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Hurray! Then can you please do a gif reaction of EXO coming home and seeing you cuddling with the dog on the floor and thinking it's cute, but when they approach you and/ or try and touch you, the dog start to growl at them because they don't wanna share? (LOLRUNONSENTENCEWHATTHEFUCK) I was thinking along the lines of a shepherd or another large dog breed, if that's okay... Thank you so much~! *hugs and kisses* (~>.<)~

Here you are dear! I hope it’s what you wanted~ this scenario is too cute! This is actually my first gif reaction gah… Enjoy!


Jongdae wouldn’t even aknowladge the dogs growling and fling an arm over your shoulders.



He’d be entirely too excited and rush in to hug you, only to notice the pup as it starts to growl at him.

“Oh… Hi! When’d we get a dog?? Can I name him?”


Yi Fan would be outta’ there once he saw the massive lug of a dog! The gif speaks for its self LOL


Yixing would proceed at attempting to befriend the dog by comunicating like he is one… Only to be pounced on.

“What do you mean growling isn’t friendly?!”


Tao would attempt to greet you with a hug only to get a warning growl from your pup. He’d then plop on the couch glaring at the dog, sarcastically imitating what ever noise the dog makes like the grown ass man he is!


Luhan would kneel on the floor and be totally concerned for the dog’s well being and wonder if it was any pain to cause it to act so strange towards him.

“What’s wrong~? Is your paw hurt..?”


Joonmyeon would back up a couple steps, wide eyed and more than a little frightend by the big furry baby bearing its teeth infront of him.

“Uh, dear, I love your dog and all but uhm… Maybe some training classes wouldn’t hurt! I’d pay for them, naturally…”


Kyungsoo’s demonic gaze is enough to subdue even a dragon, let’s be honest. He’d act as he normally does; walking in and setting himself right next to you so he can plant a kiss on your forhead, only stopping to give the dog a smug grin.

“Try me.”


He’d be so ecstatic to see a dog! That dog is getting belly rubbings weather he wants them or not.



Jongin would nonchalantly slip in and sit with the pup and scratch its ears to help calm it while he asked you all about the dog!

“What’s his name? Can we take him to a dog park? He can go on a play date with my Mongu~!”


Not even kidding; Baekhyun would sit on the floor and stare. Just stare.

“What is this beast and where the hell did it come from.”


Sehun would get defensive and glare at the dog.

“Wait, What? Are you trying to replace me? I can protect you just as well as any guard dog, you know…”

None of these GIFs belong to me!


I’ve been drunk since Friday and I heard a thingy on the radio about one direction fans forcefully introducing the world to a song called No Control, and like I LOVE no control, and all my friends were too hungover to function today, so I drank some more and made this 👍


“And there was this one moment, in a behind the scenes making of Galavant, they show a blooper where Josh fell, and his sword got caught on my dress and I literally fell on him. And I sat on his face, basically!” (x)