hear it!”. This is our theme song.

He’s one of the most sweetest, genuine people I’ve ever met. And, it’s so funny, I’d be like, “I can’t say this word, it’s too much of a tongue-twister, Chris.” And he’d be like, “Yeah, I dunno why..I dunno why I wrote it like that. I’m so sorry!” And it’s like, why are you apologizing to me?-Sarah Hyland on Chris Colfer