Hannibal Re-Catch: Savoureux

Welcome to my recatch of Savoureux, aka the episode title that I didn’t know how to spell until I wrote this intro. I swear I learn something new each recap!

What else did I learn this episode?

Well, Will’s life pretty much sucks because someone *pointed look at Hannibal* went and framed him for murder (But, guys, his heart was in the right place. Intentions are more important than actions, right? RIGHT??). Alana dodges bullets, but still feels wounded. Jack is really hung up on the idea of Will being an intelligent psychopath despite his abysmal clock-drawing efforts. And the Wendigo is actually a pretty cool guy once you get to know him. 

Join me as I revisit the Season 1 finale of Hannibal and view it through the lens of the entire… Well, hopefully you know the drill by now. I’ve written twelve of these things already. (LOL what is my life?) 

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One of my favorite photos ever of me and my catlady bfff myhandandmyheart
I miss you dearly and I love you endlessly, my ray of sunshine.
I can’t wait to do the jellyfish dance when we are reunited!!!!!

I have been saving this up for a while. Until recently, I have never been in love besides with family, friends, and my personal walk in Christ. I keep having crushes left and right for sixteen years of my life and they are all taught me things that I will never forget. Now, with that out of the way, I have something to get off of my chest. I am officially in love! I have this crush on a guy that my awesome bestie that pretty much put us together. We are in the talking phase right now and I will let you know as the story continues.