Wave 3 of Fairy Tail Pairing Shirts Arrive!

Nali / Lolu / GrayLu

Week 3 introduces pairings outside of the main stream that deserve a little love! 

Wave 4 and onward will be decided be you! That’s right, i mean those reading this right now. There will be a detailed post at the start of next week, leading to a poll, but if you would like to send in pairings you would like to see on the poll ahead of time, my ask box is open. 

(These shirts are not made to promote shipping wars, but as a way to friendly support your favorite pairing.)

Wave 1 (Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy) | Wave 2 (Jerza, ElfEver, Miraxus)

So A Ton of People are Calling Joss Whedon Sexist...

And all I have to say on the matter is… really? Reeeally? Are we actually being serious right now? Because this might be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. And I’m on the Internet.

The guy’s done more for women’s representation in our media than the vast majority of writers. He fought tooth-and-nail to get Black Widow into the Avengers movies. He created Buffy Summers, River Tam, and countless other female action heroes, long before the social media push for more of them. Long before social media even existed. I could write up a detailed list, but that would take days and I’m on vacation.

And yet, somehow, he’s being called sexist. Somehow, he’s being hit with a harassment campaign so petty and vitriolic that he closed his Twitter account.

I’ve been pretty frustrated lately. College and career have made it very difficult for me to update my blogs with original content. This is one of the first windows I’ve found in weeks. And what do I find? My dashboard overflowing with blind hatred. Nothing quite kills a desire to write faster than undeserved rage toward a more talented (and by all accounts, extremely nice) writer. Is this the treatment I’m to expect if I ever somehow stumble into the big leagues? Legions of angry zealots knocking down my door, telling me that I’m racist or misogynist or that my work somehow ‘ruined their lives’ if I ever create something they don’t like? Clearly I need to ease my way back into this.

This is supposed to be a website that frowns upon bullying, yes? Then why does this community constantly give me flashbacks to middle school?

Hey, so I’m pretty pumped for my first TST! I’m Lucie, a pre-everything demigirl, she/they (I’d prefer people use they if we aren’t close)! You can find me over at my personal, neonlanternsofred, where I am a giant mess of fandoms and friends with a blog. My ask box is always open, and I’m always up with a chat! I love meeting new people. :3



In this set there are 144 vallaslin for both males and females; 16 different variations between the 8 elven gods, with 9 color choices for each (Green, Red, White, Purple, Brown, Blue, Black, Nude, and Yellow). 

The colors can change pretty drastically depending on the skintone (there isn’t anything I can do about that) so I highly recommend experimenting with each one in CAS.

Non Default, Cloned (from a base game tattoo), Custom Swatches, and Created with Sims 4 Studio Version (Love).

DOWNLOAD: one merged package / pick and choose

Please let me know if you have any issues, my ask box is always open!

Ships, Scenarios And Reactions

Heya my wonderful dumplings!  I will be leaving the ask box open for requests till Thursday maybe Friday so send as many as you like because I don’t think I’ll be able to open it again for a few weeks since I’ll probably be working a little slower because my Exams start on Monday, I hope you guys will understand but it will still be open if you just want to chat to me, I’d love to get to know some of you ^_^  I hope you guys are having a great week and that everything is going well, Thank you understanding sweets!~~

oshisageru asked:

How would Sousuke react if his trans man boyfriend was having a hard time because his parents are really abusive and his father hit him because he is a boy and he needed to leave the house and now don't have money for food. Sorry if it's a bit sad, I really need it.

If you ever need to talk, my ask box is ALWAYS open

Sousuke wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. “You can stay with me for a while.” Sousuke whispered. You tried to calm yourself down, and Sousuke’s words were helping a lot. He rubbed the back of your neck, and placed small kisses on your throat.

“Everything will be okay. We’ll get through this together.” Sousuke pulled away and wiped your tears away. He grabbed your arm and sat you down on the couch. He set a box of tissues in front of you and handed you the remote. “Try to take your mind off of it. Look for a movie for us to watch.” 

Sousuke retreated to the kitchen and came back a couple of minuets later with two cups of hot cocoa. He pulled you to his chest and settled back onto the couch. “Try to take a nap, ___-Kun. You’ll feel better after it, I promise.”


Just confirming the recent inactivity has been due to the lack of computer access on my side, this is for an undisclosed amount of time, im suspecting around a week, sorry guys, ill try to get back on track as soon as I can. If you have any questions (not asks/requests), my Fan Mail box is always open.

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as a Muslim woman myself, I’m offended and greatly horrified by all of the crimes that are committed in the name of Islam in Iraq. ISIS does NOT represent Islam and Muslims and we are 100% against them. I am utterly sorry for all of my Christian brothers and sisters, I personally cannot do anything but give you moral support. I hope you’ll be ok