Being Human Meme: 2/5 Friendships and/or OTPs - George and Mitchell

“I’m not going to lose you.”
“I’ll kill him, and I’ll kill you!”
“No you won’t.”
“You don’t know what I’ve done.”
“You’re still in there somewhere!!”


Being Human Meme: 4/5 Friendships or OTPs - Hal and Tom

“Whatever Larry’s problems are, you can be sure they have nothing to do with him being a werewolf, and everything to do with him being a failure. You are nothing like him, you are stronger in every way! You are a good man! Best I’ve ever known!”


“Soon all that’s gonna be left is her.” / “It’s all so inevitable…”


Being Human Meme: 5/5 Friendships and/or OTPs - Tom and Alex

“I want you to come back because Mary has scared the shit out of me. And I’m scared that without you two, that’s going to be me crouched over a bog watching people shag. Long story. And it’s about you, as well! You’re the best out of all of us, Tom. You just don’t realize it.”