1.Rivet Shelving

2.Rivet Shelving Stackable

3.Rivet Shelving on Casters

4.DC-6 Plane Model & Dutch Fokker Plane Model

5.Metal Side Table on Casters

6.Industrial Side Table Stackable

7.Industrial Side Table on Casters

8.Barcelona Stool

9.Barcelona Chair

10.Barcelona Chaise & Pillow.4th style on the Chaise has a different multiplier for the pillow, for a more realistic look.The pillow also snaps in place.

11.Barcelona Table

12. Wall Mounted Faux Horse Head

13.Marquee Letters. Exclamation mark, ampersand, A-Z.2nd style has different mask.

If it looks high poly, it probably is.I went for aesthetics over tri count.So if you are concerned, use sparsely.

Marquee Letters

Mediafire : Mega 

D.I.Y Shelving and Decor

Mediafire : Mega

Barcelona Collecction

Mediafire : Mega

Collection Files included.

This set is all over the place, some D.I.Y stuff, eclectic stuff and designer stuff all in one set.I was working on some eames stuff that I didn’t finish in time to upload today with this set.But, hopefully I will have it finished next week.