i am all for making friends and everything, but im so tired of the process. like, can we just skip the fake nice personalities stage and move on to the point where im insulting you as a way to show my affection?

In costa with my laptop
I now understand that all these other MacBook hipsters in coffee shops also probably still live at home and have their mums slightly overbearing partner over during the middle of the day

a couple of years ago when i was doing art commissions on gaia, this guy offered to draw my avatar for free and i was like fuck yeah i love free stuff. he finished the drawing after a little bit and sent it to me. it was a really cute headshot of my avatar but i noticed the file name said “cropped” in it. i asked him if there was a reason for that and he said i probably wouldnt like the full picture. i told him that was nonsense and i would love to see the whole thing. he then sent me the uncropped version and it was basically a naked drawing of my avatar that he literally ejaculated on and that is the most terrifying thing someone has ever indirectly done to me.