Coming out in General

Coming out to people in general was pretty amusing for me. But a few stories stuck out meow than others.

Best Friend: Sooo yesterday I might have let it slip that someone in the group was bisexual..

Me: Oh lord what did you say?

Best Friend: I was taking to the guys and said someone in the group likes dicks and vaginas

Me: *Bursts out laughing* oh my god I wish I was there to see. When you tell them that it’s me I want to be present.

The next day she called me over and asked if she could say. I just shrugged while she turned to the guys.

Best Friend: So remember what I said about someone liking dicks and vaginas?

Guys: *nod*

Best Friend: Well it’s *points to me and I mock bow*

Guy 1: I had no idea wow!

Me: How did you guys not know I always refer to you as straight people and in constantly obsessing over Natasha Romanoff!

Then there was my extremely religious conservative friend that I was terrified to come out too. But we’re super close so I did anyway.

Me: um hey I just wanted you to know something

Conservative Friend: yeah?

Me: I like girls and guys and I’m bisexual

Conservative Friend:…

Me: don’t hate me please

Conservative Friend: why would I? Oh gosh has anyone said anything mean give me names and I’ll beat them up!

Then that weekend she went home and read all of Genosis and came to me looking quite proud.

Conservative Friend: I found nothing in the bible against is which is why homophobes are stupid

Oh and I love all the jokes I can make and the crack my friend make.

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I think we need some new e-celebs to talk about because all this is getting a bit boring now tbh

I feel like if I were to actively look for new people to drag, I’d be taking it into witchhunt territory. Outside of the people who actively engage in the drama (like Ember and Emily), I prefer to be an outlet for other people’s experiences with popular tumblr users rather than someone who goes looking for people to call out.

I have a little list of submissions I’ve received re: people to check out, but good lord the last time I posted about someone outside this community xtoxictears’ fans personally harassed me in my inbox for four days, and ate up half my statcounter log. Not even Victoria’s fans are that nasty, lol. 

TL;DR, if you wanna see it, submit it. But don’t feel bad if I don’t post it, because the flying monkey factor is an important part of this equation. 

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:can we take a moment to appreciate our lord and savior patrick stump? he is literally so important to this world and i just would like someone in my life that shares the same opinion as me about the matter because no words in the entirety of any english dictionary would ever do him justice and i think about this often times while breathing too heavily for my own good and please im asking for a friend *haha*

today turned out really exhausting oh good lord

so i got home from class and dad reminded me of something he told me (months earlier??) about how when he and mollie moved into a house together (and me too probably since i’m still dependent on him) that we would not be taking cloud (my cat) and i had to get someone to look after her or we’d give her up for adoption

and so i automatically freaked out because i don’t know anyone who can take her (allergies/apartment doesn’t allow pets/etc) and the idea of giving her up for adoption and knowing i would never see her again just really shook me and all i could do was say i didn’t remember him telling him that (which it’s true i didn’t remember and i still don’t remember the encounter now but i’m sure he did) and he kept telling me he did and i was getting so upset and he was getting upset because i was obviously panicking and he said “i can get you a fish” and i snapped back that i didn’t want a fish and so i left his room and went to my room and

yeah i later went to pick up his medicine and cried in the car and then i went to my best firend’s apartment and cried on the way there and in her apartment because i was so scared of losing my cat and she told me she’d take my cat (which i didn’t even want to ask her to because she’s allergic to cats and i’d feel so bad if she got to be miserable because of my cat) and so i finally agreed and thanked them profusely so

i’ll be looking to get a job to pay for her needs. i need to get enough to pay for the security deposit (or at least have a job to pay my friends back if i don’t have the money before that) and to pay for her way + a supply of antihistamines and allergy medicine 

i’ll do anything to keep this cat and one day i’m going to find a place of my home and take her with me because i can’t bear the thought of giving her up

episode 2 thoughts
  1. ginger’s 15-minute face for the mini-challenge looks better than some of the girls’ full drag, #sorryboutit
  2. someone should stuff Moby’s weird little gremlin ass back into the year 2000 time capsule he broke out of
  3. take note: rupaul pronounces “gif” like “jif,” a.k.a. the CORRECT way
  4. what’s happening with trixie’s lips does she need someone to send in some carmex like a hunger-games style care package
  5. kasha was amazing in the group challenge look at her FACE
  6. i must take after dear momther katya because i am also horrible at hiding my ridiculous reaction faces
  7. violet is giving me traci lords in crybaby realness
  8. isn’t it interesting that sasha is only one letter away from “sashay,” which is what she should have done from the jump with her dumpster ass dollar store gig thank the sweet lord god it only took two episodes to get rid of her

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I'm so thirsty for 5sos at this point it's hard to except they don't know me. Like I've read so many fan Fics they've become 'memories' in my brain - that didn't happen. Oh dear lord. Agony aunt, I need you to help me out before my inner fangirl takes over me forever.

fuck I know it’s so hard - it feels like being best friends with someone who doesn’t know you exist and sometimes it hurts so much your chest aches, right? hopefully not just me - all I can recommend is something my mum says to me a lot - “they’re not real” and obviously they are because they’re real human beings blah blah but they’re so famous and so, like, untouchable that they likelihood that I’ll meet them is close to zero - sometimes it’s easier to imagine they don’t exist :(

I remember reading a devotion from @JoelOsteen last year saying this. Since then, it has been something I fight daily to meditate on. I try not become weary when I put hardwork, sleepless nights, just simply my all into something yet it’s hard to not grow weary when I don’t see anything happening or I don’t get the results I prayed for which has happened and seems to keep happening. Hey, I’m human and have feelings too. ✋😔 Someone out there can relate. But one thing Im learning is that giving up is never the solution & you can’t expect to see the garden blossom without planting the seeds and constantly watering it with what’s needed to make it grow. So as long as I keep trying & doing my best, I have faith that The Lord will take care of the rest. What he has for me, the world can’t give me so I got to keep my eyes on him & know I’m good. Galatians 6:9 will forever be the motivation. 🙏💗😊 Blessed Friday! #tgif #happyfriday #deepthoughts #justbeinghonest #encouragement #mustardseedfaith #patiencegrasshopper #Godgotthis #joelosteen

Bitch Be Trippin’

So Sunday and yesterday you feel it’s ok to call me out and bitch about me infront of one of my close girlfriends. Call me a slut and tell me I don’t understand the way you act. NO ONE DOES. YOU ARE PATHETIC AND LIFELESS! Why you been taking photos of me and my friends and posting them on your insta so someone can give a shit out about your faked life? NIGGA PLEASE!!!!! Yesterday you were lucky I didn’t go off on you after your boyfriend stealing ass tried to do it again. You know what I may not like a guy anymore but have some respect for yourself, family and dignity and stop going after the guys I like. You’re going to end up sad, alone, and botoxed! You need to be thanking the lord I won’t shout at you infront of people like you do to Mum in public. YOU NEED TO BE WHOOPED WITH A TREE!!!!

Apart from that shit here is some mind blowing bull shit I have had to encounter. You wont believe wtf just happened right now, I come home to my dad asking me why I took 30$. I tell him I took 15$ for the movie but I didn’t use so I gave it to my mom to buy food. Then he’s like so you only used 10$,I reply,  I used 5$ for my self and 5$ for mom cause we went shopping. ( the other 5$ was for food and mercy took 10$ on Friday so mum took the remaining 8$ to buy foo ) Fact, she owes me 5$. Additional to that yesterday he sent 30$. I went to complex I used 7$ to buy tweezers and he’s like so in the end you used 12$ and I tell him, yeah! Why are you mad and he is like mercy said you took 20$ and and I am like wtf!!! So I start yelling at both of them (Mercy and Mum) cause they are quiet and they start saying they didn’t. Tell mom one of them did and so Mercy confesses and I am like why would you tell him that!!! I put the other 10$ in the drawer and they start saying I took it with me to this point I am swearing and I am calling them out cause they have eyes and they couldn’t look into the drawer to check, I bought my mom new reading glasses and she can’t use them to read the 10$ note I left in the drawer. In the end my dad is like why is there so much commotion? you didn’t over spend and I tell him it’s cause they think I am stealing. Afterwards I start yelling at mercy telling her why didn’t you ask me instead of wasting everyone’s time. Then she’s like I tried to. I am like how I was here for an hour and a half and you forgot but when I am not here you are able to bitch and snitch about it? At this point my dad hangs up and he’s like whatever and I am busy shouting at Mercy till she finally apologizes tbh it felt good to hear I am sorry. But next time I’ll rip her throat out. Teach that bitch to play with me. Calling me a thief and shit. I wasn’t the one who took her clothes and gave them to Pamela. WTF is that, who the fuck takes their sisters clothes and gives them to their friend that they’ve been slandering, staring rumors and bitching about???? I swear  if there was a 1-800-CHOKE-THAT-HOE I would’ve dialed it by now.


Berry Suite - Set List

Crazy - Gnarls Barkley

Route 66 - Jazz Standard

Message in a Bottle - The Police

Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye

Ain’t No Sunshine - Bill Withers

Boogie On Reggae Woman - Stevie Wonder

Fragile - Sting

Let’s Stay Together - Al Green

Who is He - Bill Withers

Woodstock - Joni Mitchell

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

Back To Black - Amy Winehouse

Happy - Pharrell Williams

Hey Ya - Out Kast

Use Me - Bill Withers

Get Lucky - Daft Punk

Royals - Lorde

Fallin - Alicia Keys

Rolling in the Deep - Adele

Can’t take my eyes off you - Lauryn Hill

The Way - Jill Scott

New York - Alycia Keys

Master Blaster - Stevie Wonder

American Boy - Estelle

Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Master Blaster - Stevie Wonder

Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy

Someone like you - Adele

Message in a bottle - The Police

Love Me Harder- Ariana Grande

Chandelier - Sia

Roots Rock Reggae - Bob Marley

Could You Be Loved - Bob Marley

Son of a Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

Valerie - Amy Winehouse

A Long Walk - Jill Scott

Talk is Cheap - Chet Faker

Better Man

Send someone to love me
I need to rest in arms
Keep me safe from harm
In pouring rain

Give me endless summer
Lord I fear the cold
Feel I’m getting old
Before my time

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord I’m doing all I can
To be a better man

Go easy on my conscience
‘Cause it’s not my fault
I know I’ve been taught
To take the blame

Rest assured my angels
Will catch my tears
Walk me out of here
I’m in pain

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord I’m doing all I can
To be a better man

Once you’ve found that lover
You’re homeward bound
Love is all around
Love is all around

I know some have fallen
On stony ground
But Love is all around

Send someone to love me
I need to rest in arms
Keep me safe from harm
In pouring rain

Give me endless summer
Lord I fear the cold
Feel I’m getting old
Before my time

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord I’m doin’ all I can
To be a better man

Post #002

It’s hard to be you if they’re thinking that you’re so dramatic when you do. I want to express how I feel towards someone but it turns out to be a joke to everyone. The only thing that I can do that everyone takes it seriously is when I’m mad or when my eyebrows are raise. I am mean and brat because when I don’t they feel I’m just doing it but it’s not me. I’m doing things that I don’t want but I have no choice. Maybe this is my consequence for being funny all the time and being jolly for everyone. I just want patience Lord. 😊