That moment when the really cool magical lady you’re crushing on turns out to be two really adorable magical ladies in love

All I am expecting want out of tomorrow’s episode tbh

“[…] I’ve realised that while there’s nothing wrong with telling people about exciting or interesting things they might not have thought of doing, it’s pretty twisted to turn that into a guilt trip, that uses people’s natural anxiety about making the best use of their time on earth as a stick to beat them with. And incredibly arrogant to set ourselves up as the arbiter of things people “must do” at all, let alone putting a sodding time limit on it. So we’re gonna go back to basics, call it “Two Things To Do Before Or After You’re 30” and give it away free on a postcard.”


Bellarke scenes • 1.02


The unknown distance to the great beyond
Stares back at my grieving frame
To cast my shadow by the holy sun
My spirit moans with a sacred pain

The Killers- Goodnight, Travel Well


kate austen + what kate does
“A couple of days ago, you asked me why I came back to the island. I need to find Claire. I thought maybe if I could catch up to you, you could help me, and then maybe if we could find her and bring her back to Aaron, then maybe all of this wouldn’t be for nothing.”


hadn’t seen any of this precious pearl yet somehow so here u go

It’s Harder to Breathe When There’s Earth in Your Mouth

Yay, I wrote something! (No, it’s still not the s7 fix-it I promised anon like a month ago now. It’s coming, I promise!)

I’ve wanted to write a dialogue-only fic for some while now, and while this isn’t that exactly, I’m still pretty pleased with Dean’s voice.

Warnings for non-graphic torture. Title from “Halfway to Hell” by Sheppard.

~1000 words.

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please save this fluffy man