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THE MAZE RUNNER (Videos Masterpost)

Check out all the videos related to the first movie of the trilogy, ‘The Maze Runner’. This list will probably be updated soon.

Trailers: 1, 2.

Teasers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



TV Spots:

B-Rool Footage: 1, 2.

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UPDATE: I have added the following resources to the blog:







Agraphia, Alexia and Aphasia

Hi, we are Rad Sources! We are a new photoshop resources blog created by salazhar and shakespearee. Over here at Rad Sources, we post our own original content and will soon start reblogging some resources, too. Asides from photoshop resources, we might reblog a few themes and html related posts as well. We haven’t posted anything yet, and we are hoping if some of you guys would like to join us. We will officially open and start posting when have 2 or 3 more members. 

Interested? Apply here.

UPDATE: I have added the following resources to the blog:


  • The Game Theorists (discussions of science and game theories)
  • GameGrumps (watch them play video games, sometimes they are loud or use slurs)

Please see the Other Stuff page for more TV shows and movies available online for free!

 |  hey, hey. so people are going back to school or, already in school so here’s this masterpost of helpful stuff to help you survive school!!

school resources: 

mental health:

music ft. food

good luck!!

(NSFW warning!)

I’ve known about this tool for years and I’m still constantly recommending it to people or finding that some people don’t know of it and let me tell you, it is a LIFESAVER! 

I’m sure you’ve heard of Posemaniacs before, but did you know they have a bunch of rotatable hand poses, a rotatable head, male torso and foot!?

This ‘handy’ (HAH! /slaps knee) tool has helped me so many times, so go check it out and utilize this baby before the site dies one day. :(
(Or better yet; donate to Posemaniacs to keep it alive!)

Have fun and go practice those hands!


sorry for the really bad preview pictures (the ink softer looks a lot better when used i promise) i didn’t really know how to organise them, but here you go!

bonus: rad fineliner

I sort of mix and match and mess around with the default brushes, duplicating them and then tweaking until i get something new and a little more useful (i only really use adaptations of the original Brush, i guess)
I also tweak some of the ones i find on ptsbrushes, because a lot of them dont seem to agree with me, though it’s a great resource and you should check it out!

I can’t wait to properly get down and properly start working with all these lol