Umm, What Is This About?


Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t find the Wikipedia page editing all that funny..? Lana and JMo are big, happy heteros, and that’s totally cool. I guess I wouldn’t have had a problem if whoever did it only edited things about their characters. That would’ve been kinda funny. I just know I would’ve had a problem if someone edited my profile to say I was dating some guy. I find it pretty disrespectful - especially with how nice they’ve been lately.

Yeah, this was probably done by one person - but in a VERY public place. No wonder people think SQ is insane.

Alright, I’m the wet blanket, but tell me all these hahas wouldn’t have been angry outbursts if CS or OQ did something like this. But Colin and Sean are both married, and I think they respect that. Lana’s married now too. Respect her relationship - or at least her right to only share parts of her life with the world.

….lui era il tipico ragazzo conosciuto, bello, ambito, un fisico perfetto, una vita da adolescente spensierato e tanti amici. Lei, lei era conosciuta ma sempre nella sua tana,  non veniva calcolata da nessuno, aveva troppi complessi, troppe false persone attorno, troppa poca autostima, ma aveva tanto da dare. Quei due non potevano mai avere qualcosa in comune.
—  PieFla