If I were Harry Potter I would have addressed Voldemort as “Tim Riddle.” He’d be like “IT’S TOM RIDDLE. ALSO, IT’S NOT TOM RIDDLE, IT’S VOLDEMORT.” Ahahaha classic Tim. 


oh my god

i just have a lot of feels about james as a dad like

  • james and harry playing quidditch almsot daily
  • and james usually goes like ‘see i’m not that old, son, i can still beat you’
  • and then harry just rolls his eyes ‘Merlin,dad, i’m a SEEKER not a chaser or a keeper, we should play with a snitch’ 
  • james occasionally calling harry ‘elvendork’ just to annoy him
  • but also giving him advice about girls
  • and one evening lily overhears it and the next morning she tells harry to forget everything his father told him and to ‘listen up, son, i know best, believe me’
  • harry bringing the marauder’s map home during christmas in third year (‘dad why is your name on here?’ ‘cause he hears Sirius, Remus and Peter calling him Prongs all the time)
  • harry deciding it’s time to bring ginny home one day
  • and james and lily LOVE her
  • especially james like
  • he just talks about quidditch with her the time and he sees her mischievous side and he KNOWS she’s perfect for harry
  • and in seventh year they’re the same height 
  • and james is walking through Hogsmeade, saying he’s Harry’s brother (‘only a  year older, no big difference), to Harry’s embarrassment 
  • when harry comes home for christmas James insists it’s him who puts the star on top of the tree because ‘lily it’s a tradition’
  • and harry rolling his eyes at first but doing it with a grin on his face after all
  • and james as a grandfather is also really important to me
  • 'Harry how DARE you have children i am way too young to be a granddad'
  • and he cries when he hears Harry’s first son is named after him (and Sirius)
  • and two years later Harry names his second child after Remus and Peter who never betrays them (because Harry never finds out about that Snape obsessing over loving Lily crap)
  • James constantly inviting Harry, Ginny and their kids over and just making them sit on the couch and listen to his stories and the kids love it
  • just James Potter as a dad/granddad is heartbreaking to me

Here are some more Marauders headcanons and I hate myself

  • Remus being the kind of guy that literally everyone has a tiny bit of a crush on because he’s so clever and scarred and mysterious, yet he’ll still take twenty minutes out of his day to explain some ancient runes to you.
  • James Potter has a weird love of trains that everyone else finds mildly uncomfortable.
  • Sirius and James are the sort of people that cry at everything; Remus and Lily are the sort of people that cry at nothing.
  • Peter has a strange aversion to coffee that no one quite understands.
  • Remus once tried to get into quiddich, but never quite got the appeal of it. He was always really into rugby, though.
  • In a fight, Lily once charmed the frames of James’ glasses hot pink. Unfortunately, they went ridiculously well with his skin tone, and he kept them for a whole two years.
  • Lily was the one that introduced Sirius to muggle music, he claims that she didn’t. He is a liar.
  • Sirius’ favourite movie is Dirty Dancing. Once when (very) drunk, he and Remus decided to try the lift. It resulted in the death of their pot plant that Peter had bought them as a housewarming gift. Sirius had a funeral for it, James made a speech.
  • Peter’s favourite Christmas movie is Die Hard.
  • James is deathly afraid of spiders. Once in herbology a spider crawled out from under a plant pot, and he ran out of the greenhouse screaming. Lily included the incident in her wedding vows.
  • The Marauders were known throughout Hogwarts as the people that you go to if you’re trying to understand your sexuality, due to the fact Sirius was gay, Remus and Lily were bisexual, James was pansexual, and Peter was aro ace.
  • The biggest fight that Sirius and Regulus ever had was after Regulus called Lily a, “faggot bitch”
  • Sirius is a ridiculously fussy eater. Remus is the messiest eater in the world.
  • Sirius is actually a pretty tidy person, he just went out of his way to be messy in Hogwarts because James was a bit of a neat freak.
  • Lily was the one that got Sirius into motorbikes, and the one that taught him how to ride it. Remus says that Sirius on a motorbike was the only good gift she ever gave him.
  • No one was better at birthday presents than Peter.
  • Lily was notoriously bad at giving gifts, once she gave James a jar of pickles for his birthday. There is nothing James hates more than pickles.

THE MAGIC BEGINS  ↳ 4: Favourite ship: Ron and Hermione (Romione)

"Hermione, you are honestly the most wonderful person I’ve ever met," said Ron weakly, "and if I’m ever rude to you again —"
“—I’ll know you’re back to normal,” said Hermione.

“I love you, Hermione,” said Ron, sinking back, rubbing his eyes wearily.
Hermione turned faintly pink, but merely said, “Don’t let Lavender hear you saying that.”

I went yesterday to my therapist and I told her about how my depression has gotten serious lately. I was wearing my Harry Potter Hogwarts necklace and suddenly I started crying with the Hogwarts crest clutched tightly in my hand. 
She asked me after a few minutes of crying & letting out my thoughts: “This whole time you did not let go of your necklace, why is that?”
So I answered: 

"Because Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home
This necklace gives me hope, an understanding, that if I ever need a home, if I ever lose my way, if I ever feel like this is the end and I should just give up, there is still some place I can call home and know that I will be welcomed there with open arms and a smiling face.”

She looked at me and said: “But Hogwarts is not real, so why not make a real place your home?”

I replied: “It may not be real, but everytime I opened that book, there was no one at the door to tell me I am not welcomed. I opened the books and I found happiness, hopefulness, laughter, love, acceptance, a fight for a better world, a family that accepted a stranger into their lives like he was one of them without any conditions, a great feeling of not to ever give up.
Everytime I felt like giving up, I remembered that the books were waiting for me to open them and read them again.
Harry Potter was the reason why I survived this far, and will be the reason I’ll keep on going till the end. Hogwarts is my home.

So to all of you who have depression\anxiety\any problem, find that place\object\book\fantasy that you can call home, and don’t let go of it. When you feel like this is the end, go to what you call home and let it fill you with hope and know that you are loved and someone out there cares for you and is waiting for you.
Never Give Up. 

gxldentrio said:

Jily prompt! It's Halloween, and pre-dating. James doesn't think she likes him, Lily doesn't think he fancies her anymore. they scream at the gryffindor table, during the feast, and one of them just goes "BECAUSE I SODDING LOVE YOU" or smtg like that, and in the background you see sirius handing 2 galleons to mcgonnagal.

Hogwarts had really gone all-out with the Halloween decorations this year - but then again, Lily thought, they always did. Intricately carved pumpkins were lined up along the teachers’ table so that the students felt they were being watched by not just the teachers, watching sternly for any signs of unfair trickery going on, but by at least twelve frankly quite terrifying pumpkin heads. Lily wondered if someone had actually sat and carved them themselves, or if there was a spell for that kind of thing. There was also at least double the number of candles hanging from the enchanted ceiling, and the tables looked as if they ought to be sagging under the weight of a hundred different halloween-themed foods; pumpkin pies, toffee apples, bright green cauldron cakes, dark chocolate ice cream with strawberry sauce ‘blood’… it was magnificent.

The problem was that Lily didn’t feel very much like joining in with the festivities. The day had been awful so far; while everyone had been discussing their costumes for the feast, Lily had discovered that her choice of outfit - a little black dress with a cat-eared headband - had been ripped somehow (she had her suspicions, all of which revolved around Maureen’s dreadful cat, who Lily liked to call Cruella). Then they had been given a surprise key dates test in History of Magic which she was sure she had messed up, and to top it all off, James seemed to be ignoring her.

She tried to convince herself that it didn’t matter. He was so annoying… she should be celebrating the fact that he was leaving her alone. And yet she couldn’t help but miss the insults flying back and forth between them, the way he smiled with one half of his mouth when he called her Evans, the feeling of her heart thudding against her ribcage when he turned and almost caught her looking at him in lessons…. dammit, Lily couldn’t help but miss him.

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