you don't have the perfect relationship till...

you get high as shit with her at a nature preserve, then go to the fish store for an hour (this place is sick) and drop $76 on supplies for my tank. After you’re done looking at the seahorses, you go get smashburger to satisfy those munchies. Eat your face off. Then go back home, smoke another bowl, have insanely incredible earth-shattering sex, then pass the fuck out while watching my fishies swim.

Daily things
  • Wash face, do hair and makeup
  • Make breakfast and food for work
  • Tidy room, make bed
  • Foam roll?
  • Goals for the week?
  • Work 11-4 (such a nice bby shift)
  • Run at some point
  • Empty litter box
  • School work?
  • Enjoy the sunshine if I can!

I saved a bird today that was in a cats mouth. He had a broken wing and he was soooo scared. He was on my hand for such a long time. He did not want to go of my hand. I still have marks of his claws on my hands. He held me so hard and he was so scared it makes me sad. I sang few of my favourite Icelandic songs for him/her and then he got a bit calmer. I had to take him to the doc and his open sore was to big and broken. They had to put him down. At least he did not feel any pain. That cat does not deserve a good meal this afternoon. 


Today was beautiful. I did a little bit of school work and caught up on Grey’s in the morning. Mum picked me up around 2:30 and we went to hot yoga at four. This class was a little different than the one i usually take, and it was perfect. It was more challenging, and broke up the monotony a little. I can’t wait to try it again! I’m already a bit sore too haha.

After yoga we lounged outside for a bit before grabbing our race kits. Then we went to the restaurant my sister works at and ate while we waited for her to be done. We had pizza, pasta, and salad 😍 I don’t think I will ever tire of her working at an Italian place, man.

Mum and I went back to my dads to watch the hockey game! I can’t handle overtime. But we won!!! And the lil kiss between Markov and Subban after the first goal was adorable #besties

Now I am cuddled in bed with my windows open (it’s going to go down to six tonight but shhhhhh). My face is a lil sunkissed and I am happy and sleepy.

It’s going to be alright.


I’m totally feeling like a movie star with these sunglasses

and I usually don’t even wear sunglasses

they don’t help my bad vision haha

but yeah, they were extra cheap, too :)