you can tell a lot by someone by what music they listen to. put your ipod, itunes, or media player on shuffle and write down the first 25 songs. one rule: no skipping. tag 10 people when youre done!

i was tagged by theactualbrendonurie

1 aerodynamic beats/ forget about the world- Daft punk

2 brown eyes- Lady gaga

3 Visiting statue- Grimes

4 Mind eraser- Black keys

5 The kids don’t stand a chance- Vampire weekend

6 Vanderlyle Crybaby geeks- The national

7 Shiver- Coldplay

8 Too much love- LCD soundsystem

9 infinite <3 without fulfillment- Grimes

10 Tangled up- Caro Emerald

11 Fashion beats- The black eyed peas

12 A-B Machines- Sleigh bells

13 Starshine- Gorillaz

14 Leggy blonde- Flight of the conchords

15 5/4- Gorillaz

16 New beat- Toro y moi

17 Radio- The avalanches

18 I want you back- Discovery

19 Turn it off- Book of Mormon

20 Let it go- Frozen

21 When the sun goes down- Arctic monkeys

22 1901- Phoenix

23 Electric feel- MGMT

24 Sweater weather- the neighborhood

25 Ribs- Lorde