Woman crush Wednesday! That’s right I’m doing two of them lol, I mean we are going off-road tomorrow and all lol. First up Leanne I’m sure you’re all tired of me posting about her but I really don’t give a shit lol. She is my absolute best friend, as she once said we’re like best friend soulmates. She is my co-driver for life and the only person I’ve EVER let drive my truck, she is the only girl I’ve ever met that willing puts up with me all of the time. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and quite honestly the most amazing person I know. I love her to death and I have no idea what I’d do without her. And now, my baby. I got her when I was 16 years old, it was true love at first sight. I remember I drove her to school the first day of my sophomore year proud as fuck, but then everyone made fun of her because “oh look it’s a work truck” or “what’s the point of that utility bed” and “I bet I can out do you off-road!” But then again I was the only kid who was driving a fully paid for full size truck that was 4x4 and had a 300hp big block, but anyways I always told them that I’ll maker her better. Now fast forward 3 years, she has a cold air intake, straight piped, full sound system, sitting on brand new 35" tires that I payed for…oh yeah and I can out wheel or at least keep up with anyone off-road. I once said that one day I might love a woman as much as I love my truck, but if I keep doing cool shit to her I doubt it, but Leanne quickly corrected me because I do love her more than my truck, but my baby don’t mind lol. cuspbaby95

I am an absolute Queen and will do nothing which may prejudice either mine own royal majesty, or other princes in my palace and rank, or my son. My mind is not yet dejected neither will I sink under my calamity
—  Mary Stuart


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how i feel about this character: MAN OH MAN so i went into this already liking octavia, i think we had that one conversation months and months ago about her? but i was so unprepared. octavia is my sweet summer child with a heart of gold, my baby, my fierce warrior, my queen, i still end up wailing every time she’s on screen / mentioned in passing / vaguely off in the background somewhere being competent and amazing. GET KNOCKED DOWN, GET BACK UP. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
all the people i ship romantically with this character: LINCOLNNNNNNN, bellamy (i can feel you judging me), clarke, indra, raven
my non-romantic OTP for this character: bellamy forever and always. HIS LIFE DIDN’T BEGIN UNTIL SHE WAS BORN. EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE HAS BEEN FOR HER. SHE’S HIS SISTER, HIS RESPONSIBILITY, but he was okay with her leaving! with! lincoln! because it was what was best for her and it was what she needed and he doesn’t need to look after her, he can trust that she can look after herself and is just as capable of saving his ass as he is of saving hers, AND OH GOD THEY JUST CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER SO MUCH. SO. MUCH.
my unpopular opinion about this character: pls stop only writing her and lincoln in the background of bellamy/clarke. i love background pairings! i do! but not when they’re the boring nauseatingly cute catalyst for the main pairing and nothing else. LINCOLN/OCTAVIA IS THE OPPOSITE OF BORING, DO BETTER
one thing i wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: the thing is, like, i’m generally pretty happy with the show’s treatment of octavia? her character development has been excellent, the lincoln/octavia has been so good to me, her storyline with the grounders is GREAT and i haven’t been totally spoiled for series three so i don’t entirely know how that progresses but eh maybe it is good for me to live in ignorance a bit longer. i would like series three to also be her series tbh, but that’s probably even less likely than raven and bellamy.

fxggynelson “charmingrelic ~me w/ bucky I’m glad someone else gets it. Like MCU and…”

me w/ sharon like i appreciate mcu sharon and the potential she has but 616 is my fierce warrior baby girl and i just hAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS ABOUT HER fuck

YEAH there’s so much more history and story in 616 and there’s fuckery too but also writers who give a lot more shits about Sharon and Nat than ANYONE touching the MCU right now