Death Star Cookie Jar

Come to the Dark Side – we have cookies! With its easily replenishable cookie-based power core, this fully armed and operational Star Wars Death Star themed cookie jar is perfect for preventing your munchies from going Chewie and is a must have for Star Wars fans.


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when i was little and first watched the star wars movies i always found it so pleasant how sith lords would call each other, ‘my friend.’ just like you know what man? we are reveling in the power of darkness together and will probably murder each other at some point but dammit i appreciate this bond of friendship we have. sith lords? nah man, sith bros.


Let’s compare shall we? The upper picture is Ahsoka’s design in rebels as seen in the season finale fire across the galaxy. The lower is a vision of older Ahsoka from the mortis arc in clone wars. Several things have changed. Ahsoka’s montral and lekku stripes are going the opposite way, the stripes themselves are more blue/green than the originals, her eyes have become a different shade of blue, her face has become longer, and the pigmentation marks on her face have changed. Thoughts? do you enjoy the redesign more, or prefer the original?