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You should write something when lilys pregnant and how cute all the marauders would be. I think it would be like adorable

Sirius Black making Lily a fortress so she never has to move ever

  • ‘sirius is need to go pee’


  • Remus killing himself laughing while Sirius throws things at him and accuses him of ‘bullying’ and ‘feeding false information to the greatest person alive’

  • Peter getting really worried and letting Lily beat him at cards every time because he doesn’t want to make her sad if she loses

  • James being a total nerd and always checking she’s not cold like he just puts all these blankets on her and eventually it’s like

‘where’s lily’

*a pile of blankets screaming*

  • Lily not being able to go out and get maternity clothes for ages so she just wears the guys t shirts like hey Sirius can I borrow the black one again or Peter can I borrow the one with the duck on the on the front I like the one with the duck

  • Lily sitting on the couch surrounded by a dog, a deer, a rat and an exhausted Remus Lupin the morning after full moons when Lily kisses Remus’s forehead and scratches Sirius’s ears

  • James painting Lily’s nails with special pregnant lady polish that cost twenty-FOUR  BLOODY DOLLARS IS IT M A D E OF BABIES WHAT THE FUCK LILY I AM NOT BUYING THIS  

  • He did buy it, whined all the way home and bitched to Sirius for two straight days.

  • Lily wanting marshmallows. Needing marashmallows. Right now. Where are the marshmallows. James. Where.  jaMES I DON’T CARE IF ITS THREE A.M I NEED THE MARSHMALLOWS RIGHT NOW JAMES IT’S A EMERGENCY

  • Lily eating half the marshmallows, and then playing a game with Remus where she throws them into his mouth and he catches them while on his knees. James goes back to sleep for seven more hours and doesn’t forgive his wife for a week.

  • Nobody quite believing it until it was happening, and then Lily was fat, and couldn’t go near chicken and only ate marshmallows. Lily was growing a person. Their person. Their bloody Lily was growing a real human being. Fuck. Sirius has to sit down when he thinks about it and Remus always has to get James a glass of water whenever the subject is even hinted at.

  •  Lily making a roster for foot massages, and whenever someone (Sirius) objects she just screams I AM MAKING A CHILD I CANNOT POSSIBLY RUB MY OWN FEET and that is the end of the conversation


  • James trying to do the special exercises with Lily and falling down, hitting his head and forcing Lily to call Remus because ‘James is being a pissbaby and we’re out of ice also could you please bring over some marshmallows we are all out’

  • Sirius staging an intervention and trying to tell Lily that marshmallows are not a food group so she throws all of James’s stupid blankets over his head and sits on his legs like ARE THEY A FOOD GROUP NOW SIRIUS  HUH

  • Lily getting all worried about the guys when she can’t see them like OH THANK GOD REMUS YOU’RE BACK I WAS SO WORRIED

‘Lily I was in the bathroom’

  • James being super excited like reading all the books and asking everyone for advice and Lily is so worried but she feels less so when she looks at him because James is so excited and everything will be fine. Right?

  • it won’t  be. But the baby arrives anyway, with fat fists and big lungs. He is perfect. Perfect and theirs. He has fat legs and no teeth with Lily’s eyes and James hair. They want to look at him and nothing else, because this is the person they made and are going to teach how to be a human being

(they won’t  get to, because by the next year Lily and James Potter are dead, Sirius Black is running, Remus Lupin is hiding and Peter Pettigrew is aching. And Harry Potter is sitting in a crib under the stairs, wondering where all the happy people who kissed his cheeks have gone)

i think about what would happen if peter had been caught and voldemort had died and sirius and remus had raised harry instead of the dursleys all the time like ok:

  • sirius was 22 years old and reckless and irresponsible and way too consumed with being a rebel to even think about settling down or having kids of his own at the time
  • and deep down he thinks james and lily must be a bit mad tbh
  • but then he sees baby harry all wrapped up with pink cheeks and wide eyes, so completely unaware of the fact he has just lost the two people who loved him more than anything in the world 
  • and he just knows there’s no way he’s entrusting this kid to anybody else
  • and its the middle of the night when he takes him from a sobbing hagrid, and he’s still numb from losing james and lily, still burning with anger at peter’s betrayal, wants nothing more than to track him down and blast him to pieces
  • but seeing harry just softens him and he pushes all the anger down and takes harry back to the tiny flat he’s renting 
  • makes him a makeshift cot out of a cardboard box and all of the blankets that he owns ((sirius goes to bed cold that night)))
  • until the next day when he can go out shopping to buy everything he needs for harry 
  • and ofc remus comes and helps out 
  • and neither of them have much money so they mostly have to buy things second hand 
  • but soon harry has a cot and a buggy and clothes and toys and nappies and food and even a little wooden mobile that sirius and remus transfigured themselves, so it was decorated with tiny little animal figures 
  • a dog, a wolf, a stag and a doe
  • (sirius gets carried away and almost transfigures a rat until he remembers and then he swallows hard and his knuckles turn white gripping to his wand and he doesn’t say anything for twenty minutes) 
  • but gradually things get easier 
  • because looking at harry who looks so much like both of his parents should probably be upsetting but it just makes them think about all the good things about lily and james, not that sad parts
  • and ofc it’s bloody hard work 
  • remus moves in to help bc well he unofficially moved in ages ago and he spends way more time at sirius’s than at home anyway so its just practical
  • sometimes when harry is crying in the middle of the night sirius will just whine ‘mooooooooooooooony’ until remus gets up and does it
  • ((even if it’s not his turn))
  • remus swears that if he ever has to look at baby poo again he will go absolutely barmy 
  • this probably isn’t helped by sirius chasing him around the room waving dirty nappies at him
  • but there are fun parts too 
  • sirius loves putting on melodramatic soap-opera like performances with harry’s teddies 
  • ((mr cuddles is having an illicit affair with benjamin bear behind mrs cuddles back, lizzie the lizard is a raging alcoholic, percy the panda is doing time in teddy prison for drug laundering) 
  • harry obviously has no idea what’s going on but he likes the funny voices so cracks up 
  • at first remus just doesn’t know how to act around this strange small human 
  • but settles on just talking to harry as if he’s an adult and replying to his weird baby babbling as if he had said something really intelligent and thoughtful 
  • harry seems to find this amusing and giggles constantly
  • at first, they try to keep in contact with the dursleys, because they may have heard bad things about them but at the end of the day they are harry’s only living relatives and they think harry should have the chance to be in contact with them
  • at first the dursleys are just rude to sirius and remus, which they manage to grit their teeth and put up with 
  • but when they see the sneering, disgusted way they look at harry, like he’s a thing and not a little boy in need of love, they snatch him up and take him away and swear never to let them see harry again
  • ((and maybe sirius returns that night on his motorbike to slip a dungbomb (or twelve) through their letterbox because hey he’s maturing but he’s not that mature))
  • when harry says his first word (pafoo) remus pretends not to see sirius welling up a little bit
  • ((a little later when harry says moomoo sirius gives remus the same courtesy)) 
  • later on sirius would cook him eggs for breakfast and take him to his first quidditch game and tell him stories about his dad and give him (admittedly terrible) advice about girls and look a little bit too proud when he gets his first detention and embarrass him in front of ginny by getting out old photo albums and turn up unexpectedly at hogwarts bc ‘there’s a weird sisters concert in hogsmeade harry we have to go’ and teach him all of hogwarts’ secret passage ways and shortcuts until harry is a pro at mischief by age 12
  • remus would sit by his bed after he had nightmares about his parent’s deaths and write him amusing letters every week at Hogwarts and read him bed time stories and buy him his first chocolate frog so he could start his card collection and tell him about how his parents fell in love and give him slightly better advice about girls than sirius ((though not by much))
  • there would be 2 on 1 quidditch games in the summer and gobstones tournaments and trips to diagon alley and terribly made birthday cakes every year bc neither sirius or remus could bake very well but tried anyway and entirely too many food fights and late nights sitting up by the fire whilst sirius and remus reminisced about their school days 
  • and sirius and remus were by no means perfect, but harry grew up never for a second doubting that he is loved and valued and important 

request (for Top Left to Bottom Right: James Sirius, Hugo, Albus Severus, Victoire, Rose and Molly II)