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"The first time we met you were trying to steal my baby. After that I knew something about you…"

"What, that I had good taste?"

"Hah, that too. But there was something else, something I can’t really explain. I saw you, looking just as beautiful as the set of wheels you sat behind… and I knew. I knew that I would spend the rest of my life chasing after you."

One of my old classmates had a baby prematurely and is now needing a little help. She’s only asking to raise $600 and I have way more followers than that so even a few dollars from everyone would help. She’s only had one donation. She’s facing homelessness. If you donate $2 or more and message me with the name the donation is under I’ll give you an extra entry in the shirt giveaway I’m doing now and the bigger giveaway I’ll be doing soon. And I’ll promo all who donate at the end of the week. 

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Naomi bb sweetness of my life, could you pretty pretty please write a prompt about kurt buying that cute baby outfit with the bow tie on for blaine? something about how blaine and Kurt have just bought the baby home and they spend all day playing dress up and Kurt picks it out when he sees it out shopping and brings it to home to his darling sleeping husband and child and blaines eyes just light up when he sees it?? you're the best, kisses 😘😘

That outift ?

 ;) How could I resist when it’s asked so sweetly !

When Dan comes home, secured in his blanket and his little onesie, he already has a wardrobe fitting for the son of two stars like his daddies.

Onesies, jackets, even a little bow tie—and Kurt is more than happy to take a picture of his son wearing it and a drawn moustache for the announcement of his birth in Vogue—, Dan Hummel Anderson really is a classy little baby.

Unfortunately, a little baby that grows out of his first wardrobe alarmingly fast.

Sooner than they could have wished for, they find themselves needing more onesies, more clothes really, and even though they keep the trend of having designer pieces in Dan’s closet, Kurt and Blaine have the same bittersweet realization.

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One Direction's Future Children

Some of you know I’m writing my first fic about baby photographer Harry and New Dad Louis.  I may have gone a little overboard with some baby photo research….

If Marcel had a baby:

Zayn’s son ready for the runway at age 5:

(no but seriously how cute is he?)

I know, but how about Zayn’s daughter…She’s so pretty:

Niall’s Daughter featuring The Hair:

That time he brought his son to the pub with him:

Liam’s little dude:

Louis and Harry’s footie team:

Harry picked the shirt and Louis picked the shoes.  The beanie was theirs from The XF:

He wanted one like Papa’s:

Seriously…their kid is cooler than me

I don’t know what to say.  They always knew they wanted kids.  Even as young as they were.  So they had a lot.

Class recital with Ed’s son:

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Omg, removable head!! Lol, imagine the little dullahan baby being friends with the little girl of Izaya and Namie. And they run around and cause mischief together. The dullahan baby has celty's strength and Shinra's talkativeness.

oh my god that’s too cute. alkdsjf they’re both so cute oh my god imagine them squealing and laughing even namie’s in a good mood because her baby is happy. namie and celty as friends… namie and celty discussing mother things and taking their babies shopping

…shinra trying to ask izaya for parenting and it always ends with him slapping his knee and laughing ‘HAHAHA I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M ASKING YOU FOR ADVICE wait please don’t kill me i have a wife and child’

imagine the little babies on the swings taking turns pushing each other


namie and celty walk in on celty baby trying to pull namie baby’s head off

oh dear

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'If you had a daughter one day, who would you want her to marry in the band' 'Calum:"No. None of these guys. None of you are touching my daughter" he is so protective I'm gonna cry. What a cute lil puppy


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Aww, your drabble idea is so cute! (Why am I always in class when cute things happen? lol) Anyway, I'd like to request one, pretty please! My name is Marcela, my random word is lipstick, and Sam is my bae. Thanks in advance, baby girl. <3

MARCELA BABY! Here is your drabble, bae. 

"Oh, I’m going to kill him," you clenched your fist as you took in the scene before you. Dean scoffed before surveying the location, determining that Sam was long gone.
You were all hunting down vampires, everything was going perfectly fine. Until the younger Winchester had gotten into an argument with you, storming out of the motel room. The next you know, Dean was opening SOS text messages from his little brother. Apparently, he had gotten kidnapped by the vampires and he had given the location of the abandoned cabin you were currently standing in, before disappearing from the grid.
"Really, Marcela?" Dean shot you a glare. 
"Dean, it’s my favorite lipstick," you exclaimed. "Sam used it to mark everything and-"
You stopped short, suddenly realizing that the lipstick markings stopped at the door. Quick steps took you to push the door open as the concrete behind the house was marked in red. Your lipstick was doomed, but Sam was close.
"He’s there," you pointed at a small cabin, approximately half a mile from you.
"Let’s go then," Dean gave you an impressive look before motioning for you to lead the way.
"So, you saw the lipstick trail," Sam cringed as he untied the rope tied around his mouth.
"I’m demanding you makeup to it by buying me a bunch of them," you kissed him, despite your words. 
"I will, baby," he chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist in gratitude. "At least this one came in handy," he held out your lipstick, a mangled mess of red in his hands.

Blacklist #bovariadrabbles if you don’t want to see. Send me an ask if you want one!

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hi!!!!!!!!!! So Ik you're super stressed and busy but I was wondering if it would relax you at all to take 10 or 15 minutes and write something short and fluffy and densi? Like maybe just a cute baby moment? Or not, if it will make you worse. An idea, I guess.

Thank you for thinking of me, anon♡

I shall write you a real short fluffy fluff. But for you sadness angsty lovers, go through my tags and read the last fic I wrote a fic where their daughter’s name was Hannah. That was a story and a half.

He feels like he’s slowly becoming a puddle. He walks downstairs from a shower, his hair stringy and wet. He could have dried it, but that was more time away from his loves than he wanted to take.

Kensi’s wearing his sweatpants and his big button down shirt. When he tore himself away from them, Hannah was taking a bottle and she was wide awake. But now, he observes from the kitchen, Hannah’s bottle is on the lamp table. Kensi’s fingers trace light patterns over the sweet baby’s forehead, pushing her little short whispy hairs to the side. Her head is on his wife’s chest, and with every stroke of her mother’s finger, she smiles or opens her mouth with her eyes closed.

He wants to melt because good Lord, that sight does things to him.

He takes a few steps towards his girls. He sees Monty deftly avoid him by jumping away. Kensi looks up and smiles.

"She’s so tiny," Kensi said. "Look at all the little veins."

"I know. She’s so perfect."

"Watch this," Kensi says, tracing a circle onto the very young infant’s back. Her eyes flutter open, and she gives Deeks a look that rushes through him.

He can’t help but press a kiss into his daughter-yes, his daughter’s crown, and another to Kensi’s lips.

"I love you two soo much," he said, smiling.

sooo i walked in like OMG and ran towards him w my arms out and squeezed him and he was like ‘awwww’ then he got into the standard pose and I said no I got a pose!! And he said Whatchu wanna do baby 😭 and I said bunny ears and make a silly face but not TOO silly Chris! And so he did then a guy was Tryna wave me off and I whispered in Chris’ ear and said Can you do me a favor? And he said What? *cute ass smile* and I pulled my phone out and said could you sign this? And this MF security guard was like HE DOESN’T have a pen! And I said I DO and gave it to Chris and he signed it, then I hugged him again and said I love you so much and he said I love you too, then it was ova ✌️ #chrisbrown #btstour I love my fave 😭 Also nobody’s bunny ears were high enough, we look stupid n cute 😂 ok I’m done lol

So I’m getting kinda pissed because some of my friends/relatives on facebook are just like, “oh so exciting how cute you must be so overjoyed” because of baby, and my wife and her folks and I are all sitting here scared shitless because baby is fully 6 weeks early and Mrs. Magpie won’t get to hold him for a longtime, and I’m going to have to go back into town and work while our baby is here in the NICU and I won’t get to know what’s going on. We feel scared and alone. We do not feel like celebrating just yet. Shut up.