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can you tell us the story of why you love kakashi so much?? i would love to know :)

I’m sorry it took me a while to respond, I was busy watching Games of Thrones  :3

Kakashi was the first character I loved when I started watching Naruto. When he appeared in Episode 3, I was attracted to him right away. I think it was the mask he wore, his appearance was mysterious. His name is sexy~ Kakashiiiiii rolls right off my tongue although it means Scarecrow LOL. He can trick his team by using scarecrows as decoys. When he entered the scene of meeting Team 7 and he said “My first impression of you guys is I hate you” I LOVED HIM ALREADY. I love him for his mysterious ways. He’s one of the best Jounin in Konoha! a Jounin at age 13! He was the child prodigy. He cares for his comrades a lot, it’s sad to hear that he lost everyone he cared about. He would make up funny excuses such as “sorry I’m late, I’m afraid I got lost on the path of life” for being late but actually, he was visiting his old team’s grave ;__; His One Thousand years of Pain Jutsu, I just can’t with him sometimes lol. He’s really smart and clever, always figuring out a great plan and jutsu’s people are using cause he copy their shit too with his sharingan. He figured out a plan even when he was close to death during the Pein arc (that arc killed my soul with his death). HE KNOWS OVER 1,000 JUTSU’s! Kakashi is a dork and he loves Jiraiya’s erotic novels I love him for his inner perverted ways. He can kick people’s ass while reading porn. Naruto episode 101 is one of the reasons why I love him even more. I think he’s a kickass sensei because of his bell test to help his students with Teamwork. Okay Team 7 is the saddest team but don’t blame Kakashi, he loves his students deeply. Kakashi is also really laid back and has lots of dogs that do tracks shit down for him. I love dogs. Kakashi has that lazy and relaxed attitude but would be serious when he needs to be during battles and get shit done.      AND DO YOU SEE HIS HAIR? AND EYE SMILE? I also love the childish rivalry between him and Gai-Sensei, it’s too funny. He’s hella hot and sexy even with his mask on 24/7.  Lets all just agree that Kakashi is one of the coolest character in Naruto :D AND CAN KISHIMOTO SHOW HIS FACE AT LEAST ONCE BEFORE NARUTO ENDS. I WILL DIE.  He has a nice butt too. Werk it Kakashi!