I’ve had the puppy for two days and I feel like I’ve had him for weeks now. I’m so dead tired.

Since its my dog nobody helps me, cus its my responsibility.

I wake up at 6am and sleep at 1am. During all that he wakes up around 10 times.

My legs hurt from bending down. I’ve done more exercise in 2 days than I did all year.

theogpandabear asked:

So I'm new here and I gotta ask, do you get hurt often? If so, when you're hurt do you win things? Also as a random side note, you're famous on iFunny lol.

Ye I get hurt often

And it depends. The last time I won something I /broke/ my leg. This time I fell down from the 2nd story staircase all the way down to the ground floor stairs :v

First Week.

After getting my Blendactive through and trying many different smoothie recipes I then decided fuck it, I’ll go out and buy some working out clothes. Weeks before this I was looking at some apps and came across ‘MapMyRun’, I thought to myself, what if I I made I route and try it a few times a week. So on Sunday after work I went to sports direct and bought myself some proper running trainers, tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt and a hoodie all for under £40! 

On a Monday I walk to placement and it’s just over a mile a way, I do this walk twice a day on a Monday and Tuesday and I’ve been tracking my steps each time I’m out walking so I can link it to myfitnesspal app. On Tuesday after placement I decided to go straight back out and try my first powerwalk, I don’t want to hurt my legs too much so a powerwalk will do for now until I feel confident enough to do jogging. 

I think I’m going to stick to this route for now until I feel confident enough to go a longer route, my legs aren’t used to this amount of walking and certainly not powerwalking. I’ve done this route twice this week and I think I’ve done well. 

On Wednesday I met an old college friend for some lunch. After lunch we went on a long walk down the down, down to the harbour and down to the beach. This came to 4.5 miles in total. After this I decided I wanted to try swimming, so I went to the sports centre for an hour and had to pay £4.20 for an hour of swimming. The receptionist recommended that as I’m a student I should take a membership out and it would cost me £21 a month then £35 a month when my student card runs out. This means that I can go swimming as many times as I want and take part in aquafit and aquazumba too, my mum said that she lost a lot of weight doing this. After doing my 4.5 mile walk then 50 minutes of doing lengths this was definitely my best day!

On Friday I had a celebration day of loads of junk food and drinks, however, I decided this morning that I wanted to weigh myself and I’ve lost 3lbs so far! I thought that having a bad day yesterday would affect this but it certainly hasn’t! I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to track my calories and this has helped me a lot. I prefer to know how many calories I’m having and my daily exercise. I’ve been recommended to get myself a fitbit but £85 is far too expensive for one, I know it is worth it but it works the same was as the app on my phone. 

Today when I got home from my powerwalk I noticed that I had only burned 236 calories, I was wanting to do so much more but I couldn’t think of what I could do. But on my walk I was thinking I wish I had kinect for my xbox so I could do more workouts. Looking online apparently I can get kinect for 360 for £20 and Just Dance/Zumba games are estimated at £20 each. I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to get this when I get paid and it will help me out. 



I expected this to be rough because I’ve been sick. I did not expect the humidity and pressure preceding a thunderstorm. I was hoping the whole time the storm would roll over me, but it still hasn’t broken. I may go dance in it when it does.

I am having my first asthma attack since I began running - I used to have 1 per week when I was first starting on the treadmill in the basement, but as I got conditioned, I stopped having them. I have a really hard time with humidity though, and the humidity killed me this afternoon. My lungs definitely gave out before my legs, and my legs were like lead.

Despite my brain telling me I deserve all the delicious treats for having done this, I had a banana (best goddamn banana in ages) and have added some frozen berries to my fizzy water. I’m fucking virtuous, goddamnit.

Despite my lungs hurting, my spirit is improved.

sonoflac replied to your postwhat tattoo are you getting?

Just curious, how painful is it to get one? I want one but sadly from where I’m in, there’s still prejudice & discrimination regarding tats.

dont worry, my own grandmother refuses to talk to me unless all my tattoos are fully covered, which is ridiculous. anyway, it all depends on your own pain tolerance, and the placement of your tattoo. 

this leg tattoo was only painful near the top where its close to my hipbone, but the rest of it was more annoying. today when i get colour and shading, its going to be more tender because he needs to go over it a few times. this placement didnt hurt for me.

same with this tattoo. it was not painful, just annoying, but the extended wing close to my spine was quite tender. all in all, not so bad. basically, a tattoo feels similar to cat scratches and sunburns.

this tattoo was my most painful one. the skin is thin here, and both your armpit, and your elbow have significant amounts of nerves, so it makes it a sore place to get tattooed. though it was painful, it was not unbearable. getting tattoos on places like your neck, ribs and feet (and the back of the calf according to my friends) hurts like hell.

honestly, talk to a tattoo artist. discuss the design, and talk to them about placement. keep your own pain tolerance in mind, and listen to their thoughts and ideas of where a certain design should be placed. they usually have a good idea of where designs would look best, and if you tell them that you dont handle pain the best, theyll suggest to you parts of the body that arent generally as painful.

i hope this helps!


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So, I tried to do my shot tonight. As I got the needle in (which hurt)m I got a feeling of really bad pain as it went all the way in. Hasn't done that before (granted, it's only been four times). I pulled out immediately, then the injection site bled way more than usual. Normally it's just a tiny bead of blood; this one ran down my leg. Do you think I could've hit a blood vessel?

It sounds like you nicked a vein either on entrance or exit. This happens to everyone at some point and it’s nothing to worry about. The injection site will bleed more than usual, often enough the run down your leg like you mentioned, but if you put pressure on it it will stop relatively fast. You might develop a hematoma on your leg if the blood collects underneath the surface of your skin but that’s nothing to worry about either. I’ve had it happen twice in the 3.5 years I’ve been on testosterone, both times had a nurse check on it, and both times was told to check for signs of infection (heat, redness) over time but otherwise the blood would reabsorb in about a month. If that happens just be patient and do your injections on the other leg. I wait about a month and a half to be safe. As for the pain you felt, sometimes an injection just hurts more than usual without any real reason. One of the biggest contributors to pain during an IM injection is a tense muscle, so make sure you’re relaxed and make sure not to tense up during the injection. When it’s painful our natural reflex is to tense, so you have to be conscious of that.

I know I just started this blog and Im not deleting it this time im just taking my time to—feel healthy. I have headaches, anxiety and depression and I’ve not felt well this week like at all. My hands and legs hurt and Im dizzy uh, so I’ll come back when I feel like myself to write Cristina.

Thank you for your patience.If you ever need anything here’s my personal and don’t be afraid to ask for my skype(which I give just to mutuals).


I’ve been getting asked for some exercises to train lower back. Lower back is a bitch to train, especially in isolation. This is one of the few exercises I could come up with. A seated cable lower back extension. Be sure to keep this exercise VERY controlled, there is a lot of potential to hurt yourself. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. Make sure your spine is in a neutral position the whole time, and you shouldn’t be jerking your spine at all to get the full range of motion. Go light at first to make sure your form is good. As you can see I haven’t done my calf raises much over the past few months, finally at a place where I’m doing them again. My injury in December set me back quite a bit in the leg department, but working my way back up more and more by the day. #health #fitness #weightloss #fitspo #fitspiration #bodybuilding #cancer #scoliosis #inspiration #muscle #abs #gym #diet #instafitness #fit #workout #cardio #exercise #train #strong #motivation #active #determination #getfit #cleaneating

(( My ‘friend’ pushed me down today on the side walk, and I scratched my leg up and it hurts, I got it bad on my knee and ankle and It’s painful ;; She always hits me and slaps me, one time she slapped me so hard that my braces got stuck in my cheek and I had to get it off, It was really gross. All because she asked me If I knew who her crush was and I whispered his name, and she slapped right across the face.))

crumberbatched replied to your post: OMG

that’s a good time to take out current tampon, throw it in his face, and let all your fabulous period blood run down your leg to the floor and say “that’s fine, I can go through my period this way instead; besides, it’s cheaper and 100% natural”


I still believe with all my soul that if men had periods, they’d have mandated sick leave once a month and never stop crying about how much it hurts.

My last ex was one of those ninnies, he refused to touch me from the waist down when I was on the rag. I swear it’s like I had to play hide and seek when I was throwing my soiled pads out, otherwise he probably would have dropped dead from fright.

I’m running on 24 hours of no sleep and I don’t mind. I needed it. I haven’t had that much fun in a loooooong time. My legs are sore. My feet hurt and I’m still elated. All the homies came out. 2 friends graduated college today. Both of which worked and paid their way through school. One friend got into grad school in Spain, and the other got accepted to Grad school in Portland and it was a complete celebration. I haven’t been surrounded by family in a long time and it finally felt good to talk and catch up with them all. Life’s a trip. Things change but I know I’ll evolve more and doors are back open for me. We all looked back at our friendship and how far each of us has come in retrospect. I’m so proud and so happy. I’m so excited for new beginnings and ambitions. I’m so full of love.


I know this shouldn’t be on here but I have to say something. For encouragement to others if anyone reads this. 

I am not perfect I am not thin, or skinny like most girls. I don’t care about that. 

I love my body for what size it its. I don’t care what other people think I’ve been called fat, go on a diet you fat cow all my life since I came home from boarding school I was a size 12 then 18, then 14, now 16. Its not my problem as to what size I am. I know I’m perfect the way I am and I am proud of it. 

People’s words will never hurt me. Your torment will never put me down. 

I have always been big boned and wide hipped. I have a flat stomach that’s all I have no thin legs or anything. Who cares what your body looks like LOVE IT. 

I wear baggy clothes to hide my body but I don’t all the time. I don’t care at all. I love my body. And so should you. 

Nobody’s perfect some people really struggle with their weight and It’s nothing to laugh or joke about. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Its their gen’s and you have to respect people and not hurt them, put them down. 

Be their friend instead of a hater or a bully just looking to pick on the poor teenager or kid. 

Leave them alone and focus on your life. Don’t worry about other people’s life.

Look at all the plus size models I see in the magazines that’s courage and dedication to show the world/modeling that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 


Just some pre-run selfies!! Today my workout was a 4 mile run (time: 48:31) and it was pretty good! I stopped pretty frequently, but my stops were all less than a minute. I’m still having a hard time with my right hip, the muscle on the outside of it always hurts when I run and I have no idea how to stretch it :( I’m wondering if it’s because my legs are slightly different sizes? Who knows. But either way, I’m eating my breakfast still and then I’m going to shower and get ready to go shopping with my mom since today is her day off!!! Have a fab day and I’ll talk to you all later beautiful people ✨✌️

God I had such a shitty day.

First off one of the first grade teachers yelled at me for “daring to correct her students in her presence as if [she] couldn’t do [her] job” like. Well apparently you can’t do your damn job, cause I only corrected the kid after the THIRD time she slapped another girl in the face like. Do your fucking job. No wonder you’re being “forced” into retirement. Your like a billion years old and don’t give a shit anymore.

Also, I had to move dozens of fucking 50+ pound boxes around all by myself. My legs hurt so damn bad and I can’t even feel my arms ugh.

I’m so glad I’m switching to teaching at a different school next year. I’m gonna miss my kids like crazy, but 90% of my coworkers can go fuck themselves.

And here’s a selfie. And this will have to do for #ScarecrowSunday.
This weekend has been far too long haha xD.
Some of you already know, but most don’t. But I’ve been working night every day at the convention with their night activity group. I was walking around in their horror tour as Pyramid Head, scaring people :3
The problem was the fact that you, 1: didn’t see much at all, 2: it was so warm that it took three people to get the muscle suit off and 3: I hit my head/helmet in the roof, oh, one too many times.
On top of that, I even played zombie in their zombie games and hurt my foot. My legs are soar from all the falling (they shot at the zombies with air blasters) and my toe hurts asf. And I can’t feel the tip of the toe, so I’m going to the nurse tomorrow to check it. I don’t want it to fall off :p

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I’m too tired to care about uncertain spoilers for Naruto gaiden, I don’t even know what they are.

The puppy woke up at 6 am and pooped like 6 times I dunno. My legs hurt.

All I know is that everyone needs to fucking chill and take a nap. Wait before you start shit.

I just found out that because of the problems i have in my knees i shouldn’t run at all.

That means that the 10+ minutes of continuous running twice a week in gym class and the 45+ minutes of running twice a week after school (because my parents want me to excercise) have made the situation 5839x worse:)

Someone should have told me that feeling like your legs are going to bend the wrong way after you walk 3 blocks is not normal, and it won’t be solved if i just excercice more:)


I rarely make a personal post but this time I feel like I need to get this outta my head.

My grandma is not in her best condition right now, her leg is swelling for a few months but she doesn’t want to have a surgery and now it’s too late. She seems so desperate because usually she have a lot of activity but now she’s hardly walk. She doesn’t want to go out from bed at all, she said she’s tired all the time. Btw she’s 82. Actually her leg doesn’t as hurt as the first time anymore because she already went to a doctor but she seems so depress. Seeing her like this is tearing my heart apart. I tried to convince her to be positive, to share her story, I try to accompany her as long as I could (we’re not in the same house, she stay with my aunt) but she seems like she’s giving up.

A lot of my friends know her really well because she’s very nice and everytime we all around her, you could feel a happiness because she spent most of her life making people happy and sometimes forget about making herself happy. Maybe you know her and maybe you don’t know her but I hope you could pray for her to get well soon. She deserve so much better. All I want is to give back to her and I want to make her happy as long as I could. She’s the one who went together with me to my first concert (it was Simple Plan concert), she’s the one who hold me when I cried, when nobody could ever listen to me, she’s the one who made me continued my college, she was there when I graduated, yes..she’s always there.

I don’t know what to do to get her back on her feet anymore. If you ever deal with those kind of situation, I would be happy if you want to tell me what to do.

Last but not least, I make a song cover and I dedicate this song to her.
Please pray for her and thanks if you take your time to read this.
Right now, 5/10/15

Right now,  I’m pretty close to my heaviest weight ever.  

Right now, my lower back hurts all the time, to the point where it’s hard to sleep sometimes.  

Right now, I’m not very flexible.  My hips are super tight and I can barely cross my legs.  This is a combination of my weight and my super tight hips.

Right now, I’m not comfortable in my own skin. 

Right now I don’t even really think about cute clothes.  I’m more concerned about hiding my rolls.

Right now I probably have diabetes.  I haven’t been to the dr in a couple years.  I have an appointment on Tuesday to look at a weird lump on my ankle and an appointment for a physical at the end of June.

I’m pretty much back at my starting point.  I feel overwhelmed with the total amount of weight I need to lose.  To be healthy, I need to lose like 120 lbs.  I need to lose a person.  I can’t think about that number though, it’s too big.  I’m thinking about 10% of that…26 lbs.  They say if you lose just 10% of your body weight you do amazing things for your health. 

I’m writing this down to remember what it’s like to be this way.  I’m going to keep on moving forward.  Taking steps every day that will bring me closer to my goals.   

I am taking action though,  I know that my physical body pain is due to weak muscles and too much time sitting down.   I need to move my body, to stretch,  to move.  

I’ve been doing that…not consistently but I’ve done more this month than last month.  I have the  watch now and that’s helping me to stay motivated.  I’ve been trying to figure out how long it will take to oil up my joints and work out my knots.   I’m wondering when I’ll have built  up/loosened up my muscles enough so that I’m not in pain all the time.  

How much weight do I need to lose for my knees to hurt less?

How much yoga do I need to do?  How much walking?

It’s almost summer….if I work at this every day.  Fuel my body with lots of clean food,  stay away from the sugar…move my body every day.  

I can’t think about that…to far away.   I need to focus on what I can do right now.  I will be mindful of where I am in the present.  Continue to work on loving myself for who I am now while taking steps every day to get me to a healthy weight.