while anxiety is a serious issue and I understand it’s not easy to overcome, the attitude on this website encouraging people to have anxiety and making it seem like it should stop you from continuing your life is really bad

if you have anxiety, you need to hear this: you can overcome it. BY accepting it, and accepting that you can treat it with time, therapy and support.

My thirty day keytag! People keep asking, “Well what’s different this time?”.

Before, when I was in the program, I went to the meetings and that’s about all I did.

This time around I’m pouring my heart and soul into the program, cut off a lot of people from the past, got a sponsor and started working the steps (btw I’m starting step two tomorrow!).

When my dad passed on August 31st, I knew I had two choices. #1 - what everyone expected of me - was to bury my pain and grief in drugs. #2 was get sober and get my shit together. I obviously chose #2 and it’s begun to bring me peace that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the program.

I’m so grateful for my NA family; they give me the acceptance and support I don’t get from my own. They care. They care and support me more than my own (blood) family does.

My clean date is September 19, 2013’4