Dragon Age: Inquisition Vallaslin for TS4

Elgar’nan variation with a choice of 9 colors (starting from the top, left to right): Purple, Nude, Yellow, Red, White, Black, Green, Brown, and Blue. There are 18 total tattoos because Elgar’nan has 2 different variations.

IMPORTANT: The colors can change pretty drastically depending on the skintone (there isn’t anything I can do about that) so I highly recommend experimenting with each one in CAS.

Non Default, Cloned (from a base game chest tattoo), Custom Swatches, and Created with Sims 4 Studio Version (Love).


Please let me know if you have any issues, my ask box is always open!

Other Vallaslin Completed For TS4: Dirthamen / Ghilan’nain / Andruil

anonymous asked:

Just an ask, but I am trying to 'start' the comic, is there like, a definite starting point? I've read some and they are SO GOOD oh my gosh and I just wanna read them all in order. Any help or suggestions?

Yes there is! depending on which comic you are referring to. here is a quick guild!

The Comic (the main story) is tagged with all of the parts in order with the most recent on top for easy access. The first part page of the posts from the comic can be found here

The What if comics are one-shot comics or places where I post the parts of the side aus as well as in the extras, that have to tie into what would happen if, or what would so-and-so look like if sorts of things.

AUs are side stories that I have thought of after jokes or situations or are M!A i have received and have worked into my posting schedule. 

This I update every now and again, it includes info about the blog, the FAQ, where else to contact me, and a short about me in case you are curious about how/why I am doing this silly little blog.

If you have any other questions, just ask, I’m sure I’ll have an aswer for you! and as I tell everyone, My ask box is always open! ^^

~ Lovely Lady Artist


Am legit losing my mind in the library trying to get my head around these auditing laws. So I am opening my tumblr ask box. 

Answering any questions/queries comments about anything really, personal or fitness/health/equestrian related. Let me know if you want private replies etc.

Nothing innapropiate or dirty though they will just be deleted.

I have attached my own before and after progress shots over the last few months. 


Hi! My name is Courtney or Courtney Love(nickname I’ve always had) I just turned 17 she/her. I draw and listen to music constantly, I’m an emotional wreck 85% of the time. I’m a very open person so any questions whether it’s personal or not don’t be afraid to ask. My ask box is ALWAYS open and I’ll tag anything you need!

Since I missed out on creating an outfit set for Sehun’s birthday two weeks ago due to my lack of internet. I’ve decided to do a belated birthday celebration week to make up for my absence, a new outfit set will go up each day.

This is the final set in my belated birthday celebration week for Sehun.

Day 7 -  Belated Birthday Party for Sehun

My ask box is open for outfit requests for the following groups; EXO, VIXX, BTS, GOT7 and Winner. Or just drop by and say hi because I would love to make some new friends :)

First of, I apologize for not updating for quite a while. I’m been busy with commissions and preparing for SVScon (which is next weekend AND I’M NOT READY D:>)

Secondly, if you wanna get a hold of me “quickly” or just generally have questions for the mod, please go to MY MOD BLOG and ask them there. My ask box is always open for you guys and I’ll answer WAY quicker than on here.
Popsicle’s blog is under another e-mail, so I don’t get notified before I actually look back on this blog and then I might not even get notified, cause Tumblr’s a dummy who doesn’t wanna show me there’s new messages. >:|

So, that is all. Will update again after SVS!


thank you thank you! Hello to my new followers and thank you so much to all who’ve stayed! I appreciate and adore every one of you, thank you so much!

Little reminder that calling me out on if I say something problematic is perfectly fine, as is coming to me with any personal issues you might have—my ask box is open to anyone, any time, with any matter no matter what. You’re welcome here.

Thank you again, so much!


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