“[…] I’ve realised that while there’s nothing wrong with telling people about exciting or interesting things they might not have thought of doing, it’s pretty twisted to turn that into a guilt trip, that uses people’s natural anxiety about making the best use of their time on earth as a stick to beat them with. And incredibly arrogant to set ourselves up as the arbiter of things people “must do” at all, let alone putting a sodding time limit on it. So we’re gonna go back to basics, call it “Two Things To Do Before Or After You’re 30” and give it away free on a postcard.”


“And there was this one moment, in a behind the scenes making of Galavant, they show a blooper where Josh fell, and his sword got caught on my dress and I literally fell on him. And I sat on his face, basically!” (x)


I made yet another Delena video because they’ve inspired me so much with their perfection. This 6x22 tribute is actually better than my first and I enjoyed editing it more. I hope you enjoy! P.S. This song is so flawless I’ve had it on repeat since Thursday.