winterspook said:

sirius and remus? (you know i had to sammy baby <3)

fuck. my weakness.

who holds what:

  • The umbrella, when it rains - remus would be holding it. by himself. because his idiot boyfriend just turns into a dog plays with the puddles and remus just stands there doing his best to put on his “im fucking annoyed let’s go home” mood but all that comes out is “you idiot” as he laughs endearingly and shakes his head
  • The popcorn at the cinema - remus because sirius would be too busy flailing and gesturing around and overall being the most obnoxious movie goer “remus why are they in love already it’s only been ten minutes”… “i swear if they literally just //talked// they’d be married by now”….”see if they could apparate none of this long distance shit would be a problem”…..”WHY DOES CRAPPY MUSIC PLAY WHENEVER THEY’RE ABOUT TO KISS I MIGHT KILL SOMEONE”
  • The baby, when it cries - "sirius, wake up, can you please get harry? he’s crying again." "sure babe" ten minutes later a black dog walks back into a room, holding a sleeping harry by his onesie with his mouth "sirIUS NO"
  • The ice cream cone, when they share - REMUS DOES NOT SHARE SWEETS. 
  • The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - sirius. probably trying to figure out how it works. “sirius, can u turn it down a bit you’ll wake the neighbors” “ok” “….sirius” “what” “do you not realize you paused it” “…oh”
  • The basket, when they go shopping - sirius. remus won’t allow him to pick anything out p much
  • The door, on dates - remus and he always does it subconciously and sirius pecks him on the cheek as he passes and it’s all so disgustingly sweet i am going to sob oh my god i can’t do this 
  • The other’s hand, most often - sirius definitely. every time. when they’re studying. when theyre watching quidditch games. when it’s minutes away from the full moon. when remus is fast asleep after the full moon and sirius is asleep too with his head at the foot of hospital bed. when he’s getting fucked into the mattress. every time. 
  • Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - hah u need to be alive to get married ha ha ha don’t fucking touch me  there wouldn’t be any holding of breaths. remus would laugh to himself bc “no this can’t be right this is a fucking joke how did i ever get this lucky he’s so beautiful oh my god”  and sirius would be hyperventilating and fidgeting thinking nothing but “holy shit holy shit holy shit this idiot going to be mine hoLY SHIT”
  • The camera, when they take pictures together - sirius. once again trying to figure muggle things out.

send me a ship and i’ll tell u who holds what

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