Relationships are much harder now because conversations become texting, arguments becomes phone calls, and feelings become social statuses.
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bombhyuk asked:

"Seems like we are cuddle buddies." Minhyuk grinned, "Why aren't you laying next to me already huh?" He continued on his usual calm voice. "I'm pretty cold."

Koichi was standing in doorway with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, looking around when a voice broke the silence and he looked in your direction. “We can cuddle already?” the pink haired boy chuckled softly and he didn’t wait to be told twice. He climbed into bed and unwrapped the blanket so you could use it as well and lays down on his side close to you, pulling the blanket over you as well. “I know I filled in the app in but I’m Koichi by the way, it’s nice to meet you…also Ive never introduced myself like this to anyone but everything has to start from somewhere, I guess” he said in an amused voice.