aw the girl next door is calling over my fence asking for my little brother to come out and play she’s like singing “little boy please come over” over and over

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(Fun-fact! = Headcanon time!)

Finland has seen Sweden cry three times in his life. 

The moment that the kalmar union fell, when Berwald broke free from the man he had called brother after his betrayal. When he walked with Tino, them both quietly making their way back, silent tears fell from the Swede’s eyes. Tino did not dare question them.

When Peter was born and he got to hold him for the first time, feeling the soft bundle in his arms and know that they now were a family for real. Berwald was crying tears of joy, even let out a smile and a laugh. The sound was to this day the most beautiful Tino had ever heard. 

As soon as Tino had told his good bye for the last time and given the ring back, turning on his heel to leave the house he used to call home. And by the gate, he turned around, and he saw Berwald on his knees, weeping for the life lost. But Tino took a breath and kept walking.

The Dawn Will Come
  • The Dawn Will Come
  • Greg Ellis
  • Dragon Age Inquisition

PLEASE tell me you guys have heard this……Cullen’s isolated vocals from The Dawn Will Come.

Imagine him singing the Chantry songs, outshining all the other templars and royally pissing them off. 



"Pretty much, I just met him as Amazingphil, which inspire all of you out there to just stalk your youtube subscriptions until they become your best friend but yeah pretty much like, I just used to @reply him on twitter like ;You saw that film? Hey dude, I like that film. You’ve got Muse’s new album? Hey, I like Muse’s new album’ and then he was like ‘We seem to have things in common, wanna chat on Skype?’ and then a couple of months later it was like ‘Hey dude, wanna hang out in town sometime?’ and it sort of went on from there…"  *