Selfie Sunday yay-my-hair-is-growing-out-nicely edition!!! I love it short and its not like I’m growing it long but I want the longer side to reach below my chin. Anyone with a round face will understand…it hides my chipmunk cheeks ☺️
I’ve been kind of a shit about posting lately. About to start posting a bit more. Need to do some 9 week out progress photos. Also have to start tweaking my diet a bit more this week. I haven’t been tracking my food like I should which means I’ve been shorting myself on carbs earlier in the day only to freak out at night. Ergo, Jinney needs to dial up this prep and get fucking serious. Which will be much easier on me and Mr E now as he got me a pretty awesome valentines/birthday present…a car!!! Now he can have his Hummer back full time (I will say he was very, very gracious about letting me drive his baby). I have driven a mini-van since 2009 so having a cross over (Outlander sport) is very nice…I feel a lot less soccer mom-ish now 😜
Ok. Back to work!

I'm feeling absolutely glorious.

Last night was just lovely. Le boyfriend, dreamsofjade and I carried on with our Harry Potter movie marathon. We knitted and ate and drank and had a really nice night.

Today, le boyfriend and I went for a long walk to the other side of town, then stopped off at some shops in the city centre on our way home. I finally bought a frame for le boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day present, and I used my birthday voucher at Body Shop to buy myself some body mist. I also bought two new different pairs of knitting needles and some wool to practise with, and a curly plant called Kevin and some more daffodils.

We stopped off to buy some food for tonight, and now we’re home, and it was just a really nice way to spend the afternoon. Now I’m going to make myself a spot of late lunch and a cup of tea, and maybe play some Sims 3 for a bit. Then le boyfriend and I will have dinner later on and spend the evening together. Maybe watch a film or something.

I just feel really light and bright. And I’m so happy and relieved to be feeling this way. I think it’s partly because I got to spend some time outside, and we walked through three parks, and all the crocuses and snowdrops are flowering, and the first signs of spring always make me feel so optimistic. It’s also partly because learning how to knit has reminded me that I am capable, especially after finding out that I wasn’t invited to interview for the job I applied for. And, of course, it’s also partly because I got to spend a huge chunk of time with two of my very favourite people in this world.

anonymous asked:

60, 73, 85

60. What is the biggest age difference between you and any of your partners?

Hmm…5 years.

73. What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?

Truthfully? Get me candy! Preferably chocolate gummy bears. That’s my favorite. I’ve never really had anyone give me candy, unless it was Valentine’s Day and like a hastily bought present haha. I guess I have a big sweet tooth. Candy is my weakness ;P

85. Would you ever date someone off the internet?

Absolutely! Some of the best relationships I’ve had have started over the Internet. I guess when I was younger it was the only way I could really express myself. I was a pretty awkward child, but I had some good friends and met some amazing people.

My outfit today, I had breakfast with my lovely lady @itsnotoveruntil I then got my hair cut at @panichairbazaar pic coming soon! and did a little shopping at Indooroopilly buying myself a Valentine’s Day present 😊😊 now to get ready for my ballet class tonight! Today has been a good day 😄 #pinup #rockabella #rockabilly #retro #vintage #ootd #waisttraining #stealthing #pinupgirlclothing #erstwilder #erstwilderbrooch #erstwildernecklace #baitshoes

So I had such a nice day today, but I mean that in the sense that I was just nice to people all day? I helped my friend move, bought her roommate Purple Rain on Vinyl because they’d offhandedly mentioned wanting it at one point, gave them five bottles of wine and a giant box of clearance Valentine’s Chocolate as a housewarming present, then I built my friend’s computer desk and computer chair, mainly by myself because they got to drunk off my wine to help, drove one of the other guys back to his car (45 minutes away), and then went to the bar my other friend works at, bought these girls drinks because one had cops come in and tell her to move her car and the other got harassed by a douche (we kicked him out of the bar), then I stayed after hours at the bar and took these two drunk people to their respective houses I don’t know. I wish our society functioned differently. Because everyone was like so surprised that someone was being nice to them the entire day? And the people I took home from the bar didn’t know me and they were suspicious that I was sketchy until the bartender let them know that I was okay, because obviously a stranger taking you home is suspicious where I live. Oh well, I tried to make everyone’s day better!


This year’s Valentine’s Day was actually my very first with a boyfriend. It was odd for me to actually have someone to spend the day with but I treated myself to a Galentine’s day present and bought the Taylor Swift Valentine’s Package #2 from her website and wore it all day! 

I woke up in the afternoon to Taylor Swift while showered and changed, then met my boyfriend downstairs. He took me to brunch at La Madeleine, afterwards he took me to the Fly where he gave me this heart shaped sterling silver locked. When we got back we ordered a heart shaped pizza from Papa John’s and had some Chardonnay along with chocolate. We finished the night watching Minuit A Paris and Burlesque! 

It was the absolute most perfect way to spend that night! And I wouldn’t trade it for anything else! 

The pictures you put in my room, the notes you wrote me for my birthday and valentines day, presents you got me for christmas, so many things that noone in the world would understand what they ment.. i have it all. I cant get myself to do anything with them. Every night i look at them. And i hate it. I hate seeing those things knowing they came from you and what i did. The amount of times ive cryed looking at all our memories you wouldnt believe. You seem happy now. And im glad. But i still wish i could talk to you. Have my friend back. I just wish i could say so much to you..

I’m manic in the way of ‘don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit’. I could not make myself sleep for love nor money last night and got about 3 hours of decent sleep, and now I’m on my way to work, and the whole situation is a nightmare with my contract ending this Saturday, and so I’m a wee bit irritable (see: possibly will verbally tear apart at the slightest provocation). I didn’t get any study done because I can’t focus.
On the plus side, I got my valentine’s day present! I will show y’all later when I’m a bit more with it :3

My second Valentine’s Day present to myself just came in the mail! When I first opened it I was initially surprised at its size because I’ve never picked this up anywhere and when I took it out of the package I found out that it has smudges on the sides of the pages and the back corner is slightly bent and it has creases on the covers. Now normally I am the type of person who keeps all of my books in perfect and prestige condition and am always very careful with them and only let careful people hold my books. But there’s something oddly satisfying about this book and its quirks. So I want to say thank you to whoever it may have been who owned this book before me and I promise to love it the way you did.


Day 409 - 14.2.15

Valentine’s Day! Jay and Zoë bought my birthday pressy round too - vodka! Wooooo! So pretty! This morning went with mum and bought my birthday present - she bought me raspberry, gooseberry, blueberry and pear plants :-) also got myself some roses and seed potatoes!

My order of Shatter Me came in the mail right now!! I ordered it last week for a Valentine’s Day present to myself and it was expected to come in next month and it’s here! Oh god I love the feeling of opening the box! This is my very first book order generally and on Amazon and I am so thrilled! It’s in perfect condition and smaller than I thought haha I cannot wait to start this!

Alfie Deyes Imagine part 1

Sarah’s POV:
I woke up to a fresh smell of pancakes. I don’t know which kind but whatever. Anyways l grabbed my phone and looked at the date which was February 14, 2015. Valentines day. Shit l forgot to get Alfie a present! After thinking for a while l went downstairs to see what was going on. I got downstairs and went to the kitchen to see a beautiful plate of chocolate chip pancakes with a rose and a note that read “Good morning babe! After you eat the delicious pabcakes that l made by myself, go to the closet and put on the outfit that l left there! Love, Alfie.” He’s so cute! It wasn’t long after l had finished the pancakes. So l went upstairs, looked in the closet, and saw a red sweater and black leggings. He really liked that sweater on me. I went to the bathroom, put the outfit on, brushed my teeth, and saw another note which said “Go to the place where we had our first date ( ◠‿◠ ). Love, Alfie.” The pond! Which no one knows about! I went downstairs put my combat boots on and walked to the pond. Since it was a very sunny day outside l decided why not? I’ve got nothing to loose!

After about five minutes l reached the pond. When l got there, l saw a trail of roses leading to somewhere. I followed the trail and it led to a big sign made out of roses that said…

Valentine's Day Lab feb.13th

How can you transfer some of the concepts, skills, and procedures that you learn in this lab to new situations inside and outside the classroom

This year for Valentine’s Day my group and I decided to make brownie heart cupcakes. As always, it was a fun experience that taught me a few new tricks that I will use when baking by myself. Although I wasn’t present during the first part of the lab, I was able to incorporate some of my baking skills on the second day.   When making the frosting for the cupcakes we had some difficulties as the recipe was not good enough, once we found another recipe, we proceeded in making the frosting. Again, it did not turn out too good so we had to have Ms. K help us with it. On the other hand, our brownies turned out quite well, the cake it self was a little thick so we had to cut it half to be able to cut out hearts out of it. Overall, it was a fulfilling experience as I found out the proper way to make frosting (I always had trouble with it when making cupcakes at home).

I liked/ Didn’t Like… at home I could alter this food product by…

Personally, I think the cupcakes turned out okay, I am not a really big fan of brownie based cupcakes because I find them very dense and dry sometimes. If I were to make this recipe at home I would make spongecake batter for the cupcakes as i think it would be more moist. As for the frosting, I would make cream cheese frosting just because I prefer it over regular icing. However, despite my personal preferences I enjoyed eating the cupcakes.

Comparing and contrasting your food lab experience with a previous personal one where you made the same food

I don’t usually make cupcakes that often, I’ve only made them twice before and to be honest they did not turn out good. My frosting was a mess, it was too sweet and liquidity. However, the batter itself turned out to be pretty delicious, I made a vanilla lemon flavored batter that all of my family members enjoyed. In my opinion, the Valentine’s day food lab turned out way better than my own recipe, it didn’t have as many faults and was delicious. Also, it was a great lab to officially start off the semester and get to know your partners better.