“Glasses On The Beach” - A Bonus Photo from the week’s Spexy Guy

Spexy Guy: Josh Tigges

Specs: Ray Ban/RX 5283

Rx: -10.50 Right/-11.00 Left

What the Spexy Guy says about this photo: “This picture was taken on Blue Mountain Beach on the gulf side of Florida on May 22nd of 2014.

The writing in the journal is a prayer to God.  I believe there is a perfect, loving God out there who wants relationship with me and wants to talk to me. So I talk to him and here I ask for a job where I can love people in my own creative giftings, healing for a friend with cancer, my siblings to grow up into loving people, and thank him for the many blessings I have. The inspiration for the is picture was kind of an accident. Sand got in my eyes and I put my glasses down and I thought would look cool to take a picture of the glasses focusing on the "Amen.” “Amen” means “so be it” in a prayer to God. You say Amen at the end of a prayer to show your faith in God to bring to life what you prayed for. I wanted to capture the truth that as the world around me is confusing and foggy, God, and my relationship with him, is the one clear and consistent thing in my life.

When I took the picture I really couldn’t see what I was taking. Just that the iPhone was pointing in the direction of the red Moleskin notebook. Lets just say I took a lot of photos.

I love the beach. I LOVE the beach. It is a sensual paradise for feeling sand on your toes, the sun on your skin, the salty wind in your hair, the color of the water, and the list goes on. I kinda let the beach talk to me and I do whatever seems right. If I’m hot I get in the water and surf. If I feel cool, I grab a gin and tonic and read. Sometimes you may see me throwing a frisbee or digging a big hole in the sand to China.

If I am surfing, I pop in some contacts because… its really hard to surf with glasses. Otherwise, my specs are on!“