Stand By Me (1986)


so once upon a time chromestorms​ tagged me and in order to keep my list under control i decided to draw them but apparently it got a little too under control and i end up with only 5 haHAH

idek who to tag because i’m pretty sure i’m the last one to arrive at this party and everyone has already done this??


I was tagged by kirschtingyou to do the six selfie game. Thanks! Idk I thought it would be nice to show you my transformation from angel to ultimate trash haha. First two pictures are from like 2-3 years ago. The middle pictures are from 1 year ago and the last pictures are from 2015.

If you want to do this then go right ahead. Oh and please do let me know if you end up doing it! Idk I don’t want to tag anyone that doesn’t want to do it, so yeah I’ll just end it here haha bye

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AkaFuri + 1 or 3

meme here

Things you said too quietly

Things you said after you kissed me

Seijūrō couldn’t always hide how Kōki’s muteness could anger him. When it came down to it, the affliction was just a constant reminder of how low his father could stoop to stop their relationship and the torment Kōki’d had to suffer through for them to be together.

That time that Kōki had been trapped under a ladder for twenty minutes, unable to call out for help; that time when he’d gotten stuck up a tree when trying to rescue a cat, of all things; every time Seijūrō had had to intervene when people attempted to talk to Kōki, it was all unending through his head. And the worst part was that it couldn’t compare to what Kōki was enduring.

It could never be enough to halt his feelings, though, not when he could smile so contentedly, settle into Seijūrō’s arms or pull Seijūrō into his own, and everything Seijūrō had ever needed to hear was laid out so clearly and proudly in his eyes.

Or when he could kiss so sweetly. Any whimper he made was a symphony and crashing of waves against a cliff and rain falling on grass. Seijūrō whispered his name, aware that he sounded broken. He knew that actions should speak louder than words, but it still hurt when Kōki could only repeatedly mouth his “I’m sorry”s and “I love you”s against his throat and eyelids and lips.


never2old4this​ did a handbag meme the other week and I have been dying to do this mostly because I never do this type of shit and man do I love a meme with photos ANYWAY I don’t carry a purse but a backpack & some shit in my pockets at all time (pictured above) so here’s the breakdown

  • vegan leather bag from sample sale 2.5 years ago.
  • Ms. Marvel from Jamie & two cards from her. Slingshot is my daily planner. 
  • Marc Jacobs Lola perfume next to my portable spare charger thing? I haven’t used it yet.
  • small personalized Weyland Corporation notebook from Ryann ‘cause we love the Alien franchise.
  • One Direction pouch that holds my two iPod shuffles (in case one dies) & my headphones-iPod shuffle charger is also in the pouch.
  • heart shaped sunglasses that I have to wear over my normal glasses.
  • tampons, but mostly bc I work primarily w/ladies @ work & I’m regularly asked, “do you have an extra tampon?” 
  • two hand mirrors: 1D circular one & 1 Sephora one from like…when I was…IDK 19? 
  • two bags: pink for my pens + pencils, patterned one for toiletry & medication related items. Oh and earplugs.
  • TJ’s gift card that might not have any $$$$ on it :/
  • USB flashdrives…IDK. C says cause I think I’m a hacker. I’ll take it.
  • wallet is that tiny shaped denim thing that fits perfect in my jeans!
  • hand tape for climbing. 
  • mints.

Steve does not come in my bag, but he had to check this shit out.

not pictured: extra phone charger (currently charging my phone)

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8, 15

I apologize for any weird delays, drops or rises in volume, outside noises or anything else that may interfere with how audio posts are heard. I have sequestered myself into my room, and am a jittery nervous person.

8. Message to your followers

15. Tell a joke
((sorry i dont know many jokes. all of mine are on the spot in the moment things. i cant do much for coming up with jokes..))