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Does my cat truly understand me?

Depends on the cat.  Aliens have been slowly infiltrating the cat ranks since 1976 in an attempt to observe humans at their most uninhibited.  Does your cat stare at you for no apparent reason, and only starts purring when it catches you looking?  Does your cat maintain the same weight no matter how much or how little it eats?  Does your cat mysteriously end up on top of doors or cabinets?  If so, your cat is an alien cat and it understands you far too well.

i hope my cat doesnt think i understand him when we meow at each other. he always sounds very urgent like what he is saying is very important and i dont wanna give any false information with my unknowledgeable meowing

My freaking thumb is aching like hell because my new cat (Charlotte) just bit me really hard and I think I went into some kind of physical shock on an empty stomach and my head felt like it was on fire, but now my thumb just aches and I’m scared it’ll become infected like my mom’s and I’ll have to go get a shot.