Ehhh, I ended the argument, but lemme tell you something, now other people are commenting and they're like "I really want to say something, but I know it's going to cause problems. But I agree with Tori 100%"

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Mention that there are 567 contradictions in the bible and many of the books in the Bible were written by the church hundreds of years after the fact… so yeah

superrichkiddies asked:

1-30 >:)

FUck dude lol

1: Real (first) Name?


2: Current crush!?

For me to know and tumblr to find out soon probably lol

3: Addiction?

idk nothing really.

4: How tall am I?


5: Relationship status?


6: Girls I trust?

I’d say Alissa, Katelyn, vanessa and pretty much anyone who I’m cool with.

7: Boys I trust?

any of my close friends.

9: Current mood?

happy but exhausted :/

10: When was the last time I did something for the 1st time?

probably….less than 4 days ago.

11: Confession;

just ask whatever. but I’m a pretty old fashioned guy i guess.

12: Who I miss?

my whole family and friends from Chile.

13: Who I last hugged?

probably Chris lmfao

14: Who understands me?


15: Someone who is always there for me:


16: Last Text?

telling my sister I have my computer so not to worry about it and put the tennis racket in the garage.

17: Who’s a stranger:

is there supposed to be a choice here orr….

18: Who makes me laugh the most?

anyone, it’s really easy to make me laugh xD

19: Who I do the craziest stuff with?

katelyn and my usual group of friends.

20: Who makes me smile?

anyone as well haha!

21: What am i listening to?

Astrud Gilberto — Agua de Beber

22: Turn on’s?

good personality and smile, a decent or nice body and smart.

23: Turn offs?

too serious or ignorant

24: Bestfriends?

honestly, i think Remy, robert javi and chris. I get along the best with them and i trust them.

26: Second confess?

fuck you

27: What I hate?

meh, rude people I guess

28: Who’s annoying?


29: Favorite Sex position?

I’m a virgin boy lmao

30: Last person to give you butterflies?

message me if you wanna know and I’ll answer private idc.