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I actually kind of absolutely despite the "Teach boys not to rape" mentality. I know the person said "teach people not to rape" but ultimately it amounts to the same, which is a dewy eyed view of why rape happens. It's basically like saying, "If we just teach kids not to have sex they won't have sex" even though we all know they will, which is why we teach them all the other shit too, which in this case equals self-defense, what not to do when clubbing, etc.

Agreed. Although my view has changed a bit on this matter.

I dont believe we live in a society so much that encourages rape certainly not of women but when you think about male rape victims it is changing in myany states and so on but in the UK as far as I know the laws are still gender specific and male victims cant be victims of rape by the law.

To an extent we are telling rapists they can get away with rape if it is a male victim and when it comes to women we still victim blame but victim blaming is not the same as a rape culture.

We still live in a country in a world in the western world at least that says rape is wrong without a doubt the problem is I have noticed we dont class what happens to male victims when the female is the offender as rape so whilst we dont encourage rape we certainly do make excuses and allow to an extent not encourage the female but we do teach her that she can rape and get off with a years sentence or so for the lesser crime of sexual assault.

So I have changed my point of view i used to be yes there is a rape culture then I was no there isn’t and now i realise it is some where in between the two.

There isnt an out right rape culture and definitely not to female victims but there definitely is major issues when the offender is a female on male victim and we definitely dont have strict laws on this matter and we have far to much issues with blaming the victim. But yes teaching people not to rape it is sill a rapist will rape regardless however IF we had stricter sentencing and rules that said you will not get away with this lightly we might see more rapists controlling their urge to rape rather than acting on it so actually I do still think we need to say ‘people dont rape’ however the MAIN focus should be on harsher laws and sentencing and non gendered laws for rape EVERY WHERE..cos it isnt every where yet.

For example if we stop teaching people that rape is bad then they wont know it is bad. The argument is that we already teach people rape is bad so this idea that we dont is what leads to rape culture is WRONG but it is also WRONG to suggest we do NO teaching at all because that isn’t right. We know for example when you grow up around crime you are normalised to it and it seems the norm and an okay thing to do it is why often we see families who commit crimes pass that on to their children you know its a bad cycle..can be broken of course but not often so its the same with rape to an extent we do need to continue this culture we live in where in even hardened criminals will beat up a rapist.

-Mod Voldemort