Hwang Jin-i (Hangul: 황진이; c. 1506 – c. 1560), also known by her gisaeng name Myeongwol (literally “bright moon”, 명월), was one of the most famous gisaeng of the Joseon Dynasty. She lived during the reign of King Jungjong. She was noted for her exceptional beauty, charming quick wit, extraordinary intellect, and her assertive and independent nature. Hwang was highly skilled in the arts of conversation, dance, song and poetry. Defying the accepted social conventions surrounding the lower-class kisaeng, she associated freely with scholars, artists and aristocrats. Few facts are actually known of her life, but anecdotes and legends abound concerning her early life, her reason for becoming a kisaeng, and her relationships with various men in the upper reaches of society and government. 

Though Hwang’s literary reputation today is based almost solely on six sijo—chiefly concerning love—that have come down to us, she is still highly respected, and her poems continue to be among the most popular classical favorites. Hwang’s sijo often describe the beauty and sites of Gaeseong (such as the palace of Manwoldae and the Pakyon Falls), the personal tragedy of her lost loves and responses to famous classic Chinese poems and literature (the majority of them reflecting on lost love). It’s noteworthy that she was tutored by the great scholar So Kyongdok and produced poetry in both her native Korean script (Hanguel) and in Hanmun (Chinese). 

In the late 20th century, Hwang Jin-i’s story began to attract attention from both sides of the Korean divide and feature in a variety of novels, operas, films and television series. Novelizations of her life include a 2002 treatment by North Korean writer Hong Sok-chung (which became the first North Korean novel to win an award in the South) and a 2004 bestseller by South Korean writer Jeon Gyeong-rin. In late 2006, KBS released a TV series entitled Hwang Jin-i starring Ha Ji-won in the title role. A film starring Song Hye Kyo was released on June 6, 2007.


Oh that I might capture the essence of this deep midwinter night 
And fold it softly into the waft of a spring-moon quilt, 
Then fondly uncoil it the night my beloved returns.

Hwang Chin’i’s pen name was Myongwol, meaning Bright  (or Full) Moon. Hwang’s reference to  a spring moon is most likely a reference to herself.

Oh, what have I done, I should have known what he meant to me. 
If I had asked him to stay, I know he would never have gone. 
Stubborn, I sent him away, so now I must pay the penalty. 

This verse is sometimes attributed to King Songjong (r. 1470-1494). in which case it might be an expression of regret over the dismissal of one of his ministers.


Okay so. I’m going to talk about Spy Myungwol.Okay so I started watching it after I saw a bit of the beginning which was shot in Singapore. I was like isdurfhsidth SINGAPORRRRREEE(because I live in Singapore)(patriotic much?) and so I decided to watch to see how they would portray Singapore to make it look stunning and attractive.

So I finally strated watching it on KBS and I have to say,I loved every part of it. It was very thrilling and the plot wasn’t some run-of-the-mill shitass story like some girl who has a terminal disease and doesn’t tell her boyfriend and in the end she passes away and her boyfriend cries.This drama was like a breath of fresh air.So when KBS started to seem slow to me,I started to watch the remaining episodes online. I waited and checked the website diligently everyday because I was too crazy about the drama. So slowly,I watched,and watched and I slowly fell in love with all the characters,even Ju In Ah! It was such a fiery drama. Kangwoo and Myeongwol’s relationship was full of passion and it was true.

And so came the 18th episode,the last of the drama. I was watching it with a heavy heart because I knew something was going to happen between In Ah and Choi Ryu. And then I got to the forest scene,where In Ah confesses her love for Choi Ryu. And in that scene she says something like “You can only see the girl you like but you can’t see the girl that likes you”. That line just smacked me on the ass. It was so heartfelt. It shows that the scriptwriter really does know how it feels. And then she twists her ankle and Choi Ryu fixes her ankle and…


I’m sorry.

Don’t like someone like me.

I’m not good enough for someone like you.

I can’t even accept your feelings.

I CRIED LIKE THE BIGGEST BABY HERE. MY HEART JUST DROPPED AND IT WAS LIKE AS IF A KNIFE JUST SLASHED THROUGH MY HEART.You know why? Because someone said that to me. Not exactly the same but the meaning was similar. So now I love Spy Myungwol for having the best plot and script albeit having the worst ending ever BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T LET CHOI RYU BE WITH JU IN AH.

My conclusion? Spy Myungwol is a great drama and I’m truly sorry to say this but it is better than Boys Over Flowers.
Score: 7.5/10

myeongwol replied to your post:“I give up. I will ride public transportation for the rest of my life.”

I meaaan…it is better for the environment. f(^-^o);;;

Yeah, I know, but my mom’s getting on my case about it.
She says that riding public transportation is immature and I need to get a car.

Also, we need to hang out. I haven’t seen you all summer.

[News] "A man god or handsome guy": Chinese press focus on Eric

A Chinese outlet recently introduced Eric to its audience.

On the 27th, the Chinese media outlet Sina Entertainment introduced Eric in its weekly Korean star section. The report covered everything about Eric, saying, “He’s not the kind you can find anywhere,” and “He’s somewhere between a handsome guy and a man god.”

It then went on to explain that he’s “a member of Korea’s longest-running idol group Shinhwa,” and added that “he appeared in such dramas as ‘Phoenix’, ‘Spy Myeongwol’, and ‘Que Sera Sera’, but the public know him more as a Shinhwa member.”


It even had much high praise to give the singer/actor, saying, “‘Finding True Love’ definitely shows how much Eric has grown as an actor. It seems he’s found the right role for his age and career. He awes everyone watching.”

'Finding True Love' is a drama about the conflicts between a woman's current boyfriend and an ex-boyfriend who regrets his past ways.

Source: MBN Star