I wanted to show something to sorasusi and I figured the rest of you might like to see it too so I’m sharing it here!

okay so my dad’s favorite hobby is collecting autographs.  he’s been doing it since before I was born and he has some of the most insane stuff you can imagine – like Napoleon Bonaparte’s autograph – but his great passion is children’s authors.  he has Beatrix Potter, A.A. Milne, Dr. Seuss, et cetera.

every once in a while he likes to get out his collection books and flip through them with anyone who wants to look.  a few days ago he and I sat down to explore the museum for a while.  we went through a few books of musicians, a book of artists, and then reached the children’s author portion of the treasury. 

thinking of wolf, I asked, “do you have anything by Antoine de Saint-Exupery?”

my dad gave me a very solemn look.  “he’s very rare,” he said.  “very hard to find.”  

then he flipped to a certain page in his collection book and showed me this:

there’s a bit of a glare – it’s in a protective plastic sleeve – but this is a sketch that Saint-Exupery drew of his publisher.  I have to admit, I got a little choked up when I held it in my hands!  dad bought it at a french auction years ago – he remembers paying for it in francs.

he also took me into his office and showed me this:

it’s a first-edition copy of the book.  not signed – too rare – but still one of the originals. 

of course my dad loves to show off his collection, so when I told him I had a friend who loved Le Petit Prince, he insisted that I take pictures and show them off on his behalf!  so wolf, on behalf of my dad, I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of his hoard.  he was very impressed with your taste in literature!

and I hope the rest of you cats liked it, too!  pretty neat stuff, huh?

My favorite hobby is clicking on the URLs of those who have been death dragged on popular text posts and seeing whether or not their blog is still active

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I'm a 27 year old trans*female who's 6 foot 1. I have brown eyes that have flecks of yellow and gold and I'm currently sporting short mint green hair. My favorite hobbies are writing and drawing and I love this local cafe for dates or just relaxing.

You sound amazinggggggg

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Pls talk about when you saw blink

Sure, talking about blink 182 is my favorite hobby. It was at starland ballroom aka the best venue in the northeast (honorable mention: best buy theater and also gramercy) and two girls got into a fist fight right before the show over a closer spot and I respect that so much that’s so me.

So anyway I was a few rows behind barricade and I talked to some rlly nice buff dudes who told me they last saw blink at warped tour (can u belieb….). Before I go on I should mention that starland always has a projector in front of the stage before the show starts with various ads of local places and upcoming shows and the ad for ihop ALWAYS gets the loudest cheers. ALWAYS!

So an ad for hoodie Allen came on and the buff warped dudes asked me “who the fuck is that” And when I told them they said he was “too old for this shit”. Agreed.

The front bottoms opened and they sucked. Like so bad. I managed to weasel my way to barricade because I was so tiny compared to everyone around me that I barely took up space. I had my arms out over the barrier and security was like “if u keep doing this ur gonna die” I told him if I died right there then I’ve lived a good life. He said “that’s messed up”. When blink came on they WERE SO GOOD I THINK I DIED? Some guy had his elbow in my boob for like 3 songs, presumably so I would get out of barricade probably so his gf can take my spot but dude this is blink 182 and mark hoppus is in front of me the only way I’m leaving this spot is if I die and you have to wheel my corpse out. But god mark came over SO MUCH and he looked so happy and I was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!! he handed my his pick and it FELL OMG IT LITERALLY SLIPPED BC HE HANDED IT TO ME INSTEAD OF THROWING IT but the security guard (who told me that’s messed up) picked it up and handed it back and I was like THANK YOU?:) and he winked. Not in a creepy way, like in a appreciative way. Tom changed the words to “watching…….waiting………mastur…bating….” (Side note: Alex all time low also sang it this way at the nyc future hearts show Saturday). When they did all the small things the ENTIRE venue was singing omg I’ve never heard a crowd so loud before!!! EVEN the security guards were jamming along!!! Same thing for what’s my age again, feeling this, etc like all their well known songs. So good!!! So much energy, such a great crowd in an intimate venue. I loved it, definitely my favorite show I’ve ever been to.

a favorite hobby of mine

is unsettling people.

Unsettled people reveal much about themselves, and it’s fun to pick and pry those hidden agendas.

Another favorite hobby is challenging people’s beliefs. Depending on the person, I’ll use more subtle, suggestive words and actions… or be blunt and become a tactfully tactless inquisitor.