why does everything about this make me want to cry

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Back in Brooklyn, Steve was the little spoon. On the nights that were too cold for his small frame, Bucky would wrap himself around him, protecting Steve; it was his job. Now, they spend the nights with Steve pressing himself against every crevice of Bucky's back, filling the holes that were left by people best left unnamed. Steve would drape his arm over Bucky's waist and hold him close because it's his job to protect Bucky now.

It's hard to stay mad

When you’re so fucking cute–
the way your smile gives me butterflies.
However, I stood my ground.
I’m not going to take any bullshit.
And I think you know that.
You said you can’t tell me, you have to show me. I’m trusting that. I’m trusting you.
Please don’t break my heart.


Ok so each week my girl gives me one of her shirts to take home, she sprays it with her perfume so it smells like her. I wear them to bed or around the house (especially when im missing her) and each week I send her a picture of me wearing the shirt. When I get to see her im always curious what shirt im going to get, sometimes its only a few days in between seeing her but it feels like forever its nice to have something of hers to snuggle in. Now if that’s not the cutest shit you have ever heard…..

My dear Steroliners!

I finally saw the episode!!! I couldn’t do it earlier due to the Grey’s Anatomy traumatizing episode. 

I’ll post my reactions soon enough.

But just…


my feeeeells

So something I just realized (when trying to fall asleep, of course).

Garnet’s eyes are: Ruby on the Right & Sapphire on the left. 

So I assume that means depending on what eye is crying, that is the gem who is crying. 

For example, this would be Sapphire crying:


Sapphire and Ruby’s gems are located opposite their eyes. 

Sapphire’s gem in on the right & Ruby’s gem is on the left.

So in a cute kind of way it’s sort of like they are brushing away each other’s tears.