This has got to be my favourite picture from the World Cup. So much ‘bitch, please…’, it almost hurts. 


okay, so I got tagged by magalis something like four months ago! So these are not only 2014 selfies but also the best of the year so far.

In order:

1) Not a selfie, but this is something like my favourite picture of me. I think this was taken the day after I got my septum piercing, so that still hurt like a dude.

2) This is my sister’s (pictured) birthday when we went to the Oktoberfest! It was very loud. (ppl who have added me on snapchat might remember this)

3) I inherited my (other) sister’s flower crown in late November.

4) Something like 90% of my selfies are taken on this exact spot these days.

5) You can tell by the green walls that this was taken in my old room.

6) I recently got a new laptop and this is one of its best features tbh 

It’s a bit late for the whole “best selfies of 2014!” thing but if any of you want to do this, please feel free to do so.

psst, here we have some more ladydragonair72 bows, one of my favourites are in this picture (i’ll tell you when). so here we have:

a dotty ghost skull
A clock
A lovely red satin pentagram ( ;) )
a lovely plain blue bow
a red and black pentagram
the tree of life
a small rainbow key
and a black bow with a hanging pentragram

(Next are my final three bows )

anonymous asked:

I'm absolutely obsessed with your blog. Where do you get your pictures from? Thanks for this blog btw! It's a culmination of all my favourite diabolical pictures❤️

thanks. all over the place. ebay mostly lately.