also if any of you want to talk about anything at all my ask box is always open. i don’t mean just about 1d stuff but about anything that’s troubling you. i’m here to be whatever you need

don’t listen to what he says. this isn’t something stupid, this is a big change that means something to all of us. it’s going to take some time to adjust and move on but if you end up crying in school just know you have every right to leave class in favor of your emotions. and don’t let anyone judge you for this because it’s something that’s broken hearts everywhere okay? you’re not alone in this love x

I'm going on a rant okay?

I’m going to rant about the plane crash alright? Because I haven’t seen one fucking post all day about it I mean if this shit happened in America it would be all over tumblr but no

150 people were killed. One hundred and fifty fucking people were killed and I see nothing. fucking nothing like I don’t give a shit about Zayn leaving One Direction or Downton Abbey because that co-pilot didn’t commit suicide he committed mass murder.

Now if anyone wants to argue and still say he just committed suicide then my ask box is open.

Goodnight tumblr. And my heart goes out to all those families who have lost someone in such a horrible crash.

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GOM treating their sick lover?

ASK BOX HEADSUP: That’s riiiiight it’s that time of month again. ASK BOX WILL BE OPEN TOMORROW MORNING MY TIME (GMT +7). Rules have been revised so check it out before you ask :D

AKASHI: He would never leave your side, or if he had to, he would leave one of his maids in charge of you. Calling his family doctor, he would wait patiently by the doctor’s side as he checked up on you. He would feed you plenty of high quality, imported fruits and all kinds of food that would help your condition. If you needed to cuddle, he was always ready by your bedside, holding onto your hand. “Akashi, I swear to God, it’s just a cough—“ “Shh, you’re sick alright.”

AOMINE: Scratching his head, he would puzzle over the millions of brands of flu medicine. “Why the hell is there so many of them?” He would probably end up buying two or three of the best and head over to your place. If he saw you walking around, he would toss you over his shoulder and bury you in blankets on your bed. “Aomine—“ “Nope, sit and eat this.” He couldn’t cook even if his life depended on it so he bought you readymade food from the store or forced Kagami to prepare something and made you sure you finished all of it. “Wait, so you don’t have the flu? Dammit.”

KISE: Kise’s eyes widened when you called him, telling him that you had to skip school because you were sick. On the way back, without even asking what you had, he would buy a billion fruits and your favorite snacks and games to play with. When he arrived at your place, he would look as if he just robbed the department store. You would shake your head and let him in. “Kise, I told you, it’s just a light cold, I’ll be back tomorrow.” But he would only cling onto you, hovering around you 24/7 to make sure that you had everything you needed, especially that set of monopoly.

KUROKO: When you turned around, he would scare you half to death by showing up without a notice. “I’ve been here for an hour, _____-chan. I brought those fruits.” And you thought that you had bought it yourself. He would be thoughtful though. Since he was good at reading people, whenever you felt the need to rest, he would always force you to get some sleep and happily oblige to every one of your demands. “No, I will not give Nigou to you.” Well, most of them at least.

MIDORIMA: Tossing a bunch of rabbit dolls at you, he would look away shyly. You raised a questioning eyebrow. “Your lucky items. And this is chicken soup that I just happened to have made five minutes ago.” He had it heated and ready to go. When you took a sip, it was absolutely delicious. You did not know your boyfriend had a knack for cooking. He would handle the whole situation with composure and would not overreact like the others.

MURASAKIBARA: Instead of bringing you healthy things, he would just dump a lot of snacks on your bed. You sighed, shaking your head. “Mukkun, I can’t eat these. I’m sick.” “Ehh, but these always make me feel better.” However, if you tell him that you need something, he would do anything for his special _____-chin. When you begged him to buy the medicine, he would do it without complaint and would return with the right medicine and twenty more unhealthy snacks.


The past 24 hours have not been easy on any of us. As many of you know, Team Zayn is still pushing on with the charity drive this year. We have a special week coming up just to give a little thank you to Zayn, so keep an eye out for that. Also, next week there will be a suprise giveaway to a random lucky winner on twitter, details to come!

Thank you to all our donors. We are at 14% of our goal, and raising over $400 dollars yesterday. Wish I could give each and everyone of you a big hug. Keep yourselves safe, my personal ask box is open if any of you just need support. 


Kenzie (Team Leader) aka tiedup-twoships

asks open ((please read))

My ask box is open, i cleared it last night cause I was very overwhelmed :[ I’m only going to take 10 asks at a time then close my ask box as I answer stuff. When I close my ask box, this does not mean send me fanmail asks, this means I am not taking asks AT ALL through ANY FORM while I work on my quota!

Thank you for reading, feel free to send in asks at this point in time! I will announce when the ask box is closed.

It just gets very difficult when you have so many and I always feel bad because I feel like I can’t answer them all ;w; so I’m trying to prioritize to give you folks entertainment at a decent pace while still being able to feel in control myself <3

So yeah feel free to ask Springtwerk stuff!

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(Also, my ask box is always open of you want to rant about AoS, Philinda or anything.) OMG! Thanks for the last gifs you did about the Philinda scene where May says she can agree with her ex husband! I didn't noticed Phil's face while I was watching the episode, but now I am all crazy about it!

Thank you! Talking about Philinda with fellow shippers is always a joy. :)

That was the first thing that caught my eye. Such a spontaneous reaction.


Dumb dork.

Gif Tutorial by Kong-TV

Since last night a sweet anon ask me to do a Tutorial for gif, here I am! 
I’ll try to make it really clear to be sure everybody can understand it!
N.B my photoshop is in ITALIAN but I try my best to give a right translation of all the terms! 
P.s at the begining I’ll give you some tips please make sure to remember them throughout the tutorial! 

Don’t hesitate to ask any clarification or explanation, my ask box is always open for you ^^

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intro for conventional weapons network

hello there B)
so i’m ilse, i’m 15 years old and i live in the netherlands (if there’s anybody else who’s dutch then hmu)
i play guitar, i read a lot (”the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” and the harry potter series are my favourites) and i’m an artist. also i’m into wtnv (so if u wanna talk about that then hmu too) and anime (but i swear i’m only a lowkey weeb and all the anime trash is on my sideblog where it belongs) 
besides mcr + their solo projects i’m into all time low, paramore, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, tonight alive, pvris, we are the in crowd, against the current, marina and the diamonds, nirvana, the cure and other stuff like that :D
ok so i think that’s it! my ask box is open anytime if there’s more you want to know :) edit: bc everyone has theirs listed aha, ask me off anon for my snapchat and my kik!! 

If there’s anyone that runs a non-One Direction blog and needs to talk to someone about all this I’m always here and my ask box is always open

Hey guys!

My follower count has been going up something crazy recently so I wanted to say hi to all of my new followers! Here’s some stuff about me if you’re interested in hearing it!:

My name is Lee! 

I love Jesus, and although I suck at following him but I’m getting there and he’s super rad and amazing. My main goal is to have God as the centre of everything and have all point to and revolve around him in my life!

I live in the South-west of England in a small town you’ve probably never heard of! 

I’m a musician, and bass guitar is my main instrument. 

I work at a restaurant/bar/cafe currently! 

I’m more than happy to talk to any of you, if you wanna hit me up and chat please feel free. If you want any advice or prayer my ask box is 100% open. I may not be the best advice giver but I’m still happy to help! 

Thanks for following me! God bless! 

I’m so unbearably sad about this One Direction business guys, and if you are too, my ask box is open to you. Let’s talk about something else, aye? Make me write you something or something idk man.

Hugs all around.