Gone Part 3 (Luke Hemmings) Imagine | Anon Requested

Anonymous: hey could you do an imagine where luke and you have a child and your pregnant but i doesn’t know that and you have a fight so you live and it’s when you’ve got an accident and have to go to hospital that he knows and you can do everything you want after that , please ?? xx

A/N: Thanks for all the support you’ve shown this series. This is the part where I take over and you all have no idea what the ending shall be. Hope it lives up to everyones expectations.

WARNING: This part is gonna be pretty sad so please don’t read on if you don’t think you can handle it. If you ever need to talk about anything, my ask box is always open.

Part One  |  Part Two


I let her go. I let her leave it all behind, me, Katie, her home, all of her things. And I could’ve stopped her, I could’ve said something and she might have stayed but I didn’t do anything. And now shes out in this storm, somewhere she doesn’t want to be and its all my fault. The first thing I did once I heard the car start up and drive away was check on Katie, I don’t think I’ve ever yelled like that before, especially at that volume but thankfully she was still snoring her little head off and my heart gave a little leap as I watched her sleep, her arms stretched up above her head just like Y/N when she sleeps.

I went back to the bedroom, shutting the door quietly so I didn’t wake her, although if she can sleep through our fights the soft click of the door closing won’t do anything. I sat on our bed with my head in my hands, thinking back to all the words that flew out of my mouth, watching her face break as my stupid brain said things I didn’t mean. Well, sort of. I still don’t understand why she’s so incapable of looking after herself, it shouldn’t be my job. I can help her when she falls and carry her when she can’t stand strong anymore but as far as I knew she was perfectly fine with keeping herself alive and healthy.

I got up and grabbed my phone, ringing her once, then twice more when I got put through to voicemail. I decided to call Ashton considering in these situations he’s always so level headed and because out of everyone, except for me, Y/N’s closest to him, if she was going to go to anyone it would be him. She doesn’t have any family out here in Australia so unless she’s on a plane, she won’t have gone far.

"Hello?" I heard a raspy voice echo through the phone, it had completely slipped my mind that it was 2AM by now, Ashton was probably sleeping.

"Shit, sorry mate did I wake you?" I scratched the back of my neck nervously , feeling stupid after asking, of course he was asleep and of course I woke him.

"A little" He grumbled into the phone making me feel bad. This wasn’t his problem, he has nothing to do with this and I’m sure he doesn’t even want to be involved "Luke?" I hadn’t realised but I had stopped talking, just staring out of the window at the storm, paying no attention to Ashton that was grumpy because I woke him up just to be silent.

"She’s gone" I whispered into the phone. I saw a flash of lightening and began counting in my head until the rumble of thunder, my heart sinking as I remembered the countless days me and Y/N spent curled up together by the window watching the storms and counting the miles between the thunder and lightening.

"What do you mean gone?" He asked slowly, I could tell he was sitting up in bed now to give me his full attention, that was the great thing about Ash, he always listened when I had a problem. He cared and that always meant so much when a family problem came up.

"I said some things I didn’t mean and we fought. She left like half an hour ago and she won’t answer her phone. I don’t know what to do" I sighed into the phone, trying to fight the tears that were stinging my eyes. The thought of her in danger put a pit in my stomach that would only go away by the feeling of her hand placed in mine. So I knew she was here and she was safe. I began moving around the room, wondering anywhere my feet could be placed just so I could distract myself from staring out of the window, searching for something that wasn’t there. "I was wondering if she was with you?" I asked nervously, the fact I had to wake Ashton up wasn’t very good start, if she was there he would be listening to her and comforting her whilst she explained what an ass I really am.

"Uh, no she’s not here. Sorry mate" I heard him sigh, I knew he was smiling sympathetically into the phone, his sad eyes practically in front of me.

"That’s alright Ash. She was acting weird tonight so I didn’t really expect her to give in to comfort that easily" I mumbled as I walked into the bathroom just for a change of scenery. The bedroom held too many bad memories of fights we’ve had, of things we’ve thrown at each other and I couldn’t stand being in there much longer. Although the good time outweighed the bad by a considerable amount the bad memories are still there.

"Weird? Weird like how?"

"Well she was going on and on about how I can’t go on tour because she can’t look after herself and Katie at the same time and she needs me here to look after her for some reason" I mumbled as I took my rest against the radiator, leaning my bum on it as I stared at the bags under my eyes in the mirror.

"That doesn’t sound like her. Maybe she did something while we were out? She wasn’t exactly herself when we were over" I knew Ash felt bad for what happened earlier, he kept apologising because he thought it was his fault she was so upset earlier although I knew it was something so much deeper than that, but I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

That was until now.

I shuffled against the radiator and heard a soft slap of something light falling onto the tile floor, I looked down to where the sound was and I felt my heart stop as I saw the pharmacy bag by my feet, the top end of a pregnancy test hanging out of it. It was like the world stopped as I bent down to pick it up, completely ignoring whatever Ashton was saying. My hands shaking as I pulled out the little white stick and my breathing halt as my eyes connected to the two little lines in the circle. 

"Luke? Luke!" I heard Ashtons calls faintly echoing from my palm as I grabbed the stick, running into the bedroom and sitting on the bed, excitement, worry and happiness running through my veins faster than anything.

"Look Ash I have to go" I said quickly into the mic, I knew Ash was confused but the urgency in my tone was enough to make him beleive I really had to go. He hung up and I quickly brought up my contacts, my fingers fumbling agaisnt the screen because I couldn’t contain the eagerness spreading throughout me. I was going to be a dad again!

I was happy and scared at the same time, yes its unexpected but its a baby, another baby, with the woman I love and that’s enough to make anyone’s heart flutter. My heart was going a thousand miles per hour as the phone rang and rang. And rang and rang.

"Hey, sorry I can’t get to the phone, please leave a message" Her sweet voice ringing through my ears, my stomach did a sommersault the moment I heard it, only for it to sink a little lower as her voicemail message played.

"Hey baby its me, I know you’re mad but I know why now, I know about the baby, that’s why you need me and I completely understand, its going to be tricky to work it around tour but we will do it, I promise, please come home, I know you’re ignoring me and I hate it, God dammnit you’re carrying my second child and I can’t tell you how excited I am, Y/N. I love you so much, please come home" I had a lot more to say but the home phone suddeny started going, an unfarmiliar sound as it was hardly ever used. "Hang on Y/N the phone’s ringning" Silently cursing because that was a srupid thing to say in her voicemail, I made my way downstairs, praying it hadn’t woken Katie.

I picked the phone up and held it to my ear, accidentally getting too excited and hitting myself with it first, I was about to tell them that they were rude for calling so late and that I was in the middle of something but before I could say anything a womans voice started fluttering through the speaker in complete seriousness.

"Hello is that a Mr Luke Hemmings?" She asked quickly, making my mind go gloopy for a moment before I answered a simple ‘yes’. My confusion was soon turned to worry and my red cheeks from being so flustered turned a ghostly white as the words left her mouth "I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news, there has been an accident and Y/N Y/L/N has been admitted to hospital, we would like you to come down here" My heart began to race and my palms became sweaty, my brain was doing backflips as I pictured Y/N in the car, unconcious and alone. I began feeling sick at the thought of her in the rain, skidding on the road, crashing into God knows what.

I mumbled a few things into the phone as my mind was in completely different places before hanging up. Her tone was anything but sympathetic, she sounded like she couldn’t be bothered to tell me my fiance was involved in an accident. My mind automatically went to the worst possible scenario and I pictred her body on the road, limp and lifeless and I felt a shudder go through my spine. She’s okay. She must be. I’d feel it if she wasn’t. I tried to convinve myself that if she was in any real danger I would feel it in my bones but there were so many emotions running through me already I wasn’t sure I could feel anything at all.

"Daddy?" I heard a sleepy yawn behind me as I entered the bedroom to look for a shirt. I turned to see Katie in her little pink nightgown and a teddy under her arm, her small hand rubbing her eyes as they probably stung from all the lights that were on "Where’s mummy?" She asked quietly, craning her neck to see into the empty room. I didn’t have the heart to tell her where she really was, she wouldn’t understand even if I told her and that’s probably what hurt the most.

"Mommy’s gone out on an adventure and daddy needs to go and save her. He needs to bring her home and you need to go and stay with your uncle so I know you’re safe whilst I save Mommy okay? Who do you want to go and spend the night with?" I asked, trying to make it seem fun for her although for all she knows her mother might not even come home.

"Uncle Michael. He lets me have sweets" She grinned and my spirits rose a little before plummeting even more. How could I let her mummy get into this? If it wasn’t for me she would be here singing her back to sleep right now.

"Okay go and get your dressing gown and slippers on and I’ll take you to Uncle Michaels" I said quickly as I fumbled with the shirt in my hand. After quickly throwing shoes on and helping Katie put her slippers on, we were in my work car, heading to a, probably sleeping, Michael’s house.

I knocked on the door repeatedly, not letting my knuckles detatch from the door to make Michael answer faster. He swung the door open with an angry look on his face but it quickly went to worry as he noticed my pale face and a yawning Katie in my arms.

"What’s going on?" He asked, scared for the answer.

"Can you look after Katie? Y/N’s been in an accident and I need to get to the hospital its really urgent" I pushed at Michael, almost throwing Katie into his arms but he grabbed her quickly and nodded, letting me go as quick as possible. He knew how much I worried and didn’t want to keep me from Y/N any longer than was neccessary. I got in my car and sped all the way to the hospital, a lump forming in my throat as I walked, well ran, up the hosptial halls, bumping into a few nurses and doctors on the way, mumbling apologies as I continued to speed towards the A&E desk.

"H-Hi I’m L-Luke and I need t-to see Y/N. Right now" Although I felt bad for being pushy, my mind was racing and I needed to see her, to see that she was alright and make sure she was safe. The woman behind the desk sensed my worry and quickly lead me to her room, as soon as I walked in I noticed her eyes were opened, quickly making me panic less. The nurse was explaining something to me about Y/N but my mind was too focused on seeing her that I didn’t think to listen.

I tried to ignore the vairous wires sticking out of her and ignore the beeps filling the silence. I saw her limp body lying there motionless apart from her chest rising and falling slowly.

I walked towards her slowly, my heart pounding with every step. As I got closer I noticed she was crying, tears were constantly streaming and it broke me to see her this sad. I saw her head flick towards me and she burst into a fit of sobs, I ran over to her, hugging her close to me as she cried into my shoulder.

“Shhh shhh it’s okay, you’re safe, I’m here. I’ve got you. I’ve got you” I whispered against her head, trying not to let sobs escape my lips as well, someone needs to be strong and right now it needs to be me.

“I’m so sorry” she wailed as I held her quaking body to mine, not letting her go for second although worried I might hurt her.

“No no no. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those things, I didn’t mean it, you’re a great mom and capable of anything and everything” I said quickly, pulling away to kneel beside her bed, pulling her hands into mine and kissing them frantically “I know why you left now, I know! I know about the baby, I found the test and I couldn’t be happier, honestly I couldn’t I-“

“No Luke!” She yelled, suddenly making my rambling stop. I was excited about the baby but the second I mentioned it she burst into more tears.

“What? What’s wrong?” I asked, confused at why she wasn’t happier about the baby.

“It’s gone Luke! It’s gone! It’s all my fault! I was driving- and I-I wasn’t paying attention then there was a truck, I couldn’t stop luke, I couldn’t stop!” She was completely panicked and I didn’t know what to do. I’ve never seen her like this before. “And now it’s gone because I wasn’t paying attention! I’m so stupid!” She flew her head back against the bed, pulling her hands from mine.

"What-Wh-what do you mean it’s gone? What’s gone?" I asked as my brain began to race, terrified for the answer.

“Our baby Luke. The impact was too much. It wasn’t strong enough to survive it” she whispered and in that moment I felt my life come crashing down. Something so small and powerful and it’s gone now. It was my child and if I hadn’t yelled at Y/N, we would be expecting this little baby in a few months. It felt like a piece of me was gone. This little thing I’ve known about for nothing more than an hour, this little thing that I’ve loved with all my heart, and it’s gone. Just like that.

I cradled Y/N in my arms all night. The both of us crying continually. I though about Katie and how for a few moments she had a little sibling. I couldn’t know and never will know what it’s like to have something inside of you that you love so much that your heart can’t contain it, only to have it torn from you so suddenly.

“I’m really sorry” she said after a few hours of silent crying. Her voice was hoarse from not saying anything for a while. She sounded so weak. It hurt just listening to her.

“You have nothing to say sorry about” I whispered into her hair.

“If I had been concentrating-“

“If I hadn’t of yelled at you, you wouldn’t even be in a car in the first place” I said without emotion. The guilt I felt was so heavy it felt like a ton of bricks balanced on my shoulders. One wrong move and everything would fall.

“If I had just said what was wrong-”

"We can go back further and further until the end of time, shifting the blame but it doesn’t change what’s happened. It’s done now. We can’t change it." I took a deep breath as I felt a small hiccup, come from Y/N, rattle against my chest "But. Just think. At home we have a beautiful daughter, loving friends and family. And a house that’s ready to take on endless possibilities. Although this little guy was something pretty special, everything at home is pretty special too. We can’t let this change the happiness we have at home. I’m sure this will haunt us forever, I know I’ll never forget this but, we can’t move on if we cling to impossible things" I let my mouth run wild as my hand slowly caressed her flat tummy. My cheeks dampening throughout my rambling.

“They will always be with us still, maybe not in the way we imagined but they’re still here” she whispered. “We’ll get through this won’t we?” She turned to face me, my heart shattering as I saw how bloodshot her eyes were.

“Of course we will” I smiled sadly.

“Through thick and thin?” She asked, putting her hand up in the space between us with her pinky finger raised. I smiled and connected my pinky with hers.

"Through thick and thin"

A/N: well this was really sad, I’m sorry:c. Thank you for all the support you’ve all been showing me, it means so much to me. My requests are open so send me an ask, Calum, Michael and Ashton ones would be appreciated as my attention has been on Luke a lot but if you really want Luke that’s cool too. Sorry if this didn’t end how you expected/wanted.

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Part 5 of the Klaine!Honeymoon drabbles :)

(becaus I won’t make a recap for 6x09 I decided to write drabbles. If you have more honeymoon!Klaine drabble ideas, my ask box is open!)

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Anonymous said:

For the klaine honeymoon drabble i want some smutty because i just need it on their honeymoon. Smutty and fluffy would be great<3

Part 5

When Blaine said he was drunk and insane, Kurt was sure he felt the same way. They weren’t drunk, not really. Drunk because of too much love, yes, but not because of alcohol. With giggles and kisses they stumbled back into the hotel, greeted the woman at the reception and stopped at the elevator, Kurt pressing the button while Blaine kissed his cheek, his jaw, avoiding the sports that made Kurt shiver with arousal.

Only when the doors of the elevator closed did Blaine kiss, bite and lick the places which made Kurt’s knees weak and moan shamelessly.

“No elevator is safe from us. It’s a rule that we make out in every elevator when no one is around,” Blaine groaned and pulled Kurt closer, letting him feel how hard he already was and probably had been for a while.

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