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One of my coworkers always makes a lot of gay jokes, and started telling people today that I recently came out of the closet. I ignored it for awhile, but then announced to my work that I actually was gay and he just stared at me in shock. No one flipped out that so that was cool

pyrot3ch-nick asked:

How would the signs act if they were in a group project for school/work?

Aries will for sure want to take the lead in a project! But these guys have to be careful about coming off as bossy or condescending in a group. One great thing about being in a group project with Aries is they will want to do their best and if there is a competition involved they will want to win!

Taurus is actually pretty cooperative in group projects. They pull their weight, can be creative, and knows how to balance passivity with calm leadership. They also have practicality and is a very dependable teammate. But some Taurus can get really stuck on one idea.

Gemini is a flexible and upbeat teammate and in a group project one of their useful qualities is their energy. Gemini is willing to stay up late at the library to get something done. They are good at brainstorming and communication. But some Geminis might be that person who is flaky or is always late to group meetings.

Cancer might seem like a passive member in a group project but their practicality, understanding, and good work ethic will come in handy. They can get things done and might be quick and thorough with their work. This sign might be a good mediator too in a group.

Leo is that person who jumps at the opportunity to lead in some way. Some Leos can be highly verbal and obvious about taking the lead in a group project while others are more chill about it, but no matter what you will find a Leo steering the wheel on a team. They can be a bit difficult or cocky but usually a Leo is very professional when working on a project.

Virgo’s gift in group projects is their eye for detail! They are also communicative, cooperative, naturally helpful, and usually respects and admires anyone with good ideas. Virgo makes for a great individual to work on a project with. But some Virgos who are more judgmental might try to work alone and could be too independent and will try do to all the work themselves.

Libra is highly cooperative, a great mediator, communicative, loves to brainstorm, is creative, respects others ideas, and all around is made for team work! Libra rarely has any downsides when working on a group project and is usually the glue for the whole team. But a highly negative Libra could try to make another teammate look bad, but this is rare.

Scorpio might be someone who prefers to work alone. When forced into a group project they aren’t afraid to take the lead, can get a bit competitive, tries to see who is good at what and balances every one’s skills, but might be a bit rigid when it comes to cooperation.

Sagittarius can make for an energetic and spunky teammate! They can be idea people, likes to keep everyone in a good mood throughout the project, and can see the big picture. But this sign might be the type to ride on someone else work or can be a huge procrastinator.

Capricorn is dependable, a hard worker, works well in a team, and is a great person to work with on a project. Some Capricorns have a work smarter not harder type of attitude which could benefit or hurt the group depending on the project. But most likely a team effort with a Capricorn will have great results.

Aquarius is totally the idea person when working on a group project. This sign might also fight to take the lead in a group. You might want to elect this person to be the main speaker if a project needs that. These guys can be charismatic and loves to share their work/ideas. But an Aquarius can also be a bit cocky about their ideas and stubborn.

Pisces is the nice person who helps everyone out when working on a group project. If you need to miss a meeting, no problem, they will take notes for you. But this sign can easily be taken advantage of and might do all the work. When it comes to young Pisces watch out for their sensitive side when working on a project together. 

i’m cagey about my life and my doings in the university for reasons that aren’t important to delineate here, but that fact has created a funny situation in which school chums ask me things like “so what are you going to do next year? are you going to stay in new york?” and i have to be like, i have lived here for seven years. i’m…not going to move because i didn’t get into a graduate program. the other day i literally said “i have a life,” to explain myself. what will i do? what have you been up to? a polite and aggressive question. to explain the use of your time–your use-value. the fact is that the university doesn’t know much about what i do in my off-time if that time doesn’t condense into knowledge for its consumption–and most of what i do doesn’t end up in that institutional grasp, whatever it is that i do. what will i do? the same shit, but less, and differently, and somewhere else. as much as i crave institutional validation–love, really, is what i have looked for here, as lazz said–i’ve also been broken by this process in a particular way, and it’s no great tragedy to leave a place i feel betrayed by over and over again. it’s not that i won’t come back, either. but i know a break when i see it. cease the day, as they say.

when i was graduating college the first time i’d gotten by for a while working part time, and when my parents asked what i wanted to do, i’d say, i don’t know, but i don’t want to do very much of it. it’s true. i’ve been feeling so classed lately, working around my schoolwork, schooling around my workwork, feeling poor and dirty in the basement where i live and the clean slick rooms where i sit in classes. i don’t care that much about it, but i know it has bearings on my failure to professionalize; it’s the same thing people don’t know when they ask what i will do next. that i already work; that i lived here already; that i threw myself into this gauntlet on top of everything else and didn’t get what i wanted from it, which was money. i had the chair of my department tell me to my face it’s not about merit. so what else do i want? to rest. to let my declassé flag fly. to get the hell out of the city for a time. the same thing, but less. to keep talking myself out of suicide and into poetry, or whatever ethical conjecture grips me at a time, to stay on the run, to look out, to do, incredibly, what fred moten said hortense spillers told him to do: to have fun. julie said it’s good advice and i said it’s serious! and it is and it’s both and it’s true. to tell the truth, moisturize, get high, and walk around. it’s gonna be the best summer ever, as always, again. 

and so… I survived. this big, huge fundraising event where I felt solely responsible for all the really big, important pieces. we made a ton of money and my bosses were happy and it all went so well. though, I will not lie, at one point I was offered a Xanax (because “girl you need to calm down”) and at another I was fairly certain I was having a panic attack. at the end of the night, one of our contractors told me “this is the best and most organized event I’ve been to all season and I’ve been to 130.” so. that’s amazing. 

It’s really fun to put on a new dress and feel pretty, but working an event is the very opposite of fun. we got ready in the bathroom of the venue and I ate nothing all night (except a bite of dessert off a committee member’s fork). and to top off this classy evening, we ended up at IHOP at midnight for burgers. 

Today I’m in a bed of pain and trying to decide if I stay put or conquer all of the tasks I’ve been putting off for the last 2 weeks like cleaning and laundry and grocery shopping. I’m just so thrilled this is all over.

The signs at their jobs (an office job for this purpose)

Aries: playing a game on the computer to pass the time

Taurus: actually gets work done like a good fucking employee

Gemini: plays pranks on everyone like tin-foiling everything in their cubicle or moving everything an inch to the left so something seems off but they don’t know what it is

Cancer: scolds other employees when they’re goofing off. the goody two-shoes of the office.

Leo: probably brought in donuts for everyone even though it isn’t anyone’s birthday

Virgo: drinking spiked coffee


Scorpio: bullies people away to try and score that promotion

Sagittarius: gets bullied out of the promotion

Capricorn: comes in late every fucking day

Aquarius: that asshole that brings their screaming, whiny children to work

Pisces: is the supervisor that doesn’t get paid enough to deal with this shit