Commissions are now available!

POKEMON - $8* -
(Can actually range from $5-$8, depending on the Pokemon)
This includes Fakemon.

Any megas. Metagross, Flygon, Rayquaza, Milotic, etc.

Any of the two above, with Starlight.

OTHER - $15 -
Anything not Pokemon related. More expensive because things can sometimes leave my comfort zone, but I wouldn’t mind trying.

FULL SCENE - $25 -
These take the most time and effort, obviously.

Payment information will be given before/after request.

Ok what about cybertronians growing old
-old war bots telling stories about how the survived together to their nurses/caretakers
-miners identifying different types of rocks and getting excited when their nurses bring them samples from the mines
-fliers talking about how they miss the skies while their nurses clean their wings
-ol d bots

So redbubble offers scarves now. They looked pretty cool! So I thought I’d make a little 221b Baker Street wallpaper pattern and offer it as a scarf.

Then I thought, what the heck, this would look cool on a bunch of other stuff, and I made it available on a whole schwack of other stuff.

So go check it out here. I am sorely tempted to order the travel mug for myself…

(I didn’t add the spray paint smiley face. I wasn’t even sure anyone would want this. Let me know if you want it with that…)