here’s ur daily reminder that:

  • writing is art
  • wRiTiNg iS aRt
  • writing is art
  • writing is art
  • wriTING is ART

“The coolest thing my family did today was paint because me, my little brother, my big brother, and my mom and dad got to be creative.”

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My brother-in-law wargames a lot and is super awesome at painting miniatures, and he asked me if I wanted to do a banner design for this little guy :D

I’m not much of a wargamer, but I DO love painting tiny things, so here’s the finished banner. The rest of the figure was painted by him, of course ;) I was trying my best to match the colour scheme.

Plus, bonus THUMB SELFIE for purposes of scale.


I want to eat popsicles with you forever. 

Read, “Playing the Game” by @iridescentglow this morning. Easily one of my favorite fics. I loved it so much that I knew I needed to make Jude’s painting at the end of the story a real thing. I ended up painting one myself and used my brother’s handwriting to represent Connor’s. 

Everyone please read this fic (even though I ruined the ending-sorry), 

Mabel’s trying to chare his little bro bro up :3

I am blaming you, ohmightygladers. I am blaming you for this one.

Painted with Photoshop while watching Pride (2014). I loved it *^*


Self confidence is at a good 85 with the weather.  Also decided to chop up a shirt to see how it looks on me, pretty good… pretty good.  I may invest in some crop tops along with some sport bras.  The bras cause I need to start working out again and jogging braless can be uncomfortable.

Now I know what you are thinking, Cole, why the belt on your leggings and let me say this.  Why the fuck not?

I considered wearing this tomorrow when I went to see Mad Max but I realize this is a pocketless outfit.  Though I do have a cool Majora’s Mask messenger bag I could take along. 

I gave my brother Mike one of Davyd Whaley’s paintings. Davyd considered my family his family, my siblings his siblings, my mother his mother. We all miss him.


Here are pictures of me as my custom mashup cosplay character, Urban Mario. Every mario was basically a why, where based around inspiration I got from The Boondocks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and slums of New York. I’ve been playing around with FotoRus a bit and made a few collages featuring my Urban Mario cosplay along with a few things I’ve painted for it including the rench prop. I used a coffee effect on it to make it look 90’s-esque retro. These are a few pics of me playing around in the cosplay after the meet up in the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, AL. I’m thinking about doing more video game mashups like Zombie Hunter Mario, Assassins Creed Mario, half-life Pacman, and among other cosplay ideas. These are mostly just possibilities if I can get the right equipment and skills to do them all. The idea originally started out with me painting a few miscellaneous Nintendo Mario emblems out of acrylic paints on my lucky Mario Brothers jacket that I got from my Aunt Marilyn from Chicago on Christmas when I was in high school and still wear it today. Stay tuned for more cosplays in the future