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(I can’t believe how much I’ve drawn these past couple of days.)

Had to doodle Rhys and Vaughn because man, these two are such bros it almost hurts.


SO I thought about this like two weeks ago but just now got the motivation to actually draw it
I was like.  Peridots fingers are like super floaty.  And then I thought of the thing aang does from ATLA

And then this forest fire

I really hope no one did this yet

...more than watching over, he probably felt he wanted to walk ahead together.

When two people love each other, they don’t look at each other, they look in the same direction." - Ginger Rogers


Troye: not mine just editted


                                                      Fallen soldier all alone,
                                                 Fallen soldier far from home.
                                               Lying motionless on the ground,
                                                  The battle raging all around.
                                                   For now he is not all alone.
                                          This fallen soldier is welcomed home.
                                                         - Branden Hidalgo

inspired by wearedurins

Kylie out in West Hollywood


100percentsassy and I went to the one direction concert at Tinley Park on July 14, 2013.  They released a lot of inflatable balls during WMYB, and at around 4:40 in this video Harry has a classic Harry interaction with one of those balls.  We were always delighted that gifs of this moment never made it on tumblr, like it was just for us!!! but now we want to share!!!!!! HARRY STYLES IS SO WONDERFUL, EVERYBODY!!!