And we laughed, oh and we cried and thought “Oh, what a life”

And now, 500 posts later, this is where I’ve ended up. Looking back at my first art post to now, SO much has changed (really, I dare you, go back and look at it). To celebrate this “milestone” I drew and colored this lovely piece and subsequently killed my hand after using only a mouse to do this. Never have I attempted something so daring, but all in all, I haven’t had more fun. 

These past days have been filled with the excitement for the incoming Lupin the Third series and the introduction of a graphic tablet in my life, finally. So yeah, this is my first ‘serious’ attempt with my new intuos. Expect your dashes to be filled with Lupins heh! :p

Though that smashing skyline view was created by this awesome dude because I still suck at drawing backgrounds. Gotta practice more!


Test run of roughing up Bilbo for part of the “All We Know Is Winter” tumblr image. (Original left, edited right) First ever attempt at photoshopping bruises, digging out my tablet would make it easier as mouse cursors are not very accurate.

Also, more thought on bruise placement needed, but not bad (and the muse is satisfied because something creative has occurred so that’s a bonus)

‘The Rare Gift’

Hannibal carries his broken heart in his hands as he leaves the kitchen and his old life behind after Mizumono. Will wouldn’t take it, and Hannibal is changed for it. 

My art for the last Hannibal Happy Hour. I did most of this at work today; it’s my first attempt at doing colouring on my graphics tablet. I think I’m getting better. I’m actually crazy proud of this ^-^

Originally made 2 weeks ago before I had seen that episode (being the lazy piece of meat that I am, I haven’t taken the time to upload it here until now.) - But with all the talks and rumours and stories, all my pheels had to freaking go somewhere.

Yeah, I’ve had a tablet for about a quarter year or so now, but what can I say, I’m an old-fashioned kind of person. Plus I like to sketch and draft when I’m forced to kill time anywhere waiting for something. This was done almost entirely while hanging out in hospitals and various waiting rooms (not as a patient, just looking after family) over a week, and from mostly small reference pics on my phone display, so if likeness isn’t too great here (ok I have some practice drawing Phil/Clark, but Amy was a first attempt), I do apologize.

And yeah, I’ve shipped Phil and his Cellist from the moment it was mentioned in The Avengers, and oh my Godzilla how happy I was to hear that Amy Acker was cast to play the part, you really have no idea. <3

Here’s the Photoshop WIP for Merida vs. Barbara

Here’s the final:

-Started off with quick doodles to figure out the poses and the line of action.

-Made a layer to draw the character sketches. Originally Barbara had more arrows, but they cluttered her too much.

-Made a layer to draw cleaner line art; my first attempt by the way. Set the shape dynamic and pen pressure for the tablet, and set the brush tool at 100% hardness so the lines were nice and hard, that did not sound sexual at all.

-Made a layer for the flat colors. Didn’t make them too dark or too bright for the subsequent shading.

-Made a layer for the shading. Once again the brush is at 100% hardness, yep totally not sexual. Then I blurred the shade layer juuuuuust a wee bit. Just a wee bit.

-For the shadows, I duplicated the layers, merged them, turned them black, lowered the opacity, blurred them, then distorted them depending on the direction of light. Topping it all off with an amazingly lazy gradient background. Yay lazy gradient background!

I drew indiana-jonas’s character, Space Deer! This was my first real attempt at digital art that I started a while ago, so I didn’t really know what I was doing to be honest, haha! It was all done at school which is why it took so long, but I was able to use Adobe Photoshop instead of a freeware substitute (no offense, FireAlpaca). This was half done with a tablet, and half with a mouse lol.