I fell in love with this necklace at the faire yesterday, but since I had already gotten the matching earrings I didn’t feel like I could afford it. Guess what happened? Someone really sweet went all the way back and got it for me without me even noticing <3 Stuff like that just melts my heart!
It’s sterling silver and mountain crystal, hand crafted

The fact my boyfriend writes songs for me on his guitar and sings to me like melts my heart. I’m so lucky.

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I fell in love with your style and now draw my own cryptid stuff

WHA!? That’s Amazing!!!

Just saw some of your rad art, that Anasazi has swooned me I gotta be honest!

My heart melts when I hear that I’m any form of inspiration, I shouldn’t be trusted with such precious thoughts!


The way he sings this with such passion makes my heart melt

My heart just melted

يالله احس اني ببكي من لطافة البنات ماشاء الله قلبي فعلاً فعلاً لا يتحمل
تخيلوا امس اكتشفت عندي محاضرتين ناقصة ماصورتها وكلها مهمة، المهم سألت البنات في القروب عنها وقالوا انها مو موجودة في الايميل ، بس كتبت في القروب عز الله تورطت ورحت ماطلبت شي
بعدين يجون بنتين يقولولي في الخاص ايش ناقص عندك احنا نصورلك
ااه تخيلووا من نفسهم جوو بدون طلب بدون شي
حتى مو صحباتي مرة مجرد زميلات
انا وقعت في الحب خلاص ، ربي يسعدهم ويوفقهم

I love her cheeks as she blushes when I compliment her.
I love her voice and hear the excitement in it when she talks about something she loves.
I love her smile. Her smile makes my heart melt and I can’t help but smile back.
I love her laugh because it’s the happiest noise I’ve ever heard.
I love her body because she knows I’ll always respect it.
I love her flaws though she may hate them.
I love her. I love all of her. There is nothing I will never love because I fell in love with her. Every inch of her and every part of her being. I love her.

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HOLD ME!! Liam beatboxing while the little kid sings @ 1:30 is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen ;__; This entire video is terribly sweet.