On the chair of St. Magdalena she, the Vicar of Christ, sits with all the Princesses of the Church arrayed about her. God speaks through her, thunders through her devout but never demure body, armies of pacification ride beneath her banners, god-fearing monarchs petition her for their crowns, and thousands fall to their knees when she walks out into the sun and raises her hands to the heavens. She is the Church, and outside of her, there is no salvation.

No one made me do this.
There was
no threat,
no push,
no gun to the back of the head.
This was all fabricated
from my body,
designed by my psychology,
executed by
my own will to push,
my own will to die.

That is what
makes this even more terrifying.
A year later
and I am still finding new facets,
discovering new memories,
my hands are still filthy
from burying the evidence.

This demise was my idea.

So was my recovery.

—  Michelle K., The Power of Me.

My body tells you things,
whether or not you are listening.

It speaks of storms, thunder, strength,
I could move mountains
in the blink of an eye.

It speaks of shameless desire,
controlled lust and choosey allure.
It is not a minefield,
it is not up for debate.

My body may not say
the same things your body does,
but my body is not your business.

—  Michelle K., My Body.

What did I tell y’all about dominance and submission? Man, President Panty Dropper was back in the house!!! 

The male form in motion

The male form in motion

I’ve got to admit, just as much as society thinks that men like to watch women moving the same is equally true in reverse. Of late I’ve been shown two gif sets that just left me staring like a hypnotised puppy.







So yes, we like looking, admiring, dare I say it…perving…at the male form as it moves. It can be quite enticing, hypnotising *coughs*arousing*coughs*


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anonymous asked:

I think we also need to bring more awareness to trans people that don't dress like the way the gender they identify as is expected to dress and that do not want to get surgery. Because society finds it hard to accept trans people unless they look like cis people.


Beach Body

My problem with my beach bikini
Isn’t my body
But my desire to reserve
Knowledge of my sacred beauty spot
For someone who knows
How it looks just below my corset
It’s about scarcity and access,
Obsessive study
—This temple isn’t just for anybody

I have a fixation on bathrooms, but I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with hygiene. I think it’s the space and the rituals that i feel, in a way, like extensions of my body, my fears, and desires. It’s where i take delight in privacy but also in possibilities of intrusion, of another body, another presence. i have trust issues and bathrooms have always been that one space where I feel strong and vulnerable at the same time. I feel anxious when i know someone is outside, waiting, but I guess it’s also thrilling? It took me months before I let him inside a bathroom with me. It took me another month before i let him bathe and shave me (I felt like a baby who just got out of the womb). It’s where intimacy and alienation, the corporeal and incorporeal, coexist fluidly

Idk what’s wrong with me but everything is unappetizing, I can’t get more than a few bites down of anything lately food is grossing me out the more I look at it and smell it and idk what to do about it bc I don’t think I’m doing it willingly??? I’m trying to drink more water as well but can’t manage to drink more than 40oz daily and I can’t start exercising bc I’m not eating so I’m not consuming enough calories to produce energy to burn I’m frustrated bc starting the diet I was constantly hungry to the point I’d get dizzy and then I’d eat all of my meals but now even if I’m hungry I can’t do much about it bc even junk food isn’t completely appealing and the point of the diet is to be healthy and I don’t think this is healthy and idk I personally feel bad that I make my mom cook for nothing and I’m aware this is not ok but my mom kinda like encourages it and it’s problematic of her but I’m not unstable so it doesn’t affect me., all I know is I’m hungry rn but I can’t look at food let alone eat it or I’ll get nauseous

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you know there are reasons you could feel aro or ace that don't imply it's organic or something you were born with - my hormones were fucked up bad at 13 by my thyroid so if i'd been healthy would i still be ace? who knows. but it doesn't make my feelings less legit just because i was sick

i totally agree. identities dont need to be proven. as a trans person who is uncomfortable with my body (including the kind of genitals i have), i think my demi/asexuality is related to my inability to relate my body to my desires, if that makes sense. if i had been born with a penis would i still be ace? if i get surgery will i still be ace? maybe, maybe not. even if i do identify as allosexual in the future, that doesn’t make my asexuality invalid now.