Look guys, here’s my new set-up after the moving!
Also painted the frame and the cabin from cherry wood to white which fits with all my other furniture :)
Threw out “the throne” piece of wood which probably caused the horrible algae that never gotten out of my tank!
Co2 isn’t running yet cuz I can’t get the Co2 tube(leftover) off of the diffusor >:(
I probably have to cut open the cap nut and order a new one ¬__¬ *great product Sera…*
Also have to replace the foreground plants on the left with glossostigma but right now all my moneyz went up in smoke for moving..

(if you’re curious, click the #myaquascape -tag to see how the tank was set up in my previous home)

One month later :)
And 4 months after set up.
Still a lot of algae and still no Co2-tank :<
You can’t see it so well, because it’s pretty much covered in algae, but the glosso is doing pretty good I think, without Co2! It’s not growing upwards, but sidewards, so YAY :D

The Vallisneria Asiatica on the far left side, is as you can see in previous posts, not growing at all.. Sadly… I was hoping it would get bigger but at least it’s not dying either ;)
Temperature is 23°C So that’s not too cold…
I don’t know how the plant is called in front of it, I’ve never seen it before, so if anyone knows the name, please put it in my askbox! :)
That stuff is growing like crazy!

..And another sad note: I have a decease in my tank so that sucks really hard..

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