Non-EXO Songs Sung by EXO download links

About two months ago, I compiled all the official non-EXO songs that EXO members have covered/sung since debut (here), as part of the waiting for comeback challenge (which is currently on hold). Since then, a bunch of you asked for the download links for selected songs from the compilation, and I’m ((finally)) getting to them now!

  1. Cuts from Dear My Family (x
  2. Like a G6 (x)
  3. DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again (x)
  4. Sorry Sorry (x)
  5. Traffic Safety Song (x)
  6. 愛不單行 (x)
  7. Good Morning Pops Logo Song (x)
  8. Missing You (x)
  9. Maxstep (x) *included the full audio since’s Kai’s and Luhan’s parts are all over the place
  10. Samsung’s Create your Smart Style (x)
  11. Mirotic (x)
  12. Lucifer (x)
  13. We are the Future (x)
  14. Open Arms (x)
  15. Hawak Kamay (x)
  16. Full 30-min audio (x)

Hi!!! So today makes it a week since I’ve come back to the sims community and I’ve just completely been floored with all the support and love I’ve gotten from everyone. I honestly had no idea you guys cared that much but I can’t even begin to explain how happy it makes me and I really hope I can continue to make you guys happy c: So as a thank you for being so wonderful, I’m putting two sims up for DL for you guys!! (since sims seem to be the only things I’m capable of making idk) There’s a list of cc I used included with them (as well as some cc u can’t rly find anymore shh) and then a folder with the sliders I used for ‘em

First is Mona Royal, the founder of my new legacy, and the other is a guy named Stephen that likes to cook and has commitment issues idk

Mona uses a non-default skin that I included a link to in her file. Stephen uses my default (x) and they both use my default eyes (x)

here are two unedited shots of them both in CAS (x) (x)

Mona DL | Stephen DL

Use ‘em for whatever idc just take good care of them and pls don’t edit ‘em or claim ‘em as yours ‘cause that’s not nice. Also if you do use them, feel free to tag me so I can snoop ◕‿◕



Gift #3 » Blank Canvas Sims

Here is my first set of blank canvas sims! All credit for the idea of blank canvas sims goes to emperorsims :)

Do whatever you want with them! They are blank canvases, which means that you can do as you please with them! If you want though, please tag me if you use them; I’d love to see what these sims might get up to in other games. :) They do use sliders, but I’m sure they’ll look fine without them if you’d prefer to use them without sliders.


Hair: [1] [2] [3] [4]



Cyprian Franciszek Zabłocki (1792-1868) – ziemianin, najbardziej znany właściciel Rybna k. Sochaczewa. Z jego nazwiskiem łączy się powiedzenie: “Wyszedł jak Zabłocki na mydle”. Aby nie płacić cła przywiązał skrzynie z mydłem do spodu tratwy i płynął Bzurą i Wisłą do Gdańska. Mydło jednak rozpuściło się, a pechowy przedsiębiorca został z długami.

Do dziś na rybnowskim cmentarzu obok studni stoi kadź, w której Zabłocki miał wytapiać mydło.


sim dump ▷ bc sims (Parker & Nina)

While these two did not win the hearts of their respective bachelor and bachelorette, they might just be able to find love in someone else’s game, so I am releasing them to the public. I’d prefer if you didn’t mess around with their names and facial structures, but feel free to berrify them if you wish, and use them as you’d like in your games, legacies, and stories. Also, please tag me if you do use them, as I love to see my sims in other games!

Nina’s download includes a list of her cc, but I think her hair is missing from it, so I’ll link it here. Parker’s cc can be found in his original post.