My body is SO CLOSE to being all-out sick. I’m really bad at remembering to drink enough water, but it’s especially helpful when your body’s already threatening to shut itself down.

This is how i make myself be an adult. With swears.

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anonymous said:

Ah, but you'll find you've got more Alice in you than you might think, Dib.

Nnno, I really don’t think so.

Sure, I fell into another dimension chasing someone, but… myep, I’d say that’s about as similar as it gets. This dimension isn’t quite as technologically advanced, there’s some stuff missing, some extra stuff… but it pretty much adheres to conventional physics, and the unicorns and bandersnatches I’ve heard about are all from another dimension, okay, creepy grey anon… face guy? Over here, rabbits are strictly for pets and laboratory testing. And they stopped using mercuric nitrate to treat hatmaker’s felt CENTURIES ago.

Plus, I’m not some wide-eyed Victorian kid who wanders around going ‘Goodness’ at everything. I’f I’d ended up in Wonderland, Science would know a HECK of a lot more about the chemical composition of that ‘DRINK ME’ stuff right now, that’s for sure.

So your vague, paradoxical statements aren’t going to scare me, anon guy. Go pester someone else. Or read some better books.


*I finish up my food and drink some water before nodding a bit with a soft smile* ‘Myep yep…’ I chuckle softly before walking off to the couch to sit down. ‘Wanna watch some specific?’ -P


*shakes my head, following you after I’ve put everything away then sits down* Nah, I’m good with whatever really. - Harry

*I groan once again* ‘Stop no.. you’ll have to drag me out of the cloud of a bed..’ I mumble. -H


Harry. *whines, tugging your arm* We can’t stay in bed all morning it’s a waste! - Luna