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can you write teen!Derek knotting Stiles for the first time after they've been together for months and have already had sex, but Derek doesn't realize he's knotting Stiles until it's too late and Stiles just tells him to continue on? c:


Young Derek is weird. Stiles can’t quite say how strange it is, and he’s seen some weird shit go down in Beacon Hills. He’s all baby-faced and shorter and skinny. He didn’t talk much for the first few days when they got back to Beacon Hills and Deaton broke the news to him about the fire, but he’s kind of warming up to them.

There’s no definite cure yet, but so far Derek has charmed Mrs. McCall while he’s been staying with Scott in Isaac’s old room, is acing Chemistry somehow and has already impressed Finstock enough to want to put him on the lacrosse team. 

They’re at Scott’s trying to figure out what to do with this hitlist of supernatural creatures, and Stiles is chewing on his pen, as is his habit, while he’s been taking notes from the books Deaton found for him on all the other supernatural creatures that were on the list. He’s lost in thought, working his mouth on the end of the pen, sucking it into his mouth repeatedly when Scott suddenly stops talking and makes a face, looking around the room and then his gaze rests on Stiles for a second before he looks at where a red-faced Derek is sitting on the couch clutching a book in his lap.

"Derek, I’m trying to be serious here, are you really—" 

"I’m so sorry!" Derek squeaks, standing up and darting out of the room, holding the book in front of him all the while.

Stiles frowns. “Was that the one on trolls? Because I needed that.” 

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117 (interim)

Derek loves Chinese food, okay, and when the familiar smell of MSG wafts through the air from the bag the man is holding— Scott’s dad?— it’s a welcome break from the confusing events of the day. Derek doesn’t know why there’s a pile of rubble where his house is supposed to be, or where his family is, but he trusts Scott to tell him more about what’s happening later. Hanging out with Stiles isn’t terrible, either. He’s really nervous around Derek for some reason, which is hilarious.

So when Scott’s dad says he has extra and asks if they’re hungry, Derek immediately says “Yeah!” enthusiastically. He can hear Stiles’ heart skip a beat when he says no, which is weird. Derek thought Scott specifically told Stiles to like, take care of him and stuff, and that includes food. Honestly when his mom gets here she’s probably going to lecture this young Alpha on how he lays down the rules with his pack. Specifically his human members. 

Stiles immediately says “No, no, we’re not hungry,” even though it’s a blatant lie, and his heartbeat is skittering nervously, so just to mess with him Derek tells Scott’s dad he’s starving. The way Stiles’ eyes flicker a little bit towards Derek like he’s used to this sort of bullshit is all kinds of entertaining, and for the first time Derek’s woken up today he’s actually kind of happy. 

Derek gets interrupted mid-introduction of himself when Stiles jumps in and says he’s a “Miguel,” and flings a warm arm around Derek’s shoulders. “He’s…he’s my cousin Miguel. From Mexico.” 

Derek leans into the touch, amused and grins, nodding at the floor. He has no idea what’s going on, but he just wants Chinese. He can smell egg rolls from here, the scent of crisp fried wonton skin wafting throughout the air.

When Scott’s father asks him in Spanish if he was born in Mexico, Derek can hear Stiles’ heartbeat just pick up rapidly again, the scent of terror radiating from him. 

This is going to be so funny.

Derek speaks up, letting the language drop fluidly from his tongue, telling the man he just spends a lot of time there. 

Next to him, Stiles’ heart skips a beat and then his scent instantly changes. Derek expects surprise, relief, and yeah those feelings are there, but they’re mostly muted by the overwhelming notes of arousal. 

Wow, this is interesting.

Stiles turns to give him an exasperated look, like this isn’t the first time Derek has inadvertently turned him on by doing something. It’s the best thing that’s happened to Derek all day. He gives Stiles a smug smirk before going to go get his egg rolls. 

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CARRIE! :) I don't mean to be a bother but i'm working all weekend and i'm currently tortured by a certain monthly affliction that a werewolf boyfriend would certainly come in handy for so i was just wondering if maybe you could write some fluffy derek/stiles kid!fic to help ease the pain a little? thanks for always being so amazing!


Scott just stares for a second. “Holy shit, what was in that goop?” 

They’ve managed to defeat that ridiculous mischievous trickster spirit that had been wreaking havoc all over Beacon Hills. It had exploded into a mess of sparkly purple goop, which had apparently transformed anyone within the blast radius… into a toddler. And “anyone” meant that both Stiles and Derek were now chubby-cheeked baby versions of themselves. 

Scott recognizes Stiles as the same bright eyed kid he met on the playground in preschool many years before, and Stiles immediately begins screaming in confusion. Derek on the other hand is quiet and looks suspiciously around, holding onto the over-sized henley he’s now wearing, staring at the pile of jeans around him. 

Kira giggles. “They’re so cute!” She reaches out and pinches Stiles’ cheeks. 

"AHHH!" Stiles shrieks. "Who are you? Where’s my mom?"

"Stiles— Stiles, it’s okay, it’s me, Scott!" Scott says, crouching down so he’s on Stiles’ level.

Stiles examines him for a moment. “Scott is my age, ‘n you’re all grown up,” he says. 

"No really, I’m Scott. You peed on my sandcastle when we were kids."

Stiles grabs his face, poking it with his little fingers, eyes wide.

"You’re grown up too, just…um, there’s was an accident, but we’re going to fix it!" Scott says earnestly.  

"Okay," Stiles says. 

Derek meanwhile is staring up into Scott’s face. “You’re an Alpha werewolf,” he says, lip wobbling. “Mommy said if I ever get lost to talk find the Alpha. Can you take me home?” he asks with a slight lisp. He raises up his chubby little arms expectantly. 

Scott automatically picks him up, holding him in his arms. 

"Carry me too, grown-up Scott!" Stiles wails. 

Scott has one kid in each arm, both of them drowning in ridiculously large shirts. 

"Say cheese," Lydia says, holding up her phone. 

"Wait, Lydia, no—" Scott protests.

"Believe me, I am going to be taking pictures of this entire thing until it gets fixed, this is hilarious," Lydia says grinning. 

Which is how Derek finds himself a week later, staring at a laptop at a video of his four-year-old self talking solemnly to the camera. 

"When I grow up, I’m going to marry St-Stiles," baby Derek says sincerely, looking up at the camera with a shy smile. 

Scott is laughing in the background, and then Lydia’s voice says, “Oh really, why’s that?” 

"Because St-Stiles is the best, and he gave me his blanket to share and brought me apple juice to drink after I said it was my f-f-favorite," Derek says, smiling happily. He’s missing two of his front teeth. 

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I don't know if your writing anymore but I'm having a shitty day, I'm in the hospital and yeah can you just write something sweet?


Derek is a little anxious. “Do you think the baby will be okay?” he asks Laura nervously. 

"Of course," Laura says. "You’re being a worrywart for no reason, this is perfectly normal. Aunt Christie’s just been in labor for a few hours, it can take up to twelve or more, you know." 

Talia looks up from the magazine she’s reading. “I can take you home if you want,” he says. 

"No," Derek insists. "I want to be here when it happens. I’m just going to walk around for awhile," he says.

"Okay," Laura says. "You’ll hear if we say anything, right?" 

Derek nods; his werewolf powers have just started developing, and while it’s been difficult to get the control bits, the supernatural hearing has been the easiest (and most useful) to learn. 

He stands up, leaving the tired looking teal waiting room of people waiting anxiously for their family members and loved ones, and starts to walk around the hospital, stretching his legs. Derek finds a vending machine and feeds it quarters, grabbing the Reese’s that falls out of it.

When he stands up, there’s a boy with a wobbling lip looking at him. 

"You took the last one," the kid says. 

"I got here first," Derek says, annoyed. 

"We can share," he says, looking up hopefully at Derek. "Here." The kid pulls out two quarters and holds them out to Derek. 

Derek looks around the rest of the cafeteria room, but there isn’t anyone else waiting around at this hour. “Where’s your mom, kid?” 

The boy’s face falls, and he looks down at his feet, and Derek is hit with the overwhelming scent of anxiety and sorrow, and realizes he’s probably said the wrong thing. 

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