You can trust the sky to do something original every day. — Michael Lipsey

Looking back on the year, this was my favorite collage. I scored a huge old collectors catalog of china figurines at a library book sale and had a ball creating landscapes for them and choosing which of my epigrams for them to say. I’ve posted some of these in the last few months and still have plenty of material left for 2015. “Truly the whole world is open before us, everything waiting to be done.” -Picasso

I will be a better person for 2015.
I will not let people walk all over me.
I will stand up for myself in a well mannered way.
I will be myself.
2015 will be my year.

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Well, well, well. It is officially the last day of 2014. And even though I had my ups and downs this year the UPS definitely 100% overcome the downs. It was one of the BEST years of my life and here is why:

  1. Seeing Ringo Starr with VIP tickets for the second time!
  2. FINALLY seeing Paul McCartney for the first time on August 10, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA (Dodgers Stadium)
  3. Seeing Paul yet AGAIN the following month on September 28, 2014 in my hometown of San Diego, CA (Petco Park)
  4. Standing (literally) 4 feel from Paul McCartney as he arrived at the stadium (Photo on the top left is taken by me)
  5. Being featured in Paul’s official video for ‘Save Us’ (Screenshot on the top middle). MPL confirmed that he saw it and loved it which officially means Paul McCartney knows of my existence and knows what I look like. :’O
  6. Getting TWO replies on Twitter directly from PAUL MCCARTNEY himself when he was doing a personal Q&A with his fans (Something that doesnt happen often so I got incredibly lucky)

These are the 6 things that stand out for me this year it was the best year for me as a Beatlemaniac (,: I dont know how 2015 will top it but we’ll see!

(All photos on this collage are taken by me…except for the youtube video screenshot and the twitter replies screenshot, obvs)