방탄소년단 - 進撃の防弾 [1st Japan Tour 2015 WAKE UP:OPEN YOUR EYES]

No More Happy Ending

(TW: Death, Mention of torture)

Ever since he’d stood watching the remnants fall as Darnath wept on his shoulder and they’d spoken quietly, Flynn had been bothered. Dakkian had finally run out of answers for his questions…dragons didn’t just die, they didn’t. Not from spears, not from heartbreak, not from slaps to the face by those that had been supposed to protect them. The question of what if it was all of that at once, what if Jack had chosen to die, flickered in the brunette’s mind but dragons didn’t just die…they couldn’t. Clinging to the emerald scale, fingers tracing over the ridges like a talisman, Flynn headed into the city. He needed answers, and he’d go talk to his father’s old friends in the Blood Knights like he usually did, they at least had intimate knowledge of dragons outside of a love for their language like he had. The elf didn’t see Dakkian as he left, no doubt the half-elf off in his carpentry work shop so he called out to him, finger tracing over the ring on his finger with it’s green and blue starburst stone that matched perfectly to the dual-colored gaze his husband had. 

‘Heading into the city, be home later. Love you.’ he called out, heading to get his bike and taking off. 

‘Be safe, love you too.’ came the fond reply and Flynn smiled. 

His father’s contacts were always happy to see him. They asked him questions about his nobility search, how things were going with the registry, and gave him updates on his troops in Draenor. In return he asked rapid fire questions about dragons, the different aspects, the different kinds, and they knew, giving him quick but detailed answers, a crash course in dragons that only made Flynn more determined…Jack was not dead, there could not be a way that had killed him. But everything together could have? No, no he truly had to believe Jack was not gone, Jack…he needed to go to the Port, he needed to talk to that bastard captain himself, the asshole protector, just like Darnath had described him, one of them had to have real answers. Five hours later, that was his plan, but he wanted to grab Dakk and Lyren and his husband’s first, this would require some muscle. 

As Flynn drove back onto the property, there was the immediate sense something was wrong. It took the brunette a moment to place it, ears pinning back when he realized the runic wards were down…something had brought down his defense system. Driving faster now up the long path to his home, a sickly sweet and acrid stench was starting to assault his nose, and he slowed down as it got stronger and stronger…until he spotted the reason for it. The bike stalled as he leapt from it, racing towards what looked like a burned pile of animals, but as he got closer he could see what it really was, only one animal, charred and blackened, bones obvious, a rib cage, arms with blackened metal chains still wrapped around them, legs with obvious broken femurs charred from flames. Flynn nearly threw up, who would dare burn someone on his property?!

A letter was sitting near the body, this had been a long time ago apparently if the envelope wasn’t burned, and Flynn reached down to snatch it up, snarling angrily, whoever this was they’d get revenge, he could promise that. Opening it he pulled the paper out, emerald eyes scanning it fast…and then the world broke. 

“No…” he whispered, fingers clenching so hard the delicate paper tore. “No. No no…No.” 

Dear Lord Ryder

We found this Alliance Spy in the woods behind your property, so we treated him right and proper, like any proper Horde part of the Sin’dorei would. He looked well pampered so we apologize if we took your toy, but take heart in that he screamed prettily but didn’t confess any of your wrong doings before the torch was set upon him. Just consider this your ability to start fresh. I’ve enclosed a ring he had stolen from you, it’s value obviously above him. 

A True Sin’dorei

The  onyx wedding ring with the tiny red fox face, it’s emerald eyes glinting up at him fell into his hand then from the torn apart envelope, and Flynn stared at it blankly, the rings he’d made so long ago to allow himself and Dakk speak to each other no matter where they were…it was not on Dakkian’s finger. 

“I love you, and I always will, I promise to be by your side for as long as the fates allow..”

He didn’t even feel the ground hit his knees before the body, he could hear someone screaming and he realized he should check on them, but he couldn’t move, staring at the charred remains of his husband, his love and soulmate, his reason for living. It wasn’t until thick arms wrapped around him and the sound was cut off as his chest was squeezed that he realized he had been the one screaming. He fought as the body was pulled away from him…no…he was pulled away from the body, fighting tooth and nail, snarling angrily, beyond words as he fought. Dakkian…Dakkian was there…he couldn’t…he couldn’t leave him. He’d left and now Dakkian was…Dakk was…

He was screaming again, and all he could do was fight, and scream, because Dakkian was dead.

 Dakkian was dead.