a quick round up of shinee’s points per category for their “m!countdown” win! they took over big bang in every category minus sms and pre-voting. to point out, “m!countdown” is the most difficult music show to win on due to the areas of criteria being so spread out. the score was very close regardless and, if we want shinee to have a shot at another win on the show next week, we need to focus on every single area of criteria, but especially the two areas that we lost in this week. pre-voting for the show is also known as popularity score; the results are gathered through the global, japanese and korean online voting polls. sns, also known as social media score, is all about the official youtube mv score. both areas are worth 10% of the score percentage, rounding up to a grand total of 20% of the final score. pre-voting for this coming week of the show (which shinee could still very well take in another award on) will begin on friday, may 29th at 11am kst and end on monday, june first at 9am kst you can find the global voting site here and the japanese voting site here. you can find more information on how voting on both sites works via support shinee. as for mv views: yes, shinee has accumulated over four million on youtube and that is very good but those four million views were had last week so they count toward this week of music shows. it’s already almost friday in south korea and “view” has only brought up half a million views. shinee’s biggest competition on music shows next week is going to be kara and big bang (again): kara’s music video has already brought in 300k more views than shinee’s since it’s release at the start of the week and big bang’s has also brought in more. we have three more days for sure to raise the views, so let’s please to try and focus on getting a good million or more views before the week comes to an end! the video can be found here and a guide on how to increase views quickly can be found in the linked. these views will also help shinee on every other music show next week!

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Hi Carrie. I think I'm asexual, but I'm not sure. I do experience sexual attraction, but it's always towards people that I have no chance of meeting. Actors, musicians, people online etc. I don't think I've ever experienced it towards people I've actually met, talked to or seen IRL. I can appreciate if people are handsome/beautiful, but I never think; I'd hit that. I'm confused. Would it be correct to call myself ace? I could really use your help. You always seem to find the right thing to say.

Hi anon! You can totally identify as asexual– it’s a spectrum, and everyone experiences it differently in a way that makes sense personally for them. If you feel little to no sexual attraction towards people, you can fall into the ace spectrum, even counting your attraction towards actors, etc. There’s even a specific sub-category called autochorissexuality, which I feel like you might be interested in learning about– there are a number of asexuals who do feel attraction, like you do, towards fictional characters, celebrities, people they wouldn’t neccesarily meet. More information on autochorissexuality here

The most important thing is what what you’re comfortable with identifying for yourself. Do you feel like asexual works for you? Or is gray-asexual more where you think you are? Or are you demisexual? Any and all of these are fine, and also changing your mind at any point is fine too.

Here are some more resources:

I hope this was helpful! Best of luck to you!  (◕‿◕✿) :*・゚☆

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Where can I find the stuff you used for the hospital (in your last post) thanks in advance!


Hospital Set by Hekate999 @ MTS

NICU Conversions by simmeroonie ( No Longer Avialable )

Chemistry Lab Set by Severinka

All Access Set ( Wheelchairs ) by BuffSumm

Hospital Set and TS4 GTW Hospital Conversions @ ATS3

Funeral Embalming Set by Buffsumm

The last one isn’t technically a hospital set, but still has a lotta really nice things in it that can be used in surgery rooms, labs, and exam rooms, and also has a realistic doctor’s stool. 


Above is a preview of the new icons added here. Do not edit or claim as your own. This is for those who requested for kingsman, black widow, more steve and pietro, and wanda/elizabeth olsen. I’m working on the rest of the request batch. (please do not send in requests till I have finished the current request list.)

shinee will be performing on “m!countdown” tonight! the show, which airs on mnet, will begin at roughly 6pm kst (note: this sometimes varies depending on the show. shinee will, more than likely, be the final performer on the show but there’s always a chance that there will be behind the scenes clips of them or interviews with them before that point so tuning in for the entire broadcast would be a good idea if you can! it’s usually best to turn on the stream ten minutes before the scheduled time, to be safe.) they will be performing: their title track, “view”, and “재연 (an encore)”. for anyone not sure what the starting time would be in their time zone you can use this site to be sure! streams can be found here. (note: mnet streams the show directly from their official website for free (it’s one of the streams shared on the latter linked) but, in order to use it, you must either: a) register an account with mnet or b) use facebook to connect.)

mcs ► key (shinee), jungshin (cnblue), junior and bambam (got7)

setlist ► shinee, kara, sunggyu (infinite), lim kim, myname, jung joon young band, kim bo kyung, na yoon kwon, bts, hyosung (secret), romeo, monsta x, clc, n.flying, halo, seventeen, hoon ni young and history

So I went to the doctors today who told me I need to stay home sick for a week. Apparently, the idea of being away from work for a whole week really made me miss spreadsheets because I spent my newfound free time creating this master list of books I’ve read about Judaism so far.

I can’t say this is every book I’ve read since I have a pretty awful memory, but it’s all the ones I’ve taken pictures of and posted on my blog, currently have on my bookshelf, or were on the list I went to the beis din back in November. And even though this list has 50 or so odd books, don’t expect it to be a comprehensive list by any means. It’s hardly a beginner’s list

I’ve colour-coded the books based on level of difficulty in my personal opinion, as someone who’s been in the Jewish community for a year and a half with 1 year of that in a right-wing Orthodox community. I’d say all of the hashkafa books (there aren’t that many, though) reflect a right-wing perspective. Anyway, in terms of difficulty, I can’t say I’m the best judge since like I said I’ve been here for less than two years. What I might have labelled as difficult might be something someone else thinks is too easy to bother with.

If I am being honest, I probably rated them a bit more difficult than they actually are since I wrote this in mind of people who are coming to Judaism with absolutely no background as I did. And by “difficult”, I don’t always mean because they deal with halakha and you’re still learning the Jewish year. I mean difficult in that every other word is Yiddish or Hebrew (and not transliterated/vowelized) or that it’s talking about tznius beyond the idea of “make sure to cover XYZ.”

That being said, enjoy this relatively small list of books! If anyone has any comments or more questions please feel free to send them my way. I’ve also included the publisher not only because my beis din has asked me too (the real reason for this list is because it’s required documentation of my geirus; I’ll be sending them a non-colour-coded copy as well), but because I figured it’ll make it easier for you to find where to purchase the books from. Happy reading!

Note: some of the titles of the books will show up cut-off. If you have an account with Google, you should be able to edit the document and drag the “Title” column to see it in its entirety. If not, click on what you want to see and look in the bar above the A, B, C, etc. columns (or just copy what you want and paste it into Google to search it)

Legit’s Historical Fashion Masterpost

All right guys, I’ve decided to put together another masterpost for you - this time on historical fashion. This could get lengthy so… bear with me. (Forgive me also if some of the dates are a touch inaccurate - I’m not a historian and I’m going with what Google gives me.)

Prehistory -

Neolithic Clothing - The beginnings of textiles, some woven materials, leather, etc. Circa 102000 BCE - 2000 BCE

Bronze Age Britain - The development of more sophisticated textiles, including wool and some ornamentation, including brooches. Circa 3200 BCE - 600 BCE

Iron Age Clothing (Europe) - Even more sophisticated, ornamented clothing, textiles, hairstyles. Dyed clothing arises. Circa 1200 BCE - 1 BCE (in Europe)

Fashion of the Ancient World

Clothing of Mesopotamia - i.e, Babylon. Also Mesopotamian jewelry. Circa 3000 BCE - 300 BCE

Clothing of Ancient Egypt - All eras.

Clothing of Ancient India - An overview.

Ancient Greek Clothing + Wikipedia for Definitions

Ancient Roman Clothing + More Rome

Ancient Celtic Clothing


Biblical Clothing - i.e., Primarily Ancient Hebrew

Byzantine Clothing

*Note: I’m not including many cultures here (such as Asian/South American) simply because of my own lack of expertise + time and space limitations in this masterpost.

Medieval Clothing

Wikipedia Overview

Anglo-Saxon Clothing - (Pre-Norman Invasion)

England 1066-1087 - Ish

1100 - 1200 in European Fashion - Wikipedia

1200 - 1300 in European Fashion - Wikipedia

*A Note on Women’s Fashion - Tight lacing did NOT appear until about 1340, which means that shapely, comely bodices would not have appeared in fashion before this time.

14th Century Women’s Fashion - The stereotypical “medieval” look with wimple, long sleeves, etc.

Sexy Sexy Knights

Suits of Armor & Their Component Parts

Suit of Armor - Labeled Photo for Reference

15th Century Clothing

The Renaissance

History of the Corset - Italian in origin. Introduced to France in the 1500s.

15th Century Florence

*Note: For the Tudor and Elizabethan eras of fashion it’s important to note that there were laws in place which dictated what clothing you could wear due to your social class.

Tudor Era Clothing - King Henry VIII, et al

Tudor Dress & Its Component Parts

Elizabethan Clothing

Tudor/Elizabethan Corsets - Corsets during this time created a shape with a flat chest and narrow waist.

Jacobean Era Dress - 1603 - 1625

And Beyond

Baroque/Rococo Fashion - France 1650 - 1800

What to Wear in the English Civil War

The “Naughty” Side of 18th Century French Fashion - NSFW. Ooh la la.

Pilgrims in Murica

American Revolutionary War Costumes

Colonial Clothing - 18th Century Murica

Colonial Men - Colonial Women

Overview of Native American Clothing - *Note: Please use this as a starting point only and do your own research. Remember that different groups have fashions specific to their cultures. This is more to know what NOT to do than to know what TO do.

Fashion Under the French Revolution

Regency Fashion - 1800-1845 England

Regency Corsets/Underthings

History of Victorian Fashion

Victorian Men’s Clothing

History of the Victorian Corset

Victorian Women’s Clothing By Layer - All 5 yo.

American Fashion - 1830s

Women’s Fashion During the Civil War

Twentieth Century

La Belle Époque 1895-1914

Edwardian Fashion - 1900-1919

Men’s Edwardian Fashion

Flapper Fashion

More 1920s - 1920s Hairstyles - 1920s Makeup

1930s Fashion - 1930s Hats and Hair - 1930s Makeup

1940s Fashion - 1940s Hairstyles - 1940s Makeup

1950s Fashion - 1950s Hairstyles - 1950s Makeup

Early 1960s - Mid/Late 1960s - 1960s Makeup History

1970s in General - 1970s Makeup - 1970s Hair

Punk Fashion

And I’m stopping here. You should have it after this point, kiddos.

You better appreciate this.

Super cool website alert is a cool, free website all about European languages & linguistics in general.

There are four main sections to the website:

  • Lingvopedia for basic information about the 28 languages in Europe they focus on, like alphabet, history, phonetics, basic grammar, fun tongue twisters and sayings, etc.
  • Babylon for info on linguistic in general (as a prototumblinguist with barely any formal studies on linguistics, I’m eating this up)
  • Lingvopolis, which is like a searchable tumblr masterpost for language learning resources on the web
  • Geolingvo, which is a game you can play with some tumblr nerds all about langs and geography
  • There is also a section to download language lesson plans for teaching a couple languages!

I saw one of the people who develops this website at the Polyglot Gethering, and their team is working hard on it! It’s super, super cool, and I wish we could have a clone site for all the languages.

It’s also multilingual, so you can change the site language from English to 21 other languages.


a-force #1 (2015): “it’s this world where the marvel heroines are leaders in their own civilization. […] there are men—there are heroes there. you’ll see familiar faces and favorites, but the heroines are in charge, by majority. it’s just this is how their world evolved. they were competent. they were clever and they were the ones in charge because of their skills and they were the best fit for these roles and demands of their world.” (comixology)