I can’t believe I get to see & hear 1989 come to life on Friday… It’s been on replay for so many months now and hearing & seeing Taylor put her whole heart & soul into her performances in person is the best experience ever. There were so many times when I was overwhelmed with trying to find my way in college this year and I’d blast 1989 on my earphones & feel okay again. There’s nothing like a song that makes you forget all your worries & makes you feel understood & makes you want to move forward. I’m so excited to see Taylor, her presence makes me so happy.

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You're literally my biggest inspiration. I think we're the same age (just finishing high school?) but you seem to have mastered the ability to balance school with your passion (running) and hobbies and it motivates me to work my ass off for the first time ever when I get to college. I figure if I can't go back in time and fix what I didn't do, then I'll make the most of my college experience and kick ass! Thanks for being the best and for being such an inspiration!!

Yes we are the same age and this makes me so happy to hear :’D I think part of my motivation was because I used to be the opposite of what I am now in the past, and I want to make up for it :) Good luck in everything you do!! 

im so glad i dont have to see any of these gross manipulative terrible kids ever again. ever. i cant even summarize my feelings on how absolutely happy i am for graduating and being away from an environment where i felt constantly invalidated and brushed off by white ppl, and the only good experiences were w my teachers that kinda helped me out. 

im gonna be successful bc i know im gonna have to work twice as hard and push away gender and racial boundaries, along with the fact that im still undocumented and college will be hard to pay off. nothings gonna be handed to me. i will do it tho !!! i have that strive and passion in me and i wont be in such a toxic environment anymore where these ppl held me back. like the class + cultural separation mixed with social anxiety caused me to be wary about developing relationships with anyone ever along with the fact that i couldnt do the same things they did bc i couldnt afford to do most shit. or have the support from my family to push myself.

but im in a clearer state of mind, i know im gonna have to push myself beyond belief in college while supporting myself. i have that drive. i have that courage. im not going to ~*one of the best colleges*~ ever, im not getting a big ass scholarship that essentially favors white kids in the long run, and im gonna work my way up this time.

im smart and i have to apply myself!!! yall cant stop me :~)

Man vs. Nature Collection

“Not So Different” Print was given the Honorable Mention Award at the Spring Fine Arts show & the first print I have ever sold, it was bought by my school– Minneapolis Community & Technical College. Very happy that this print will now forever be a part of the campus, and a great memory of my journey with film & experiences at this college.

Honestly, graduation was unlike anything else I’ve ever felt. It’s such pure happiness and excitement for college. Walking the stage, I got chills, almost like God put his hand on my shoulder. Every day I’ve thanked him I’m alive. And so many times I thanked God in my head tonight. It was an experience unlike any other.

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Hey ur tag on that post about college was really encouraging bc I hadn't heard a lot of positive things about it and I was really nervous so it was nice to hear someone say positive stuff about it idk it's weird but I just appreciated and needed that a lot so thank you

bruh if you ever wanna hear fun stories about my time so far in college i’d be happy to share a few with you

college has honestly been the most positive experience in my life so far 

Today, I graduated from college. The hardest and most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. 

I have never been so emotional, so happy, and so excited at the same time. I can’t stop crying, and I don’t want this night to end. 

Here’s to the best day of my life. It’s only going to get better from here. 

Happy happy 18th birthday to this amazing girl by my side. Ever since college started for us, we have been inseparable. I can truly say I found my college maldita BFF in you but most importantly I found a true friend for life. You’ll always have me, Njins. We’re stuck together forever. I promise! Someone who is smart, funny, loving, caring, dedicated, passionate and wonderful in every way! But most especially who can be a total bitch which I love about you. Thank you for making my college experience so far one hell of an adventure! Looking forward to more years of friendship with you! I love you so much! I hope today brings you nothing but happiness and love because you truly do deserve it! Again, happy happy birthday to my very own Serena. I love you, birthday girl. Love, Blair Waldorf.

College. Undergrad. The best 4 years of your life.

They weren’t kidding when they said it college would be the best four years of your life. Unfortunately, I had to experience that college life for two years, but it was the best two years I have ever experienced (so far). You find yourself in college. You find yourself, along with finding yourself in others. You form close relationships with people that will last a lifetime. You grow as a person, especially if you’re away from home. It’s bittersweet that this has come to an end.

Here’s my story and well, it may not be interesting, but it explains why I am so proud/happy that I have completed my undergraduate career. In elementary and middle school, I was always labeled “smart”. I worked hard, never got a failing grade, or even an average grade. I had straight A’s throughout my middle school career, but that’s middle school… that didn’t count, right? I wasn’t fixated on my social life as much as I was in high school. I’ll admit it, I didn’t have a lot of friends in middle school. I used to play sports, but when it came down to it, I was always in the library finding something to read. Half of the time I’d be alone; classmates would all hang out at lunch and hang out after school - I’d be by myself in the library trying to pass the time until lunch was over. If you ask me, middle school was a pretty lonely era for me.

In freshman year, I got too caught up in the fact that I finally had friends and finally got to hang out with them, that I completely ignored the fact that I had to pass classes. I wasn’t THAT smart, I guess… I stopped believing I was smart and just focused on my then “boyfriend” (do freshman/middle school relationships really count?! Haha). Anyway, I was so fixated on school activities, finally having friends that I stopped caring about school work. So what if I were in english 1, geometry, etc.? I had friends now, I was considered “cool”. Little did I know that would bite me in the ass my senior year.

High school was a good time for me, if you put it that way. I didn’t have AP classes like my other friends. I wasn’t in the highest english classes either. I was just… average. I failed my biology class sophomore year, so senior year I had to take biology to make up for it…all with freshmen. I failed chemistry my junior year, but I got a D, and for some reason a D means you still get the units, you just don’t pass the class. That was fine with me. I continually cheated my way out of high school. I knew I was smart, I knew I had potential. Honestly, I just didn’t want to do the work. I didn’t want to learn for some reason. I was just lazy. I didn’t care about working hard, I didn’t think about college. I just wanted to keep playing sports, to be honest.

But nobody just fails their class - there has to be a reason behind it. Starting my sophomore year, I NEVER went to class. I stopped going to my Spanish 2 class because I felt like sleep was more important. I’d skip my last few classes because I wanted to leave early to hang out with my friends. You know what actually kept my grades to at least C’s? Volleyball, basketball, softball. You couldn’t have 2 F’s or else you wouldn’t be able to play. I almost didn’t play my senior year because I received a D. I almost couldn’t play my junior year because of my F in biology. I guess you can say sports saved my education because I’d be failing no problem. 

In order to graduate from high school, you’d need to pass 4 years of English. In my senior year, I stopped going to English class. Matter of fact, I stopped going to most of my classes. It’s funny because I knew all the loopholes. I knew how to forge parental notes/signatures. I knew how to dodge the “your student missed one or more classes today” messages on the phones. I knew what excuses to use (sports being one of them). I knew how to beat the system without actually beating the system. It got so bad that my grade sheets came out to have 30+ absences in those 6 week periods. English was one of my last classes of the day and my teacher was this old woman who talked so softly and wasn’t organized at all, (all my public school kids know these teachers aren’t new at all in schools). I felt like I didn’t need to go. What saved me is that she was nice enough to give me a passing grade. She was a pushover, and as long as I did the final, hell, I’d have at least a C. I graduated from high school, 2.0 gpa. Who cares though, right?

It wasn’t until the end of senior year where I realized that I should do something. That I wasn’t going to get anywhere with my life doing this. Where am I going to go to college? What am I going to be? I realized in that moment, I am stupid. No, not book stupid, just STUPID. I was stupid for skipping classes, not trying, getting failing grades and being lazy. It was already too late. My friends would sign each other’s yearbooks saying they’ll miss each other and good luck in college. I already knew I was going to a community college. I already knew I wasn’t going to get far. Friends would talk about how they’d miss each other, posting up college acceptances, wearing college sweaters, etc. This made me so depressed, because I did this to myself… so I did something.

For TWO straight years, I worked my ass off. Right when I graduated high school, I took summer school. I piled my general ed classes, took winter classes (4 short weeks of one class), and two classes in the summer. I took so many classes that all I did was literally eat, sleep, and go to school. I didn’t want to fail again, I worked hard. I stopped talking to people from high school. I didn’t have many friends anymore because I was so caught up in transferring to a university. This was where I realized my love for science. I took an introduction to biology class my freshman year and noticed I was good at this stuff. I aced quizzes, exams, I felt good about it. I wanted to pursue something further with science. The beginning of my sophomore year, I started applying to colleges. I got accepted to the 4/5 schools I applied to (I didn’t get accepted to Cal Poly SLO because I didn’t send in my transcripts). I got accepted into SFSU for kinesiology, USF for biology, Sac State for nursing, and Dominican for biology. Yo… I actually got accepted to colleges. This was the greatest feeling possible. 

My hard work paid off. I thought I wasn’t going anywhere in life. Two years later here I am, just graduated from college with my degree in biology. Biology - the class I failed in high school. It’s funny how things turn out. Motivation is what kept me going. I was so motivated to be the best I could be and prove everyone wrong. I was labeled stupid, lazy, dumb… nah, not anymore. I’ve accomplished something people fail to do. I’ve accomplished something so big in my life that I find it hard to believe that my undergraduate career is all over. I’ve come a long way, proved a lot of people wrong. Cheers - cheers to college and the best of friends I have made on the way. Cheers to the change of mind set, change of goals, and to the fact that I finally see myself going somewhere in the future.