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BIGBANG Performing Eight Songs in DragonTV’s “Lunar New Year Special”

BIGBANG is receiving a special treatment from China’s DragonTV as the group is to perform eight songs for DragonTV’s “Lunar New Year Special.”
It was reported earlier that BIGBANG would be appearing in “Lunar New Year Special” of DragonTV. Moreover, BIGBANG will take up a big part of the show by filling up the program with eight of their hit songs. Although it was reported earlier that they will sing popular songs such as “Lies” and “Haru Haru,” specific names of other six songs were not revealed yet. One team singing eight songs is rare since most singers or group artists sing two to three songs on the show.

BIGBANG will prerecord their performances, and it will be aired on February 19 at 7:30 p.m.


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okokok what if Taemin magically turned into a pouty toddler and all the hyungs freak out but then they are all like 'omfg look he's so cute let's play with him' and they do all these cute lil things when him and maybe Taemin turns back at a very inconvenient time like while the hyungs give him a bath and Tae just judges them rly hard cries

Jinki wasn’t sure how this happened.
» ot5. fluff.

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[150122] (비아이지) B.I.G Twitter Update

B.I.G(비아이지) 팬클럽명 확정기념 인사 & 데뷔 200일 기념이벤트 영상이 공식 팬카페와 유튜브를 통해 공개 되었습니다!! 확인해주세요 ~~!!

The B.I.G(비아이지) Fanclub Confirmation Celebratory Greeting & Debut 200 Days Celebratory Event Video has been published on the official fancafe and on youtube!! Please check it out ~~!!

Official Video: X

source: B.I.G Twitter | trans cr: BIGINTL

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Do you guys know of any OT5 relationship fics? Possibly chaptered and completed, but oneshots are cool too. But not just smut, like they are all in a legitimate relationship with each other? (Smut is good too though :3) Thank you so much!!!! xx

You Play It Back is a dating show fic (!), Expensive News is a gossip girl-type au (!!), Mama Bear is a Louis-centric fic, I See Fire is magical realism (nymph forest Harry? ooooh), You Watch The Stars is a World Cup au, Survive is a zombie apocalypse au (though not larry-centric!), Tastes Like Heaven is an Omega!Louis in heat fic.  Hope you enjoy!

xx Liz