Salty snoot sibling with his bummed bun bro.


Before and after. Seeing them side by side makes the toil worth it. Digging out river rocks covered in years of dirt, mulch, and weeds is definitely one of my least favorite things to do. What a bitch. 

See that black gold? We dug it out of our compost piles in the woods. No need to buy any topsoil here! I love compost. This week I’ll start to plant flower bulbs to draw in more pollinators and to add some color to that side of the house. We’ll keep adding to it as the summer progresses and see what we end up with. I’ve never really focused on flowers so I’m excited to learn some this year.

Huge shout out to the husband and mother in law on this one! Team effort to make that gorgeous flower bed you see there. 

And a shot of the freshly tilled garden. The husband knocked that out Friday night and it is gorgeous. I just want to lay in it and make dirt angels. I’ll start planting sometime this week. I hope.

Happy Monday! Enjoying my favorite thing—sunshine—during an impromptu photo shoot yesterday with @sjlovexo. @anibokstudios stepped back and assisted after shooting our video earlier. Can’t wait to work with you guys again when you come out to LA! ☀️ #goodmorning #riseandshine #happymonday #monday #sunshine #caligirl #photoshoot #videoshoot #photography #dancephotography #ballet #ballerina #brownballerina @browngirlsdoballet

Avalon bra by @michi_ny
Pointe shoes by Sansha by chelseasimonedf

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My aunt lives in 29 Palms, California which is in death valley and one time when I was visiting her we cracked an egg on the sidewalk and it fried

Legit my favorite thing to do because its really cool to watch

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FIRST OF ALL, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? Because I read your comic, and I am very... very upset! In a good way. *thumbs up* I loved the comic with the cat. Awesome work, you are very talented. Make me more upset... in a good way. *nods*

((For a second I thought you were sending me actual upset/hate mail and then I was like- “OH, YOU ARE SO SWEET!” I am so happy that you love the comic! Oh, my goodness. So happy you love it. I am really excited about Jasper AU with her little kitten. Because big and buff with cute small things. Making people upset is my favorite thing to do! If I can make someone feel something with writing and art, that is literally all I want. So just keep following for more upsetting and feeling things. xD Thank you so much! Thank you for the lovely message- I love making people happy with art. )) 

Okay so like I planned a promposal for Rachel. And it consisted me not jumping in her arms when she came over. -omfg I wanted to hug her so bad- but like. But like it was legend of zelda themed and I made her find a chest in my room that had a heart piece necklace in it and she had to go outside and I had written on the sidewalk -go 2 prom with me-

Let me remind you, I didn’t see her at all through this whole process. I was hiding outside and I had instructions for her on my laptop to do these things.

Honestly my favorite part out of the whole thing is that I was hiding near my house when she went outside and all i heard was a sigh and “I’m going to fucking kill her.” 

I lost it. 

(Crossing the street)
Me: “Do you know what my favorite thing is? Holding your hand.”
(Reach the sidewalk)
5yo, ripping his hand free: “AND NOW YOUR FAVORITE THING IS OVER!!”

Anyone else find it funny that the rogue angel that attacked Metatron and Cas was a cupid

and that it was immediately after a conversation where Cas specifically brought up Metatron killing Dean (nevermind manipulating him, stealing his grace, causing the angels to fall, and basically encouraging a civil war so that he could be the new God, because hey no big deal right)

and that after that conversation where Cas brought up Metatron killing Dean, Metatron killed the rogue cupid, and Cas was still all disgruntled and saying that it changes nothing

and that this cupid dude

looks a helluva lot like if this guy from the bar scene in 8x23 let himself go a little bit

(incidentally a scene also involving a cupid, and also a scene involving a romantic relationship between two men, but whatever)

also that Metatron made a big point about how awesome it is to be human and Cas deflected but also seemed to kind of agree, and how later Metatron gave him a big speech about how Cas doesn’t really have a place in Heaven anymore, and who is he really and what does he want, and that Cas can’t spend forever hunting rogue angels when we all know that recently all Cas has been doing is searching for ways to help Dean

and that Cas got his grace back but his wings were still all mangled and how he looked far more at home sitting at the Winchester’s kitchen table where he took off the the trench coat that’s his metaphorical angelic identity

idk it’s almost like they’re trying to tell us something

I think one of my favorite things to do is just lock myself up in a small room and listen to music and watch films for a day. Also I just like seeing my friends. We have pizza parties which means I get four friends round, we eat a pizza and we’re really lazy and we play PlayStation.